Honestly, I started to clean but…..

Seriously, I went into my craft room to clean and organize it today but fun projects kept happening! It started when I was trying to wash glitter off my silicone molds and well, if you have ever tried to get glitter off silicone you know. Nothing sticks to silicone except glitter and embossing powder it seems, so to clean it off I covered the mold with hot glue and smashed it down on the most convient scrap of paper (an old book page) but when I lifted it up it was so cool! I had to make something with it…right?

DCF 1.0

So then I had to pull out some markers, spray ink, paper and envelope templates because you can’t make a card without an envelope right?

DCF 1.0

What is a girl to do? I know, turn on my video camera (hey it’s still on my table from my last video) and film the madness!

And that is what you call trash to treasure my friends. You’re welcome:) All right, tomorrow I’ll clean, yep, I will clean while the Patriots are on, no distractions…hey, is that glitter over there? I’d better go check, til next time happy crafting!

I’m Having a Lawrence Welk Moment…DIY Bubble Wand Necklace Tutorial!

Happy Monday folks! Have you ever had so much fun making a project that you make, say 20? That’s what happened to me Friday when I decided to make a wire and bead bubble wand:

DCF 1.0

These really work too! I got the idea from the Jewelry Making Journal but I made mine longer and instead of pricier copper wire I used 18 gauge aluminum from the Hardware store (because it won’t rust) and acrylic (That’s a fancy word for plastic) beads because I love the sparkle and they are lightweight. They can also handle being dipped in bubble liquid over and over again!

DCF 1.0

Watch this video to see how I made them:

Wouldn’t they be awesome party favors or even wedding favors (way better than the tiny plastic bubble bottles!) You could even put a bowl of bubble solution in the center of each table at a party and folks can blow bubbles whenever the mood strikes!

DCF 1.0

One thing I will mention about the hardware store aluminum wire is that there is a thin film of oil or something on it. It’s not a big deal but after making 20 of these suckers my fingertips were black with the grease. It washed off and I could not see it on the wands because it was such a small amount but if you are thinking of making jewelry out of this stuff I would wipe it down with rubbing alcohol to remove any grease first.

DCF 1.0

I hope you give this project a try, it was a lot of fun and a great way to practice your wire wrapping skills. I’ll leave you with a few more photos of these whimsical wands. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0

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