Let’s Paint Impressionist Roses!

Hi there! Today I have a fun tutorial for you that you can paint in acrylics, gouache or oil paints!IMG_20171122_120132

I used a Japanese paint called Aqyla and it reminds me a lot of acrylics (it is a water-based resin paint) but it lets me rewet and rework areas if I need to. It is really nice, the only drawback is it needs to be imported. I’ll give you some more info about this paint in today’s video!

Today I am using the NEW AQYLA water based resin paint from our sponsor Kusakabe.  SAVE 10% on their products with coupon code: thefrugalcrafter If you want to learn more about their new formulation you can watch their new video about it.

Enogu is a Japanese word that means a tool to fulfill art! AQYLA ENOGU paint combines the look of oils, the fast drying durability of acrylics and the reworking capabilities of Gouache in one paint. It can be used on many surfaces and is very durable after it is cured (about 6 weeks after painting) You can thin it down and use it on paper to get the look of watercolor, use it over acrylics or under oil paints so it can be a handy accompaniment to the other paints you already enjoy. As for price the set I am using cost about $52 which is pretty low compared to other artist grade paints on the market.

New AQYLA has the following features:

  • Environmentally safe
  • 7 new colors
  • Easier to use creamy consistency
  • The color payoff is richer and denser
  • Paint adheres to multiple surfaces including canvas, paper, stone, metal, glass, plaster and more!
  • Can be used with other paints


I recommend using a stiff synthetic brush with these paints as they resemble a soft body acrylic. Clean up is with soap and water. This paint is gentle on brushes and environmentally friendly. You can find the reference photo I used here.

As always you can use whatever type of opaque paint you like (Acrylics, Oils, Gouache) to follow along with for similar results! We will have a live show tomorrow at 12:30pm ET and we will be working in watercolor! Til then happy crafting!


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