Make your own Dew Drops!

OK first I need to thank Linda from Vegas for her comment yesterday, she asked if I knew how to make my own dew drops. I thought that you could make something similar with hot glue, a non stick craft sheet and alcohol ink.  I think they came out really well:

Home made "dew Drops" made with hot glue!
Home made “dew Drops” made with hot glue!

Here is how to make faux Dew Drops:

Lay out a non stick craft sheet or hot glue mat. They are made out of silicone and nothing sticks to them! Heat up a glue gun with a clear hot glue stick in it.

Drops of hot glue on a non-stick craft mat
Drops of hot glue on a non-stick craft mat

Squeeze out little drops of glue.To avoid “strings” twirl the glue gun in a small spiral when you lift it off the drop. Don’t worry if you get glue strings, they will pull off easily later.

Color the "dew drops" in a baggie, so neat!
Color the “dew drops” in a baggie, so neat!

You can leave the drops clear or put some in a baggie with 2 or 3 drops of alcohol ink and smoosh them around with your fingers. Dump them out on a scrap of paper to dry. They dry quick!

Ta-Da! Almost as good as the real deal!
Ta-Da! Almost as good as the real deal!

I’m gonna make some more tonight! you can get a hundred form a 10 cent glue stick. How cool (and frugal) is that! If you don’t want to bother with making your own you can buy them at The Rubber Cafe.

Have fun making this, try making other embellishments with hot glue, squeeze out hearts, frames and swirls, you can even make faux wax seals by squirting out a dab of glue and pressing a small rubber stamp in it then painting the cool glue seal with metallic acrylic paint. Just be sure to protect your stamp by covering it with clear ink first and let it cool before you remove the stamp from the glue!

Thanks for stopping by and as always happy crafting!