Make Pretty Dimensional Elements with Scraps!

Hi friends! Today I have a quick tip for making page titles and embellishments using stuff you probably already have!


This is the year title on the scrapbook calender I made my parents for Christmas. All you need is small scraps of craft foam (aka fun foam or foamies) something with texture like a rubber stamps and a heat source like a light bulb or heat tool. You can also use pigment ink like I did for a more dramatic effect. Watch the video to see how!

I hope you are enjoying the last few days of 2018 and til next time happy crafting!

Friday Night Scrappin! {Yeah, I know how to PARTY!}

Hi friends! Tonight I want to share a scrapbook page I just finished:

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens Page 
I really like how it came out. I like to do a highly decorated page like this and then use the same papers to make other photo heavy pages from the same time or location. Sometimes to fit more photos in I will use the 4″x6″ divided page protectors. The metal embellishments I am using are from ButterBeeScraps. They sent me a large assortment to play with. AND they gave me a 15% off coupon code to share with you: frugal15 It’s good for 1 week, they ship worldwide and ANYONE can use the coupon code on all items except grab bags. 

Here is how I set them out on my workspace, I think it is a good idea to lay out all of the options you have for a page before you begin. It makes scrapping really fast because you don’t have to go looking for things.

DCF 1.0

DCF 1.0

BTW if you like seeing pics of my projects in process you can follow me on Instagram, I post a pic of my desk most days. Yes, it’s thrilling I tell you.

DCF 1.0
I had a mix of metal and resin embellishments to work from. I always look at the shape and design rather than color because you can use acrylic paint or alcohol ink to modify that. Also the thin metal filigree pieces and be altered with wire cutters, see how I made the page corners?
DCF 1.0
So easy to alter!

Here is a list of supplies I used to make my page:

I was really impressed with the quality of the embellishments from ButterBeeScraps. There prices are low too and even better with the 15% off coupon code frugal15, but don’t wait, the coupon expires 9/5/15! I am really excited to use some of the items I did not get a chance to use on this page in some jewelry and wine glass charms! What would you make?

DCF 1.0
Don’t be afraid to alter! Ink checked the cameo frame from silver to bronze and a few rhinestones made the wooden letters pop!
DCF 1.0
Altered wooden letters.

The only other thing I wanted to mention today is to create the way you want to. I realize that my scrapbook style might be a little to “fru-fru” for some but I love mixing patterns, color and texture. That’s what is great about this hobby, you can do it anyway you like! I want to thank ButterBeeScraps for sponsoring this post and giving my readers the awesome coupon off their already low prices (seriously, do not wait, use code frugal15 to grab what you want now because the coupon is only good for a week!) Please note, the grab bags are not included in the coupon because they are crazy cheap. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Faux Metal Mania! {got cardboard?}

Howdy friends! I spent most of today with sticks and twine and vinyl preparing for a cub scout project this weekend, the boys are earning their craftsman weblo pin and we are making badge and belt loop display boards to commemorate their years of cub scouting before they cross over to boy scouts. My friend Kathy J had the idea so to give the den leader a hand we decided to prepare the craft. I wish I snapped a photo of the prototype since this is a blog after all with photo capability LOL! Oh well, I’ll get a pic this weekend I guess:)  The other day I was playing in my studio with cardboard and hot glue and came up with two ways to make faux metal, first up pewter/silver:

And now grungy gold.

Try these techniques with the metallic paints you have in your stash, remember to use warm colors and browns in your warm metals like gold, bronze, copper or brass and blacks and greys in your silvers and cool metals. Have fun with it! Oh hot glue, is there anything you can not do? thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Make your own Dew Drops!

OK first I need to thank Linda from Vegas for her comment yesterday, she asked if I knew how to make my own dew drops. I thought that you could make something similar with hot glue, a non stick craft sheet and alcohol ink.  I think they came out really well:

Home made "dew Drops" made with hot glue!
Home made “dew Drops” made with hot glue!

Here is how to make faux Dew Drops:

Lay out a non stick craft sheet or hot glue mat. They are made out of silicone and nothing sticks to them! Heat up a glue gun with a clear hot glue stick in it.

Drops of hot glue on a non-stick craft mat
Drops of hot glue on a non-stick craft mat

Squeeze out little drops of glue.To avoid “strings” twirl the glue gun in a small spiral when you lift it off the drop. Don’t worry if you get glue strings, they will pull off easily later.

Color the "dew drops" in a baggie, so neat!
Color the “dew drops” in a baggie, so neat!

You can leave the drops clear or put some in a baggie with 2 or 3 drops of alcohol ink and smoosh them around with your fingers. Dump them out on a scrap of paper to dry. They dry quick!

Ta-Da! Almost as good as the real deal!
Ta-Da! Almost as good as the real deal!

I’m gonna make some more tonight! you can get a hundred form a 10 cent glue stick. How cool (and frugal) is that! If you don’t want to bother with making your own you can buy them at The Rubber Cafe.

Have fun making this, try making other embellishments with hot glue, squeeze out hearts, frames and swirls, you can even make faux wax seals by squirting out a dab of glue and pressing a small rubber stamp in it then painting the cool glue seal with metallic acrylic paint. Just be sure to protect your stamp by covering it with clear ink first and let it cool before you remove the stamp from the glue!

Thanks for stopping by and as always happy crafting!