Saturday Silliness! {My new You Tube Trailer!}

Howdy folks! I did some You tube training this week and switched my channel over to the new Channel One format. It was recommended that I make a trailer to welcome people to my channel…I hope it doesn’t scare any one away LOL!

What do you think? It is what unsubscribed people will see when they visit my channel. Feel free to subscribe BTW, I love subscribers! I hope people think “Wow, that’s some crafty enthusiasm!”  and not “Who is that crazy broad?”  Oh, I also wanted to mention that on the last Ask a Crafter vlog I said you could check out my Pintrest boards however I forgot to tell you my Pinterest user name is frugalcrafter, not Lindsay Weirich, honestly, I shouldn’t be allowed on a computer. You can click the button bellow and check out my crafty idea boards and follow me if you wish!


Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a great Saturday and as always Happy Crafting!