Let’s Paint a Lighthouse & Leftover Paint Tip!

Hello friends! I had a request to paint a lighthouse this week…somehow I managed to live in Maine for 37 years and never paint one LOL! So here it is!

DCF 1.0

This painting takes 10 minutes and is perfect to paint on a watercolor card! You will need a 1″ flat brush, a 1/2″ flat and a #5 round. The colors we are using are Aliziran Crimson (A cool red), Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Yellow (A warm yellow) and Burnt Sienna. Watch the video for the how to in real time!

After you are done painting what do you do with the paint on your palette? Do you just wipe it away? Before you clean your palette spritz it with water and press a scrap of cardstock or tag into it and you will have a beautiful background for your next card-making project or a lovely gift tag! Watch this 30 second video to see how easy it is!

That if for me today! I am in craft fair prep mode this morning and then I am going roller skating with my girls! What a fun day! Happy crafting!

DCF 1.0

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