Hey Parents and Teachers! A craft for the kids!

Weather you have a classroom full of kids or just one of your own this fun project will not only make a lovely decoration for your Christmas tree but also a wonderful memory. I’m rubbish at cooking with the kids but give me crepe paper and glitter and everyone wins, plus there is no cranky sugar crash to deal with later. Let’s make a festive Christmas wreath ornament! Check out the easy to follow video!

You will need:

Crepe paper party streamers (2 rolls for $1 at Dollar Tree) or green tissue paper

white glue

green paper

ribbon or yarn


pencil or marker

sequins or pom-poms (for decorations)

Optional (circle cutter): Grown ups need to cut the inner circle of the ornament so a circle cutter is great to have or you can get crafty with the scissors!

Directions: Parents, remember ABP when crafting with kids (always be prepared!) Have supplies out, tissue paper squares cut and the inner circle of the wreath cut out. Make a few extra wreaths in case they want to make more, they are so fun!

Kids do this:

  1. Cut out wreath with deco-edge scissors, write your name on the back.
  2. Glue ribbon to wreath.
  3. Use a pencil to mold paper strips (see video) and glue to wreath base.
  4. Add decorations!

Viola, a beautiful wreath! Let kids make these for gifts for family and friends, they are sure to bring joy! Merry Christmas and as always happy crafting!


WOYWW: Altered Glass Jewelry in Progress & a Video Tutorial!

Happy Wednesday folks! That’s right, it is time for What’s on Your workdesk Wednesday hosted buy the fabulous Julia at the Stamping Ground. This week I have been playing with flat backed clear marbles from the dollar store, nail polish, foil, paper scraps and my soldering supplies (I treated myself to a new soldering iron and tips last week!) Here is my desk in all it’s glory. I found a wonderful sheet of vintage stamp designs and I wondered if hot glue would be clear enough to adhere a marble to the image so I put a dab on the marble and squished it quickly to the paper so it made it really thin. It seems to be fine! And no waiting, then I trimmed around them with scissors. I’m not sure if they will become Jewelry or magnets…maybe some of each! The odd contraption made of an applesauce cup and a suction cup dart is supposed to be a “bead spinner” apparently I am too chea…er, resourceful to go and spend $3 on a proper one so I thought I would raid my recycle bin (and my son’s toy box) instead. I have tried it out with some seed beads but I think I need a stiffer needle. I think this might be just the ticket for some bead crochet I am planning….

DCF 1.0

Here are the finished nail polish/foil/paper beads. For the foil I am using colored candy wrappers from papermart I really like the way they turned out. The beads with the nail polish and foil look very much like Dicrho!

DCF 1.0

I soldered jump rings on some and glued some to ring blanks or bails.

DCF 1.0

Some have Guinea feathers!

DCF 1.0

I’ve kept you in suspense long enough, wanna see how I did it? It’s quick and easy and I made a video to show you how:

I plan on selling the pendents at my yearly crafty fair (hey, do you notice how I am not waiting til November to make product…neat huh?) so I have simply cut ATC sized rectangles out of old book pages or maps and placed them in a baseball card size baggie (papermart sells them too, I love these because they are food safe and crystal clear for packaging cards and jewelry too! They come in a pack of 1000 so you might want to go in on an order with some friends and get a few sizes to share!)

DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0

I apologize, this was a bit long for a WOYWW post so I won’t blame anyone who just came to see the desk but I hope I gave you some fun ideas on making beautiful and super inexpensive glass jewelry ..now I have to get me some more flat clear marbles, it is addicting! BTW I made pushpins with the smaller flat marbles, paper scraps and brass thumbtacks and used them to pin my homemade earrings to my display boards at last months craft fair and people kept trying to buy them! Another great gift of bazzar idea too! What’s better than saving money on crafts? Making money with your crafts! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Thank God I married a man who can cook!

Happy Christmas eve folks! I am just popping in with a quick post as I need to ready the house for Christmas Eve guests. My honey is making lasagna, deviled eggs and he already made veggie and chicken soup, I am making my famous rolls and veggie chili and each of my kids want to bake something. I’d say I need to supervise them in the kitchen today but really it is the other way around LOL! I’m no hero, or martyr, when it comes to holiday entertaining  if someone offers to bring something I accept, I use frozen pies (I found 2 vegan Sara Lee pies at the supermarket yesterday-Score!) because, let’s face it, Mrs. Smith and Sara Lee know a heck of a lot more about baking than I do!

DCF 1.0

As I worked on holiday projects this year I would die-cut the scraps into tags, and I am glad I did because when it came time to wrap I couldn’t find the peel and stick variety I bought last year. I like these better any way…that does not mean I am above using office printer labels for gifts in a pinch…see…nobody’s perfect 🙂  So, folks, my advise for today is not to get hung upon the details. Christmas will come whether or not your dishes and gift tags match, if extra people come over and they have to drink from jelly jars, so what, (if you-know-who can sleep in a stable your guest will survive drinking from a Mason jar) welcome them, make room, and oh yeah, one more piece of advise; marry a man who can cook! Merry Christmas and til next time happy crafting!

Kid Friendly Crafts!

Do you have bored children wandering around your house asking to watch TV every 5 minutes? Well, this craft will keep them busy for hours and it is pretty too:

Make these beads with rolled strips of paper!

Make these beads with rolled strips of paper!

Homemade paper beads! My children spent hours making these over the past few days (ages 4-6) and they are so easy. Just cut tapered strips of scrapbook paper, I used my X-Acto guillotine style paper trimmer to cut 6 sheets at a time, and give then bamboo skewers to roll them around and secure the ends with a dab of white glue. I put a bit of glue in a dish and gave them a tooth pick to dab the glue on the end. You can cut the pointy end on the skewer for safety if you like. It is a great way to use up old scrapbook paper but you can use colorful magazines too! This would be a great classroom craft too because it is so inexpensive AND it keeps the kids occupied. To make a more durable bead you could roll it on a clear inkpad and heat emboss it with clear embossing powder.

Easy paper beads!

Easy paper beads!

Don’t worry if the first few beads look awkward, they will get more uniform with practice, this craft is a great intro to quilling, a craft my 6 year old son now enjoys 😉 (However he sees it as a way to make high power spit balls LOL!)

Thanks for stopping by and till next time happy crafting!

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