Let’s GEt a Jump Start on Christmas Cards! Stashbuster!!!

Hi Friends! Let’s use up out stash and make Christmas cards! It feels good to use up what we have rather than buying new. Today I am going to share a way to revamp your old pattern paper and use up washi tape and give you some ideas for duct tape too! If you don’t have washi and duct tape simply cut pattered paper into strips and adhere them with glue. It will be just as cute!

The duct tape and backing paper I am using is from Oriental Trading Company and the pen and adhesive are from Tombow. Do you want more quick and simple Christmas card ideas? Let me know in the comments and if there is interest I will make more! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Tips for crafting with kids

One of my favorite activities to do at Christmas is to craft {surprise!} and I really like to take quiet times with my children to help them make special gifts too. Wether you are showing a child how to knit, food crafting or simply gluing macaroni to construction paper I’ll give you some tips on making your crafting time with children fun and stress free.

1. ABP-Always Be Prepared This scouting motto should be you crafting motto when working with kids. Assemble all of the supplies you need for a project before you invite you child to craft with you. These few moments of preparation will save you and your child frustration during your crafting process and crafting is all about relaxing and enjoying your time.

2. Pick a time to craft when you have nothing else going on and when you child is not tired, hungry or cranky (or you either for that matter) keep it a fun and relaxing time.

3. If you have other kids that are too young to do a particular craft give them something they can do too like stringing beads or buttons on pipe-cleaners then twist it in a loop and let them hang it on the Christmas tree. Play-doh is a fun kid craft activity too! Or if they are really young you can craft with your older child when they go for a nap.

Above is a photo of a card kit. I will be making cards today with 11 girls in my daughters Daisy Scout Troop. Each girl will make 2 cards. In each kit I have:

  • 2 card bases
  • 2 18″ lengths of fibers {novelty yarn}
  • 2 stamped images {House Mouse}
  • 3 panels of 4″x5.25″ pattern paper
  • 2 panels of 1.5″x4″ pattern paper
  • 5 die cuts (3 tags and 2 hearts)
  • glue stick
  • 3 glittered foam shapes

I places all of the above materails in an envelope so each girl will have her own. I will have shared supplies like decorative edged scissors and markers on each table to share. Here is what I made using the supplies in a kit:


It won’t win any awards but it is cute, fun, quick and easy and isn’t that the point of christmas card crafting? The girls will be giving their cards to members of the local senior center when we go caroling later this month 🙂

I happens to be out turn to bring snacks to the girl scout meeting today too, since we had a “snow day” yesterday my kids were home to help me decorate these cupcakes:

I got the idea from the cover of the new Family Fun magazine {although I do not know how they broke their pretzels so perfectly}

Thanks for stopping by. Escape from the holiday hussel and bussel this month and take some time to craft with your child, you’ll be glad you did! Til next time happy crafting!

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