Let’s Make Swooshy Fish Dangle Earrings!

Hello Friends! I was inspired by a friends dangly earrings one day, I thought when I get a minute I am going to try something similar. Her earrings had long thin chains with a bead at the end of each. I used beads from my stash and cut lengths of chain to achieve the same effect! Do you want some swishy earrings for summer too? Well watch the tutorial and I’ll show you how to make them!

They takes longer than simple head-pin earrings but really the techniques are the same. I have another earring style I want to try, a copy of my favorite pair of earrings, and I think they are going to get made soon! Would you like to see more jewelry tutorials? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Easy Triangle Earrings!

Howdy folks! This has been such a busy week, the kids are on school break and I have been a taxi service!  I told the kids we are staying home today and chilling out! My girls finished up a 3 day horseback riding camp (and yes, they now want a horse, just what I need to add to the chickens eh? No, not really.) and my son has had little league practice, a trip to grammies and friends over. Yup, staying home today sounds good to me. I really need to get packaging up some craft fair items so I can have room to make more stuff but before attempting that I decided to make a quick, fun pair of earrings trying a new technique:

DCF 1.0

You need 6 eye-pins, 2 ear-wires and assorted beads. I used glass pearls, crystals and “E” beads. Simply load the beads onto an eye pin leaving 3/8″ wire on the end and form that into a loop with round nose pliers (repeat for all eye-pins) then use the pliers to open the loops and attach the sides to the bottom then open the loop on the ear-wire and slide the two side pieces on. Easy! I think next time I’d use smaller beads because they are a bit heavy I think. I used 2″ eye pins so they are fairly large earrings, nice and flashy! I will experiment more with this technique I am sure!

DCF 1.0

Well, I really need to get packaging so I can have room to do more creating! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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