DIY Sketchbook/Planner/Journal Tutorial

Hi friends! I love to make little books! You can use whatever paper you want and make them for any occasion. I made this to be my summer bullet journal (think of it as a to-do list, planner and notebook combined) and I wanted a paper nice enough to do little sketches in too. I wanted it to be small enough to carry with me and a splash proof cover because sometimes I work at the beach! When you live in Maine you need to squeeze every drop of sunshine out of summer!

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This book can be made using basic craft supplies. You can use patterned scrapbook paper for the cover but if you want the exact paper I used for the cover you can download it from Graphicstock, they are giving my viewers a 7 day free trial if you are interested. If you don’t have a laminator you can use clear Contact paper or packing tape or use a cereal box as a sturdy cover, it is your journal, make it however you want! I will also show you how to make planner clips and charms from shrink plastic (did you ever make shrinky-dinks as a kid?) Watch the video to see how!


Remember the above supply list is what I used, dig through your stash and use what you have on hand but if you need something you don’t have you can find it easily with the above affiliate links.

Oh! One more thing, several people asked about making a watercolor journal, you can do it the same way but you are better off using fewer sheets per signature (group of pages) since the pages are so thick but you can use more total signatures in your book. It will also help it lay flay and reduce wast from trimming the “page creep”. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and til next time happy crafting!


My 2016 Planner Update!

Hi friends! Many of you have asked since I made my DIY Planner Video last year if I was still using my planner. Yes! Every day in fact. I needed to print pages and update it for 2016 and I though I would take you along for the ride and show you how I do it!


I am using free planner printables from Scattered Squirrel, I used them last year too. I keep my planner simple but you can also put full page daily schedules, menu plans and others things that would be useful to you. A Planner is a personal thing. I like making my own because I save lots of money and get exactly what I want. You can totally add stickers, tape and clips if you want your planner to be prettier. My main goal is efficiency and function. It does help that it is pretty to look at though:)

If you want to see my basic DIY planner video that shows you how to make a custom planner for under $10 or possibly free depending on what you already have click here. You can use a full size binder as well, I just like the smaller size.

Do you use a planner? Share your best planner tips in the comments below. Remember what Benjamin Franklin said: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” I totally agree! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

You asked for it, A DIY Planner Tutorial {on the cheap!}

Hi friends. I am super excited to share today’s project with you, an inexpensive, custom, refillable planner! Did I mention is was cheap to make?


I even made the jump last night and moved everything over from my month at a glance calendar, I love having more room to write “to-dos” in the week at a glance book as well as having the monthly calendar pages for other projects and events coming up. Best of all I was able to put as many pockets and sections as I liked which was the problem I had with other planners, some things were redundant and it just looked like you were creating more work for yourself if you used it. I think a planner should make you more efficient, not less. But, there is room to get creative! Watch the video to see how I made it, you can whip one of these up in about an hour and I bet you have most of the supplies already!



  • Mini 3 ring binder (I used an Avery brand one that I picked up for $1 at Mardens but they will be $5-$7 at an office supply store)
  • Small week at a glance planner (Dollar Tree with the back to school stuff)
  • Patterened paper
  • Lamanator or contact paper if desired
  • Washi tape
  • Paper clips
  • Ribbon
  • Adhesive
  • Free printable calendar pages from Scattered Squirrel

I made pockets to hold things like pens, my checkbook, receipts and project notes (I communicate with my clients via email mostly so I simply print out emails and put them in the pockets.) I had the habit of making notes and leaving them on my nightstand, in the car and at the computer. This binder is small enough to bring around with me and if all I need is the week-at-a-glace I can take it with me because it is removable. I could never get into using a calendar on my phone or computer, I need to write it down, even if I never look at it again if I write it I usually will remember it and the planner will ensure that I remember it BEFORE t is too late LOL!


I am not new to using a planner, I have used a month at glance for a couple of years, it was the only way to keep all of my freelance projects mapped out, I have slowly progressed from random notebooks and sticky notes to everything in one place and I like it! Now, if only I could get my house this organized. Baby steps 🙂 Let me know what you think and if you plan to give this planner a try. I only had to spend $2 to make this, the rest of the stuff was in my stash. I have been asked by a lot of people to make a DIY planner since the cute, popular, scrapbook company ones cost $50-$100. I hope you liked it! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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