No Flake Glitter Fun Card!

Hi Friends! I was scrolling though my YouTube videos and realized that I never shared this project on my blog:


All you need is double-sided tape (I like the 2″ wide score-tape) clear iridescent glitter, stamps (stamps and dies can be found at Simon Says Stamp), black ink and ANY kind of markers (I used Chameleon Pens, this is an affiliate link.) Watch the video to see how to do this colorful glitter coloring technique that will not flake off.

I used 99 cent a tube glitter (Papermart) so I colored the paper first, there is a special glitter that I have never used called Glitter Ritz, I believe, that you can color on top of because it burnishes smooth. You CAN color on this glitter too but I worry it might fray your marker nibs because it feels a little like sandpaper and it does pull off some glitter if you do that. I’ve tried it. Just want to give you all the facts:)


So, Last night after writing my blog post I went to bed, slept what I think was the first full 8 hour stretch in a month and woke up today feeling great! It was such a nice day (83 and a breeze!) that I sat outside and read, played basketball (OK, my lame attempt of shooting hoops) and catch, went for a walk and enjoyed that fresh cut grass smell! I love summer! It feels good to break out the suntan lotion and sundresses after being piled under sweaters and cold all winter.  Thanks for all of the concerned sweet comments over my headache last night and scratchy voice this week, I think I just needed to sleep! I hope you are having an awesome weekend and til next time happy crafting!

I love cheap dies that work!

Hi friends! I had a bit of a spree last month. On the first day I was called for jury selection I felt like I deserved a treat for doing my civic duty so I decided to fill a cart with some dies I saw on sale at Consumer Crafts. They were $6 a set and since I don’t have many nesting dies (and the Spellbinders I have I’ve used to death) I thought I’d grab a few sets…and since I hate to pay shipping I grabbed a few more to get me up to the free shipping amount. That’s how they get you LOL! But hey, I am an American doing my civic duty so I deserve it gosh darn it!  BTW the trial I was picked for wrapped up today, it was very interesting, the other jurors were very friendly and nice (we all decided to have a good time and make the most if it!) and we came up with a swift and unanimous verdict. It was a civil case thank goodness. It is amazing what people try to sue other people for, really. Anyway, back to the dies, I am so glad I bought so many because they are great! Have a look at the video:

I am not sponsored by or affiliated with Darice or Consumer Crafts but I do like to share a deal and I order from them several times a year. I like the Spellbinders sets but they are $25 at my local stores so the couple I have were bought with coupons. The regular price on the Darice dies are $15 and the price at Consumer Crafts is around $9 normally. Hopefully they get more in because several are sold out. Also, I made an error in the video, I stated that Spellbinders are made in the USA and that is no longer true (so why are they $25 a set?) I hope this review is helpful. If you were wondering about these new dies they are great, I am so glad I scored them for $6 a set! Sometimes that site has 20% off everything deals so that would bring the price down too. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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