Scratch Paper in Your Die Cutter? What!?!

*Disclaimer: This technique is not endorsed by any die cut machine, do this at your own risk. I am not responsible for your machine so use your common sense when trying this, or any other “off brand” technique.

Hi friends! Have you heard about the Foil Quill from We R Memory Keepers?  it is a heat up pen that lets you foil designs that you can create with your electronic die cutters by inserting it in the blade holder of whatever electronic cutter you have such as a Cricut, Brother Scan n Cut, Silhouette etc. I thought the effects were beautiful but I didn’t want to invest in an expensive tool that I probably wouldn’t use that often, not to mention the foil can be pricey too. Then I realized that I could get the same effect with a much cheaper supply….Scratch Art paper!


Watch the video to lean how to use this with your electronic die cutter!

The set of scratch boards I had have gold, silver and rainbow designs. The upside is that you can make lots of die cut foiled (or rainbow) designs for little money.

The cons are that you are limited to black as your base color and silver, gold or rainbow (or whatever color your scratch board happens to be) as opposed to the hot foil quill that can use a variety of foil colors on a variety of cardstock. Another downside is you might need to clean the scratched off bits from your mat or maybe the rollers on your machine but it was not a big deal, just thought you should know. I hope you enjoyed this fun and frugal idea and til next time happy crafting!

A Handy Use for Scrap Cardstock Strips!

Hi friends! You know you have them, those strips of cardstock that collect next to your paper trimmer. Once a nuisance, these leftover strips of cardstock can be turned into your dies best friend in the craft room!

You can find the 2″ double-sided tape on Amazon. I have another fun tutorial using that tape here. Happy crafting!

Come to the Darkside (We have Coffee!)

Hi friends! I think it’s really fun to make cards for my friends. For one getting a card for no reason is more fun than getting a card for a special occasion, and two most of my friends stamp so they really appreciate a handmade card!


When I saw these new stamps from Katzelcraft I knew they would be perfect for “girlfriend” cards. What a fun way to invite a friend over for coffee or just catch up! I am about to go to a stamp show with 3 of my friends and we are all going to ride together so just imagine 5 hours in a car with me and 3 others that can chat as much as I do, there’s won’t be a dull moment (or a silent one!) In today’s card I will share tips for coloring with alcohol markers, overlapping stamped images and a nifty tip for die cutting a matting layer when you don’t have the next side up die!

This tutorial is sponsored by Top Flight Stamps! SAVE 10% off your next order with coupon code: thefrugalcrafter10 *USA orders of $50+ ship free!

Supplies: *Sponsored/Affiliate links used

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if so please share it with a friend! Til next time happy crafting!


5 Ways to Use Circle Stamps!

Hi friends! Sometimes it’s fun to see what you can make with a simple supply, in this case, circle stamps!


Circles are fun shapes. Think bubbles and beach balls, they just scream “playtime!” You can go bright with confetti colored circles or use a soft palette for a gentle friendly pastel card.


In today’s video I’ll give you 5 ideas and 4 finished cards using circle stamps.

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Experimenting with your supplies is a great way to learn what they can do and come up with new and unique ideas. Don’t expect everything to be perfect because you will learn just as much if not more from the attempts that are not successful. Give yourself permission to play! Happy crafting!



Cool Crisp Days Means Thanksgiving is on the Way!

Hi friends! This week I had the pleasure to play with some beautiful new products from our sponsor A.C. Moore and make a Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving) papercraft project!

IMG_20171012_155807 (1) (1)

I am a big believer of my projects being pretty and practical so today I am going to show you how to make an easy shaker card invitation and a favor bag that doubles as a place card.

IMG_20171014_172333 (1)

These are the easiest shaker cards ever!

IMG_20171014_172511 (1)

These projects feature the new Love Nicole™ line exclusively at A.C. Moore. The products are affordable, high quality and on trend and can be found at your local A.C. Moore store. Don’t worry if you don’t have a store near you, you can use the ideas in this video to come up with projects using the supplies you already own! Watch the video to see how!

Supplies are from the Love Nicole™ line of products exclusively at A.C. Moore unless otherwise noted.

  • Love Nicole™ Die Cut/Embossing Machine
  • Love Nicole™ Stamps/Dies,
  • Love Nicole™ Embossing folders
  • Love Nicole™ Embellishments: Buttons, Clothespins, Shaker kits, Washi tape
  • Love Nicole™ Maple leaf punch
  • Love Nicole™ Autumn Splendor Paper pack

Other Supplies: Zip Dry Glue, Foam Tape, Envelope and Gift Bag Punch Boards (We R Memory Keepers), Double sided Tape, Light blue marker, Brown Archival Ink, Kraft Cardstock, Calligraphy pen (2.0 Elegant Writer)

IMG_20171014_171225 (1)

Project tips!

  1. Save your scraps! You can die cut or punch embellishments from small paper scraps.
  2. Make paper goods ahead of time for a stress free holiday!
  3. Fill goodie bags with crayons and activity pads for kids or fresh-baked goods for adults! (pre-wrapped candy is a fun & easy option too!)
  4. Stick to one paper pack and a few embellishments/tools to keep crafting simple, coordinated and fun!

I hope you liked today’s project. It was a lot of fun to partner up with A.C. Moore to bring you this fun craft you can share with your friends and family this fall. Happy crafting!

Fancy Card Edges: Stamp School!

Hi friends! A fun and simple way to dress up a card is to shape the edges. You can use scissors, punches, or even die cuts to do this. After shaping the edges you can embossing them as well to enhance the effect!

19023638_10209368868204106_5754496097733588779_o (1)

Learn this technique and make this quick and easy card today!


This video is sponsored by Rubber Stamp Tapestry! Use coupon code: LINDSAY17 – 20% off peg stamps and peg stamp sets on orders of $10 or more. Coupon expires July 3, 2017


Remember if you don’t have dies you can hand cut your edge like I showed in this tutorial.  I hope you enjoyed this video and til next time happy crafting!


1 Die 4 Ways!

Hi friends! We all want to get more use out of our supplies right? Today I have used 1 die (and only 1 pass through the die cutter to create 4 different effects!)


I know there is some controversy over using waxed paper on die cuts, if you are worried about that or do not have waxed paper you can use a plastic bag instead: Tip courtesy of Cheery Lynn Designs. I like that I was able to finish two cards with this technique that would be appropriate for a man or woman and it saved me some time too! Have a great weekend and til next time happy crafting!

Stamp School 12: Talkin’ ’bout Dies & Die Cutting Machine!

Hi friends! Tonight I have a very broad general video about they types of dies and die cutting machines (computerized/electronic vs. manual) and what each kind is good for. Keep in mind the machines I use are about 8 years old and they are still doing everything I need them to do so I have not upgraded. I may have been a bit harsh and unfair of a certain brand of cutter (due to my past experience with the company but newer customers are saying they are great now) so I do intend to provide a more thorough discussion of die cutters. I actually am looking to do a google hangout with some advanced die cut machine users so we can have a discussion of different machines and you can ask questions live. If you know of a crafter I should ask to be a guest let me know. Now here is a very general discussion on die cutters.

OK, so maybe I was a bit harsh on Cricut but having to be connected to the internet is a deal breaker for me. I did just find out that the new Scan and Cut can be hooked to your computer for fonts and SVGs now (oh the temptation!) but I have not used the Scan ‘n Cut, I am merely drooling over others recommendation. I mentioned the blog Clever Someday as a great resource of several popular die cutting machines, Kay also has great tutorials, I have learned a lot from her, if you want more info on computerized die cutters check her out. If you want to watch the Google Hangout live make sure to follow me on Google+ because I can send an invite to everyone that follows me I think… I will likely post it here and Facebook as well. Also you can post a question here in the comments if you can’t make it but live questions will be answered first. I am hoping to do this in a day or two so stay tuned.

But today I wanted to go over the basic advantages each type of machine has:

Electronic/Computerized Cutter (pros & cons)

  • (con) larger initial investment $250-$500 for consumer models
  • (pro) ability to cut designs in the size you want
  • (pro) most let you cut computer fonts you have (or can download free or cheaply)
  • (pro) most let you easily convert clip art into cutting files
  • (pro) it gets cheaper the longer you use it because once you buy the machine you can do a lot without spending another dime
  • (pro) you can make cutting files to cut stamped images *with some machines, difficulty will vary.
  • (con) steeper learning curve than manual machine
  • (con) blades and mats will need replacing
  • (con) if something goes wrong it will probably be expensive to fix
  • Best for cutting thinner/less dense materials but deep cut blades are available

Manuel Machines

  • (pro) smaller initial investment $60-$300 depending on fanciness
  • (pro) cuts with dies and embosses with embossing folders and texture plates (and stencils!)
  • (pro) little learning curve other and figuring what plates you need for pressure.
  • (con) you get what you get, no adjusting the sizes, if you want a bigger shape you need a bigger die.
  • (con) you have to keep buying dies if you want more shapes
  • (pro) easily cuts through thicker items with thick dies
  • (pro) there is not much to go wrong with them especially if you invest in a quality machine, I’ve been using my Big Shot daily for 8 years with no trouble
  • (pro) no blades to replace but you will need to replace the cutting pads occasionally
  • (pro) can be used with letterpress plates
  • Best for the crafter who does not want to mess with a computer when crafting and likes to cut thicker materials

I hope that helped a bit. Stay tuned for a more in-depth discussion. I will have the recording available if you can’t make it to the hangout, it will be my first live youtube thing so wish me luck! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

How to store it: Die Cutting/Embossing Stuff!

Hi Friends! I am still shooting and uploading the organization videos, who would have thought there was so many ways to store your craft supplies? Today I am going to show you how I store my die cutting stuff. I will show you where I keep my cricut (I have it on another record cabinet so the mat can more freely around and not collide with other things on my die cutting bench), big shot, wafer thin and thick steel rule dies, embossing folders, sizzlits, letterpress plates, cutting pads and other accessories that pertain to using out die cutting machines. I will even show you my laminator that for some funny reason I like to keep here, I think it is because it takes electricity and it is handy here. Some things just work, don’t question it. If I used my comb binding machine more often it would be here too but I only have that out on rare occasion so it sits on a high shelf with other supplies I don’t need often. If you have any questions about my die cutting area you can leave them in the comments. I hope you find this video helpful:)

Oh! I have say a HUGE thank you to everyone who voted for me in the Craftsy Blogger Awards! You guys are so awesome!!! Voting is open until January 30th, wish me luck! Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!