Try this on your next card!

Happy Sunday folks! I had a lot of fun making this thank you card for my sister, she gave me a pretty glass ball for my birthday after remembering me admire the ones she had hanging in her house and realizing the one I used to have broke a year ago. I used the wrapping paper and tissue paper from her gift in my card, how about that for recycling?


OK so you probably want to hear about the trick I want you to try on your next card….OKthen, check out the fairy’s wings, the glitter is actually clear glitter nail polish from the Dollar Tree! I love this stuff, it dries in seconds and has a brush built into the cap and does not smear my ink. Nifty cool! I am always smearing my stickles because they take forever to dry, the nailpolish is cheaper too!


I used my Promarker Blender sets to color the fairy. The fairy stamp is from Crafters Companion, it is the Buttercup fairy and I used the smaller one in that set. I bought it from Costom Crops NAYY (not affialited yadda yadda) I should tell you that the Fariopolis sets are clear but the other flower fairy sets are real rubber sheets and you need to cut them out and adhere them to a block to stamp. There is no mention of that on their website. I prefer the rubber so it was a pleasant surprise but if you do not want to deal with cutting the stamp apart and mounting them stick to the Fariopolis line 😉 They are on sale for $5 each set now BTW, regular $10-I paid $6.50-still a deal tho 😉 Another tip: If you do get these stamps besure to save the packaging that comes with them because the designs are very “sketchy” and you will want them to refer to when you color.

Well that is it for me, we are hosing a cookout today so I’m gonna be busy but it will be a great time I’m sure! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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