Under the Big Top Party!

I’ll never forget my 5th birthday party. Mom turned the back yard into a 3-ring circus for my summer birthday party. When a customer asked me to come up with a printable party pack with the theme “Rainbow Circus” I jumped at the chance!

You can have a lot of fun with this theme. you could rent a cotton candy or popcorn machine to act as decorations AND offer a tasty snack or simply fill the printable popcorn boxes with popcorn and set them up on a snack table before the guests arrive. The sugar cone wrappers (meant for ice cream cones) would serve well wrapped around the cotton candy sticks too!

What ia  a party without a pretty colorful banner. You can string these up outside along a clothesline (or even a dog-run) with full size clothespins or attach them to a ribbon and tack them to the walls inside, it is such an easy and inexpensive way to add so much color to a party! You get 2 full size banners on one sheet of cardstock and you can customize them how you wish. Search “free circus fonts” and you will find a ton of cute festive fonts for free! {say that 5 times ast LOL!}


What’s a party without a few games? Here are a few you can play at a circus party:

  1. Peanut hunt! Before the party scatter peanuts in the shell all over the lawn. Give each guest an empty bag and set them loose to find as many as they can in 5 minutes. Have a small goodie like a circus toy (they have these at the dollar store) as a prize.
  2. Peanut Relay! Divide your guests up into 2 or 3 teams, there must be the same number of kids on each team. The first member of the team gets a small spoon with a peanut in it. The object is to carry the peanut in the spoon to the next member of your team as fast as you can without dropping it, that player will carry the peanut to the next player and so on until you reach the finish line or until each player has a turn.
  3. Circus charades! This is played like normal charades but you imitate a circus animal, best for ages 2-6.
  4. Building a Circus Memory Word Game! This word game is fun and you need no supplies at all. The first player (usually a parent) says “I’m building a circus and bringing a tent…”. the next player repeats the first line and adds an item “I’m building a circus and bringing a tent, AND an elephant” and so on and so forth. The fun is to see who can remember all of the items and keep the game going the longest. Everyone gets a prize!


Other activities! These fun ideas will make your Circus party a success!

  • Clown around! Ask an artistic friend to be a face painter at the party. Non toxic tempera paints work great and you can use soft small artists brushes to apply. Be sure to keep it away from their eyes!
  • Juggling workshop! Ask a friend who can juggle to dress as a clown and give a juggling lesson. Gather scarves and bean bags (you can easily make your own bean bags buy cutting 5″ squares of scrap fabric, sewing up 3 sides and filling them with rice before stitching up the last side) for this activity.
  • Bean bag toss! Set up a carnival booth and stack a pyramid of empty soup cans (covered with pretty scrapbook paper) for guests to toss bean bags at. No one will get hurt if a bean bag goes astray.
  • Hula hoops! I love to see the lovely hula hoop artists at the circus. Scatter around a bunch of hoops so the kids can pretend they are the star of the show!

I’m sure you can think of dozens of fun ways to host a Circus Themed party. You get al of the favors and decorations you will need in the new Rainbow Circus Party kit from Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff, here’s a look:

 Rainbow Circus Party!

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Arabian Nights Party!

Looking for a unique theme for your next party? How about an exotic Middle Eastern one! I designed the Arabian Nights Party kit for a customer who was throwing an Arabian Princess Party for her niece but the theme can be used for sleepovers, sweet 16, bachelorette, birthdays and more!


For the kids I included a “pin the tail on the camel” game, there are instructions on printing this to poster size using a standard home printer too. It is easy!

You get TEN 8.5″x11″ full sheet printables and ONE 5″x7″ invitation in this kit. The banners come in two sizes, I used the small ones in this photo. All of the templates are in JPG format and easy to customize.


Also included in the kit are SVG cutting files. You can cut large desert borders and party banners to use as decorations and you can cut the crown out of gold cardstock for a do-it-yourself party craft activity!


If you are throwing a party for kids you can show the Disney movie Alladin of for tweens you can rent reruns of I Dream of Genie on Netflix.


For refreshments you can serve hummus, falafel, pita triangles, baba ghanoush and rice with chickpeas. It is very vegetarian friendly too! Here is a look at what you get in the Arabian Party Kit:


 So the next time you need to host a party why not think outside of the box and try an Arabian Nights party! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Pretty Party!

I love a good party! I especially love hosting one and my favorite part of getting ready for a party is making the favors and decorations! Why get store-bought when you can make the perfect party decorations with crafting templates from Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff and clear stamps from Pink Persimmon. It is a marriage made in crafty heaven if you ask me 😉

I designed the Fancy Cupcake box template to go with the Singing Birds stamp set. I love how the frame stamp fits perfectly on the mat, placecard and cupcake box. In SCAL2 and SCAL 3 the design will import perfectly to fit the stamps but if you are using other software just make sure the mat is set at 4″ wide (lock proportions) and you will be all set.

Of course you can cut the box whatever size you want like I did for the smaller favor boxes filled with gum balls. I also think these little boxes would be cute as wedding favors!

The boxes can be cut with or without the window. There are printable templates in the kit as well so if you do not have a digital die cutting machine you can print and cut. To cut the large cupcake box you will need to enlarge the pattern 150%. Directions and scoring guides for the templates are on the printable instructions.

This kit also comes with a quick cutting cupcake wrapper (say that 5 times fast!) and a scalloped cupcake topper. You can cut 4 wrapper from a 12″x12″ sheet of paper. Tip: Set up the wrapper templates on your virtual mat then fill in with the smaller topper shapes to save space! I personalized the cupcake topper with letters from the Carnival alphabet stamp set. I also used both the large and small carnival alpha stamps on the place cards:

After I made the fancy cupcake box set  thought about other template sets I had and how they would go with other stamps…I decided that this party needed a banner so I measured the stamps in the Big Banner and Rosette set and then opened my scallop banner die SVG cut from the Pretty Banner SVG set and set the size to 4″widex4.25″high and cut a bunch from pink cardstock. I stamped the large banners inside the die cuts then stamped them again on blue polka dot pattern paper, cut out the centers and layered them on the die cuts. Then I simply stamped the rosettes on scraps of cream (leftover from the cupcake box) and punched them out with my 1.5″ circle punch. I glued the layers together and clipped them to some ribbon with mini clothespins. Easy and quick!

What is a party without a favor bag? I like these scalloped favor bags from the Pretty Favors set because you can cut 2 bags this size from a 12″x12″ sheet of cardstock and they are plenty sturdy too. I used scraps of patterned paper and some pleated party streamers to decorate it.

You can make these party decorations ahead of time and you can save the banner to use again! Here is a look at the Crafting Templates from Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff I used in this project:

 Pretty Banners SVGPretty Favors SVGFancy Cupcake Box SVG

Here is a look at the Pink Persimmon stamps I used :

This project qualifies for the following challenges: Aly’s Sunday Challenge, Scrappy Frogs, Catch The Bug, Ellephantastic, Drunken Stampers, Crafty Ann’s, Fairy Knoll, Inspire Me Fridays, Paper Crafting Journey, Stamp Insanity and Make it Monday


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A Birthday Playdate!

Wow, what a weekend, it was super busy but super fun too! Yesterday we invited two of my girls’ twin friends over for a birthday playdate, their friends just turned 7 and we want to celebrate with a low-key but fun afternoon. I printed off some cupcake wrappers and activities from the Valentine Classroom Party Printable kit and some party hats, water bottle wraps, place cards and a banner from the new Valentine Party Add-on kit:

To add a splash of festive color to the table I covered it in valentine wrapping paper I picked up at Target (love the dollar spot!) this is a perfect solution if you do not have table linens to match and it looks so much nice than the plastic disposable covers-cheaper and more eco-friendly too and it makes clean-up a snap!

I wanted to have a fun little activity for the girls to do while they hung out and chatted so the printable activity sheets from the Valentine Classroom Party Kit was perfect for that, I just printed one sheet for each guest and cut them apart, that gives you 4 activities!I put crayons in a vintage glass flower frog, it adds to the decor and is practical too. I keep an eye out for these whenever I am in an antique shop! If you can’t find a glass frog you can cut a styrofoam ball in half and poke crayons in that.

Here are the cupcakes, they are so quick and fun. You get 3 wrappers and toppers on one printable sheet, they are quick to cut and all you need is a dab of hot glue to attach the topper to a toothpick and glue the wrapper closed. The girls were so cute, they wanted to save their wrappers to take home. It is impossible to keep a cupcake wrapper clean so I printed them a couple of sheets to bring home with them, I guess their American Girl dolls will be having cupcake parties too!

Here is the banner from the add-on kit, and check out the cut party hats also in the kit! The banner only takes 2 sheets of cardstock! I cut between the triangles with mini wavy scissors and hot glued them to a length of ribbon then tacked it to the wall, easy peasy!

To keep the party hats secure on their heads just tape a length of elastic cord (made for beading) to each side of the hat on the inside. I cut the bottom of the hats with scallop scissors to add a bit of flair.

Here is a look at the kits I used:

Valentine Party Add-onValentine Party Printables & SVG

This kit would also be perfect for Valentines parties and baby showers!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Let’s all go to the movies!

In another week or so our little darling children will be on Christmas Vacation. It will only be a matter of time before we hear the lovely refrain “Mom, I’m bored!” Why not invite a bunch of the kids friends over and have a movie party?

I made a Movie Party Printable kit that has all you need to make a ordanary afternoon movie playdate something special.

The water bottle wraps and popcorn boxes have labels to write your guests names on so they will know what bottle and box is theirs {this time of year we don’t want them sharing with all of the colds going around!}

This is also an easy birthday party theme, the party hats are so fun! I added crepe paper fringe to mine! To do this simply staple 3 lengths of crepe paper party streamers together and cut a slit ever 1/4″ or so then hot glue the strip of fringe to the inside of the hat. You can roll a strip of fringe to make a pom-pom and glue it to the top of the hat too, fun!

I love the menu poster in this kit, what fun you could have with it. You could even type prices and give your guests play money from the dollar store to buy their concessions with!

I’m all for fun and frugal ways to throw a party and this sure is one of them. Here is a look at all of the printables you get in the Movie Party kit:

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Mmmmm, Cupcakes!

Happy Saturday folks! My kids have all signed up for soccer this year (holy cuteness batman!) and their first practice is today and the twins are having their fifth birthday party today! Boy it is going to be busy! I just had to sneak away for a minute and share the cute cupcake wrappers I just added to the Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff Shop:

Digital Stamps/Cupcake wrapper template:  Lindsay's stamp Stuff, Markers: Bic Mark its
Digital Stamps/Cupcake wrapper template: Lindsay's stamp Stuff, Markers: Bic Mark its

They are so easy (you could even let the kids color them) I simply printed the sheet on white cardstock (you get 3 wrappers plus scalloped decorations to a page) colored them with my Bic Mark its and added a bit of yellow chalk in the background of 2 of them. So simple! You get the happy birthday cupcake wrapper sheet and a blank sheet incase you just want to print the templates on pattern paper for faster wrappers both fo a $1!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!