Holy Cowl! A free easy project for you!

Hi friends! When my neighbor showed up at my house with two huge bags of Boutique Chic yarn by Red Heart for me (thanks AMY!) I knew I had to design a project that would show off the unique characteristics of this bulky pompom chenille yarn.


After a bit of trial and error I came up with this cute one ball cowl that is fun and easy to crochet. Watch the video to see how I made it!


1 ball Boutique Chic Yarn (or #6 bulky yarn or you can use 2 stands of worsted weight yarn)
US 15 hook(10mm)
yarn needle
measuring tape

1. Chain stitch a 24″ long chain.
2. Join chain to make  a ring with a slip stitch.
3. *Chain 3 and double crochet (Treble) in each stitch in round and join round with a slip stitch.
4. Repeat * row 5 times.
5. weave in ends.

I hope you like this project! I think they are so fun to make! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


Finally, a use for that Styrofoam head!

Hi Friends! Just a quick post today! I have been spending my Sundays over the past few weeks at my son’s fall baseball double headers. 6 hours of baseball is a lot to take in even for the most supportive of mothers so I have been bringing my scrap yarn to use up. I was inspired by this hat I saw online and started with the pattern but went astray, I stated DCing for no apparent reason by I love the way it turned out:

DCF 1.0

I even used some of my hand dyed acrylic yarn (tutorial here), I am loving that! I have also been tweaking my channel. I removed the too loud carnival sounding intro to my videos to be replaced with something less irritating later and made a new channel trailer. This is the video a unsubscribed person will see when they visit my you tube channel. Thanks to my Frugal fans on Facebook for the helpful suggestions while making this!

That it for me today! I have some errands to do but I will be back with a new tutorial for you tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

How to Dye Acrylic Yarn!

Do you have a stash of white or pastel colored acrylic yarn hanging around? Acrylic yarn is basically made from plastic so it is really hard to color but I’ll show you how inexpensively using the tips in this video.

During the drying process you might want to move and readjust the yarn to keep the paint from pooling anywhere, you can also sop up some of the dripped paint if you want a deeper color. You can also use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process. Have fun with your new yarn and til next time happy crafting!

When you’ve got nothing left to lose… (a tale of mitten knitting)

Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose…Janis Joplin had it right, there is nothing quite so freeing than finishing up a project to realize it is an epic craft fail. That means “you can’t screw it up any worse!” so you can have fun playing with it! First I’ll show you how my mittens turned out (because if I lead with the “before” picture no-one would read this post.)

DCF 1.0

Here is the before picture of my awful mittens, what’s up with those thumbs? The only way these would be useful is if I was going to take up hitchhiking.


So I decided to make a running seam along the inside of the thumbs to make them a tad slimmer without adding too much bulk. BTW, I know all you proper knitters are saying “just rip it out and start again” but Lindsay don’t play that game. It’s onward or nothing. I’ll never be a proper knitter ūüôā


The other mistake was that I did not measure correctly for length and started decreasing too soon so my mittens were too short so I employed a method every lazy knitter should know: The Steam & Stretch! I held my iron about 1/2″ away from the mittens (made from a bulky wool blend) and steamed away, stretched that sucker for all I was worth, flipped it over and repeated on the other side. I did this twice for each mitten. Here you can see the length I was able to get:


OK, tragedy averted, I can wear them and they don’t look too funny, I would like to spruce them up and also hide the fact that when I seamed up one mitten it was not lined up perfectly so I crocheted on an edging. This is a great way to use up leftovers. I had 2 yarns that I used to make my cabled head wrap (free pattern and video here) and I added some ladder yarn that I have been hoarding for about 8 years:


I held them together and, starting on the inside of the mitten (wrong side) half-double crocheted in every other stitch. I thought about sewing felt hearts and buttons on the back but aired on the side of caution because I was really liking them now!

That brings me to my mitten knitting tip of the day:

You see, if I had made one of these I would have been so discouraged there is no way I would have made a second one so knit 2 mittens at a time and knit them flat! This is the pattern I used for the mittens. It is a good basic pattern but I have a few changes I will make next time. I mean no disrespect for the writer of this pattern, anyone who posts a free pattern is aces in my book but I would not cast on 2 stitches to the thumb, and in the decreasing rows I would alternate the decreases, the first being k2tog then SSK and so on because I think every other decrease should slant the other way so all of my stitches point to the tip of the mitten, that’s my theory anyway. That said the pattern is simple and you can knit 2 at once! And it works for all sizes too! That is if you measure right LOL!

DCF 1.0

You know, now that I look at before photo I really don’t think they were all that bad. After I finished them last night I wanted to throw them in a snowbank. It is amazing what stepping away from your work when you are frustrated can make! That’s it for me today! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Brrr, it’s Cold! Stay Home and Crochet!

Howdy friends! I had big plans today, big plans I tell you! I planned to clean the fridge and freezer (as in a massive scrub down as it was nearly empty after holidays and power outages) then I planed to do a massive grocery shop. I got the fridge scrubbed down and let me tell you there were some science experiments growing in there, I was just thinking about how we have been really lucky with no colds or flu this year (knock on wood) and I think it might be due to some possible penicillin like substance coating one of the shelves in there, ewwww! After all of that I went to start the van in the sub zero tundra that I call home and I had a dead battery, huh, I guess it makes sense because it has been really cold this week and I have not gone anywhere since Sunday. Oh well, better stay home then! Hubby went to the grocery store for me after work although he is mildly suspicious that I staged the whole thing LOL! But he was impressed at the state of the refrigerator. When I called him at work and told he he was coming home to a sparkling clean fridge he said “did you buy a new one?” Hardy-har-har. But I do love that man who will grocery shop after working all day, I am a lucky lady! Since it is so cold how about a yarn project? Check out this hat I made my Brother in law:

I used the large yellow nifty knitter loom to make a basic hat with no brim as I don’t care for the look of the loom brim. The above video explains double crochet ribbing, it is a good trick to know and works up super fast. It is also how you can crochet a quick edging on a garment for extra pizzazz. My thanks to my daughter Maizy for the music at the end of the video! I recently wasted spent $3 on a set of Darice pom-pom looms and I was bound and determined to use them, you can see how in the video below in case you blew invested money in them as well:

OK, they are not bad looms and they beat the pants off the old donuts style pompom makers that took forever and the patience of Job to use but my favorite method of pom-poms is still wrapping that yarn around my hand, sliding off the big wad of yarn, tying a piece of yarn around it and snipping the loops, call me minimalist I guess:) That’s it for me tonight, well I guess I could share another crochet project I made for my niece, she emailed me a photo of a cowl she liked and I made her one like it, or at least tried anyway:) She loved it!

DCF 1.0

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

A quick and easy crochet for kids!

Howdy friends! Tonight I am going to share a project I taught to my children’s knit and crochet class. All you need to know is how to chain, making it the perfect beginner project. This is a great way to use up scrap yarn too!

DCF 1.0

You will need 3 colors of yarn about 6′ each, a large 4 holed button, a tiny crochet hook that will fit through a button hole and a medium crochet hook such as a US size G.

DCF 1.0

Start with one piece of yarn and use the tiny crochet hook to pull the yarn through 2 buttonholes and make the ends even. Make a slip knot close to the button with one string and chain until you run out of yarn, do the same for the other side, just be sure to keep the slip knot as close as you can to the button. Repeat with the other 2 colors and you should have 6 strands of chain stitch crochet hanging from the button. Divide the strands into 3 groups by color and braid.

DCF 1.0

Now make 2 knots: one to end the braid and one to form the toggle and you are done! These make cute Christmas presents and kids can use this technique to make bracelets, necklaces and belts for their dolls too! Happy crafting!

It’s like a dystopian hug! {a free Katniss cowl wrap pattern!}

Edit: 12/4/13: I made another wrap with a crochet neckline, pattern at the end of the post!

Hello friends! I did it! I crocheted a version of the wrap Katniss Everdeen wore in the new Hunger Games movie. You can get my pattern here for free. I looked at other patterns but most were knit and they all were worked in 2 or 3 pieces and sewn together and I wasn’t crazy about the stiff rope neck most had so I came up with a simple one piece crochet number with a bit of knitting on the neck. What do you think?


In case you are confused or work better from an explanation than from a pattern I took a break from romping through the woods to shoot this quick video explaining how I made it:

I wore this to a friends house today and got rave reviews from her and her teenage son who saw the movie!


I even wore this in my unheated basement studio and was as cozy as a mouse and my arms were free for crafty adventures!


Here are the materials I used. It was easiest to use the Denise interchangeable needles for the neck because I could just swap out the needles as needed. I have both the knitting and crochet sets, they are a fabulous Christmas gift because you have all the sizes right there for most any project.


Here you can see how the garment is made. Refer to the printable PDF pattern here for all the juicy details!


That’s it for me tonight. I have to thank my daughter Lila for her camera skills capturing all of the outdoor action shots. (She is working on her Girl Scout digital photographer badge.) ¬†I truly feel like a district 12 rebel in this wrap. Well I guess this “wraps” it up LOL! Pun intended! Until next time happy crafting!



Crochet option for the neckline!

So, many of you told me that you don’t knit and wanted a crochet version of the neckline, well here it is! ¬†The stitch pattern we are doing will make a ribbed cowl, it is very stunning!

Using a size n hook (or whatever you were crocheting with)

First round: Half-double Crochet (HDC) into every other stitch in the neck opening, join with slip stitch.  Try and have an even number of stitches, crochet into an extra one if you have to to make the first round an even number.

Second Round: Chain 2, *Double Crochet (DC) into the front post of the next stitch, DC in the back post of the next stitch* and continue working from * to* ¬†in a spiral until the neck is as tall as you like (about 8″)stop when you are about 6 stitches from the start of the round. You can look for the tail of yarn left when you joined the neck. Weave in ends and wear it!

Finishing: When you are 6 stitches away from the start of the round switch from DC to HDC for 3 stitches then SC for 3 stitches and join to next stitch with a slip-stitch.

The Rainbow Collection…

Why are there so many songs about rainbows and what’s on the other side….I have had that darn song stuck in my head all afternoon! Well, it’s no wonder given my latest experiment:

DCF 1.0

Rainbow string jewelry! When I spied a skein of Royal¬†rainbow¬†crochet thread for .99 cents at Mardens (an awesome Maine discount store) I¬†immediately¬†thought “Ah-Ha, rainbow tassel earrings!!!” yes, with 3 exclamation points, if you must know, and I think they are just FAB (and so did my daughters because they promptly¬†confiscated¬†them along with the bracelets and I must say they look even better on.

DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0

The bracelets were an experiment (hence I am using plastic beads rather than glass) and I like them OK but I think I might have to delve into Macrame for this one. I am really liking the feeling on the macrame cord these days (notice another pipe knot pendant) so I’ll have to keep you updated on this rainbow bracelet experiment.

DCF 1.0

I crocheted a simple chain to hang the pendant on, I like it!

DCF 1.0

Tonight I am going to refine my¬†tassels¬†while sitting in front of the TV catching up on Red Dwarf on Netflix, yep, another wild Saturday night at Lindsay’s… and I might have a video for ya when the said¬†tassel¬†is refined (oh joy!) but I thought you might want to see a prototype, I usually share my projects after I have fixed them up a bit and here you can see the wobbly beginnings, we all have them,¬†especially¬†when we are trying something new. The process is fun even if the end result needs a little work. We all have to start somewhere, remember that ūüėÄ

DCF 1.0

Well, so long for tonight, it’s time to get the smeg of the computer and go work on that couch dent. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Totally Rad Granny Poncho! {it’s like wearing a hug!}

Yes, I am too cool for school…here’s the proof:

DCF 1.0

Using the same stitch that I used to make my first granny square I created a poncho! I think I am going to try and make one for an 18″ doll too! This one fits me to a “T” and only took a few hours (while watching a Gossip Girl marathon-oh I am so ashamed to admit that) to work up! I added some fringe to the end because fringe and¬†tassels¬†make everything cooler! I used up 4 balls of ¬†soft and yummy wool/bamboo yarn exactly to make this (less what I used to make the granny squares last week) making it a pretty inexpensive project. So, what did you make this weekend? I’d love to see! ūüėÄ Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!