Don’t Buy Copics Until You See these Markers (Art-n-Fly Brush Marker Review)

Hi friends! Everyone is looking for an alcohol brush marker that is the same quality os Copics, refillable and with replaceable nibs. Often you can find a cheaper one but you can’t refill them or the tips fray. Today I am going to share a marker that is affordable (around $2 each in sets) refillable (refills are $4.99 for 25 cc of ink) and has replaceable nibs should you damage your marker or wear it out. Sounds pretty great huh? What are these markers you ask? Art-n-Fly and I will go over them in depth in today’s marker review video!

The full selection of Art-n-Fly markers, replacement nibs and refill inks can be purchased on the Art-n-Fly website. Sets can be purchased on Amazon as well ranging in 6 count to 48 count packs. *Affiliate links used

Art-n-fly markers are currently available in 90 colors and they are planning to expand to 200 colors in the next year or two. All of the colors available can be obtained by buying the multipacks where they run about $2 each. You can also purchase individual colors for $4.99 each (the same price as a refill) by contacting customer service.

*note the 24 colors in the 24 pack are duplicated in the 48 pack. Other than that there are 3 colors duplicated if you were to purchase all of the packs as told in their FAQ section:

Q: Do any sets have duplicate colors?

A: Yes, the pastels do have overlap with two sets. The 107BR and 29YR are in both skin tones and pastels (the 107BR is a different shade in the two) and 77PB is also in the 48 marker set. We are working to make that no longer the case!
(end quote)


  • High quality flexible Japanese brush style nib (very similar to Copic)
  • Price: Around $2 in sets
  • Refills available for all colors at $4.99 each
  • Individually colors available by contacting customer service
  • Vivid smooth ink
  • Blends well
  • Replacement nibs available
  • Great customer service
  • Few duplication in color (except for the 24 set is in the 48 set) so you could try a 6 pack of colors to see if you liked them and add packs as your budget allows.
  • Comfortable to hold (rounded octagon shape) and attractive to display.

Potential Cons:

  • As with any alcohol marker, the color chip at the end is not a perfect match for the ink color so swatching is a good idea (this is the case for all alcohol markers tho)
  • Currently the range is only 90 colors and they plan to expand to 200 (which seems like a lot to me but Copic has around 350) *Keep in mind that these marker will blend with Copic or any other brand of alcohol marker you already have.

Bottom line: I like the price of these and the fact that they are refillable and a lifetime marker. With so many disposable markers out now for budget-conscious consumer, it is refreshing to see a company come out with a low price point and a sustainable product. I also like the look of these markers and having the longer color chip make it easy to tell the color no matter how it is laid on the table. I think these are a great alternative to copic markers. You can see all of then Art-n-Fly markers here. I want to thank Art-n-Fly for sending me these products to review as well as thank the viewers who made me aware of this company and requested the review. Happy crafting!

Many Marvelous Mermaids!

Howdy friends! Today’s project combines a lot of crafty goodness! I had so much fun making these cards and I hope they inspire you to create!


I worked an assembly line on these cards. I did a gel printing session, a coloring session, and an assembly session.


It can be daunting to think of making multiple cards in one sitting. It can also be overwhelming to gel print backgrounds for only one card. By breaking up the tasks I get to extend my enjoyment of my craft without getting stressed out and have a batch of cards to show for my effort!


You can see the complete process in the video!

Supplies (affiliate links used)

Here is a look at all of the images colored. I thought about just trimming them to ATC size at one point but I decided that I’d be more likely to use the greeting cards.


I hope you have a lovely weekend! I’m off to watch my son play in his last tennis matches of the season and miraculously it’s warm and sunny! Yahoo! Til next time happy crafting!

Another Cheap Marker Review:)

Hi friends! Today I am going to review and show you how to color with Ohuhu alcohol markers.

IMG_20171105_111245 (1)

I have seen them online and was curious if they would perform well because they were so inexpensive and the company sent me a set for review purposes. Here is a swatch of the colors in the set:


Here is a link to the set I am reviewing and a coupon code good for 15% off this set: 15Frugal Offer good through 11/15/17 11:59pm PDT. Want tosee how they preform? Watch the video!



Review: These double ended art markers feature a fine tip bullet nib and a chisel tip and are filled with alcohol ink*. They have an oval barrel much like a Copic marker. *3 markers are fluorescent water-based markers/highlighters.

  • Low Price-Around 50 cents a marker.
  • Great selection of colors (77 alcohol pens)
  • Good blending ability.
  • Gray identification band on the end with bullet tip to make finding the fine tip end easier.
  • Markers provided crisp lines on the paper I used with no feathering.
  • Good layering ability (you can layer up colors to get darker shades.)


  • There is no brush nib so blending over a large area or palette blending is limited.
  • One marker arrives with a loose cap but it was easily fixed with a few drops of denatured alcohol-Just make sure you cap them tightly as with ANY alcohol pen.
  • This set could use a medium light violet and medium light brown to round out the colors but you could add those colors in from other brands is you like as long as they are alcohol based.
  • The 3 waterbased highlighters were an odd choice, I’d rather have 3 more alcohol pens (a clear blender, mid violet and light brown) instead of those.

IMG_20171105_111836 (1)

Bottom line these pens are a steal, I have never tried alcohol pens that were this inexpensive, they are half the price of a Sharpie! I think this is the perfect set for someone starting out or someone who want’s an extra set for travel or for a teen who is getting into markers on a budget. This set is NOT for someone who must have a brush tip marker. I think they are a great buy. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Til next time happy crafting!


Brush Marker Comparison!

Hi Friends! Today I am comparing 6 of the most popular brush markers on the market to see how they hold up and if they play nice together.


Honestly I like all of these but they each have unique qualities that different artists might prefer. Here is a handy checklist to print and record notes on as you try other brands yourself. brush_marker_comparison_chart

Now watch the video!

Here are the markers I used today (affiliate links used when available, thank you for your support:)

So now that you have the information you can go forth and color. Also, if you already have a bunch of chisel tip markers you can use them with your brush markers. I suggest you try a couple from each company before investing in a huge set and get different colors because they do play nice together. I keep all of my alcohol markers together for just that reason. Experiment ad have fun! If you have any questions let me know in the comments. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


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