What should I do with these wood slices?

Hi friends! I have had a crazy week and one of the calming projects I worked on to center myself was stamping and coloring on these wood slices.


I tested out Prismacolor (left), Arteza (center), and Polychromos (right) and surprisingly the least expensive pencils did the best and didn’t wear down as quickly as the other two.


I can see why coloring books are so popular! I chose some large open images so they would stamp well on the wood and so they would be big enough to get in there and color with my pencils. I got a box of 45 wood slices so I am wondering if you have any ideas to help me use the rest up. I am using the ones I colored here as coasters. I want to see how they hold up without sealer on them because sometimes if you seal a coater it sticks to a cup. I figured if it could absorb a bit of moisture it would be good. They would also make unusual gift tags and ornaments too (Although I admit I often lose steam on a project if I have to finish the backside as well LOL!)


Supplies: (Affiliate links used)

I like that this project gave me some relaxation during a high anxiety time for me and I got to use some stamps that I have not had out in a while. If you have any tips on using up the rest please let me know! I have a feeling I am entering a high-stress season of life and I’ll take all the calming help I can get! Happy crafting!

DIY Stamped Coasters!

Hi friends! Today I have a quick project you can make for your home or a gift! Rubber stamped drink coasters!


Watch the video to learn how to stamp with acrylic paint. I am using a special oven bake acrylic paint so these coasters will be permanent and dishwasher safe on ceramic tiles. You can also use the technique I show you to stamp with regular acrylic paint on other objects as well!


Supplies (Stamps) available from sponsor Rubber Stamp Tapestry! 20% off mounted stamp orders of $10+ with coupon code COASTER through 7/17/16

  • 4″ white tiles
  • Oven bake acrylic enamel paint (I am using Folk Art Enamels)
  • Cork, felt or foam pads
  • Stamps: Grape BorderDogwood ForestBrambly RoseShell Border 
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Paper towels
  • Palette knife (or something to spread paint)
  • Foam packaging film or a foam plate/take out container

1. Wipe tiles with alcohol.
2. Spread paint on a piece of foam to act as a stamp pad.
3. Ink up stamps, tap of excess and stamp on tile.
4. Dry 24 hours and bake according to directions on paint bottle.

You can so the stamping with enamels on other ceramics as well. If you are going to use enamels on dishes just make sure not to stamp on areas that will touch food so you can do the border or a platter or the outside (below the lip line) of a mug. Thanks to Rubber Stamp Tapestry!  for sponsoring this post, don’t forget 20% off mounted stamp orders of $10+ with coupon code COASTER through 7/17/16. Happy crafting!

Hmmm, Give or Keep?

Hi friends! I had a lot of fun playing with the clear acrylic shapes from Punch Place Plus yesterday!


Oh! Before I forget Punch Place Plus has a free shipping code: TFCSpecial valid on orders over $49 through 11/23/15, that’s next week so don’t wait if you want any of these goodies!


I am always on the lookout for cute gifts to make and fun easy ways to dress up my home for the holidays.


I think these projects do just that, see how easy they are to make in today’s video!



Next Week I will be making jewelry with more of their supplies, I have listed them below in case you wanted to follow along (or to help you put together a large enough order so you can use the discount code LOL!)


I guess, now that I think about it there is no need to decide whether I will give or keep these, I’ll do both! They are so fun and easy to make, why not? Be sure to visit Punch Place Plus if you are planning some quick and easy holiday crafts (they have a lot of 18″ doll craft supplies too!) and use the coupon code TFCSpecial for free shipping on your order of $49 or more! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

DIY Halloween Coasters with Alcohol ink!

Hi friends! By request today we are playing with alcohol ink, photocopies (or lazer/toner based prints) and Xylene markers and white ceramic tiles. Let’s make coasters! Watch the video to see how!


1. Clean Tile with alcohol.
2.  Transfer photocopy to tile with Chartpak (xylene) pen.
3. Color with alcohol ink or alcohol based markers.
4. You can spritz rubbing alcohol on the coaster for a cool effect if desired!
5. Add felt or cork to the back of coasters and protect with a coat of clear spray paint.

Happy crafting!

Let’s Paint Coasters! {Learn 4 motifs!}

Hello Friends! Firstly I want to wish all the moms out there a very happy mother’s day. I spent the afternoon with my mom and sister and it was wonderful. Our kids played outside all afternoon and my brother-in-law grilled a yummy dinner! It was in the 70’s and sunny and I think I might have gotten a bit of a tan! I hope your day was great as well. Since mothers day was this week I had the children in my library craft class make these for their moms:
DCF 1.0

We painted with Folk Art Enamels on 4″ glazed white tiles from the home improvement store. There are other nice oven bake paints on the market such as Pebeo and Lefranc & Bougouis but Folk art Enamels are half the price and easier to find, I think you can even get them at Wal*Mart. This is a beginner acrylic tutorial. You can paint any of these designs with regular acrylic paints on any surface you want and it will be lovely. I recommend using an enamel for glass or ceramic though and only paint areas of your ceramic that will not come in contact with food. For instance you can paint the outside of a coffee mug below the rim where you sip but not the inside of the mug. Get my drift? Now, grab a brush and let’s paint!

That was pretty easy eh? If you are wondering what my dog was barking at during the video there was a neighbors cat in the woods behind my house, he visits often and is very interested in the chickens. I do not think he can harm them since the chickens are as big as he is but he drives my dog nuts! In case you were wondering below are a list of the colors I used in the tutorial. They came in a kit. I would prefer more vivid basic colors so I would mix a variety of shades (I think I will pick up some primaries the next time I am at the store) but these colors do coordinate well together.

The colors I am using are:
#4001 Wicker white
#4032 Licorice
#4026 Midnight
#4029 Violet Pansy
#4019 Fresh Foliage
#4022 Thicket
#4007 Berry Wine
#4015 Yellow Ocher
#4016 School Bus
#4013 Coffee Bean
#4014 Burnt Sienna

After the coasters were dry I put felt pads on the bottom so they would not scratch the furniture. Remember to let your ceramics dry for 21 days or dry 24 hours and bake at 350F or 177C (in your home oven) for 30 minutes to fully cure the enamel. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Girls Night Out!

Have you ever been a Maid Of Honor-a “MOH” if you will?  If so you know how hard it is to plan the perfect bridal shower or bachelorette party. Make you next bachelorette party or girls night out memorable with this easy set of party printables from Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff. It is print and cut, so easy!

You get 6 printable sheets in jpg format that you can print as is or customize before you print by typing in text on the invites, beverage ID charms and crown or simply print the kit as in and write on them with a pen. Either way you have a perfectly matched set!

The Bachelorette Party Printable kit is only $5 and you can print it as many time as you want or need for your party!

This set qualifies for the following challenges: 4 Craft Chicks, ABC, Die cut Dreams, (anything but a card), Corrosive Challenges (inspired by the 80’s-love that hot pink animal print;),  Creative Friday (unusually shaped cards),  Digidoodlesshopbest, Hodgepodgeshop, (anything goes)and Drunken Stampers (no stamps).

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

DIY coasters!

Have you ever had a great idea and then realized a flaw in your plan when it was too late to do anything about it?  I planned to have a tutorial on photocopy transfers today, I went to the library yesterday and had the Vintage Halloween Label stamps I wanted to transfer onto tile coasters photocopied only to realize that I forgot to mirror image my designs before they copied them…and of course I realize this AFTER the library closed 😛  (I would have had backwards words if I did that so with no time to come up with a new project I decided to revive the art of Decoupage and venture onward with this project:

Craft this set in no time with the Vintage Halloween Labels set from Lindsay's stamp Stuff!

Here is how to decoupage your very own coasters:

  1. Print out your designs on a LAZER printer or print them out on an ink jet printer and have them photocopied. The toner in lazer printers and photocopy machines won’t bleed when you paint over it with mod-podge.
  2. Color your images with ALCOHOL based markers such as Bic Markits, Copic, Sharpie, Promarker or Prismacolor. Avoid using a xylene based marker like Chartpack, it will lift the toner.
  3. Closely trim around your designs.
  4. Use a brush to paint a layer of decoupage medium such as Mod-podge or white glue (not the washable kind) on a ceramic tile then place your colored cut out image on top and paint another coat of decoupage medium over it.
  5. Let dry. If you like you can add additional coats of Mod-Podge for added durability.
  6. Put felt, cork or foam pads on the bottom of the tile to protect your furniture.
  7. Enjoy knowing you have the coolest coasters on the block!

This project qualifies for the following challenges: Bunny Zoe’s & Creatilicious (vintage), Cards For Men (decoupage), Craft Your Passion (anything goes) and  Lil Red Wagon (altered item)

Now how about a freebie? Here is add-on to the Vintage Halloween Labels set, Spider Cider anyone?

Click the picture to download 🙂

Now let’s see what the LSS design team has for us today.

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Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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