Fun & Easy Snowman Craft {for Kids!}

Here is a cute craft you can make with your kids {or a classroom full of kids!} in little time and for little cash. Here is what you need to make snowman lollipop ornaments:


Flat Lollipops (I got a pack of 22 Christmas Pops at the Dollar Tree)

Markers (Red, Blue, Black)

Pink chalk (Or you can use cosmetic blush 🙂 )

Cotton Swabs (ya’ know, Q-Tips)

Glue (white school glue for kids, hot glue for grown-ups)

Cardstock (several sheets of white for the faces and a scrap of orange for the noses)

Ribbon or string

1 3/4″ Round Scallop Paper Punch (you can use a plain circle punch, circle cutter or just freehand circles and they will be just as cute!)

Optional: Googlie eyes or sequins



  1. Before you invite the kids to craft have everything prepared! Punch plenty of scalloped circles and place markers out where all the kids can reach. Have squeeze bottle of white glue out or little cups of glue with toothpicks in them for kids. Place a stick of pink chalk on a paper towel and have several Q-Tips on the towel next to it. Make sure to have a few examples of the finished craft for the kids to see. Precut the “noses” from orange and have them out as well as sequins or googlie eyes for the eyes. Remember APB when you craft with kids: Always Be Prepared!
  2. Take a q-tip and rub it on the chalk and make pink cheeks on the snowman face (scalloped circle).
  3. Draw or dot a smile on the face with black marker.
  4. Glue on a carrot nose and sequins/googlie eyes for the eyes. Anything else you want to add is up to you!
  5. Adults only!!! Place a small dab of  low temp hot glue (you must use low temp glue gun or you will melt the plastic wrapper on the lollipop) on the wrapped lollipop and secure both ends of a 6″ strand of ribbon in the glue and press a snowman face on top.

Well, that was easy! My kids made 44 of these yesterday and they had a blast! This is a nice craft fair item too because they make up quick and are cute hanging on the tree and you can sell them for a quarter so little kids can afford them 🙂  I hope you can use this idea whe you are crafting with your kids (or grandkids) this year! Til next time happy crafting!

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