I’m like a big furry alien…

…you’ll just have to watch the video to get that reference. Kidding aside, can you believe it is just 25 days until Christmas? There are so many things to do this month: Parties, concerts, plays, decorating, cooking, cleaning (no seriously, I do from time to time) and entertaining! Who has time to scrapbook? But what if you could put a book together cheaply, quickly and easily so you could just jot stuff in as it happens and enjoy the month guilt free? Well, my friend you can, and I’m gonna show you how!

That’s pretty chic huh? And it is made from coffee filters! I had hundreds of them left over when my coffee make broke and they do not fit my new machine. The fancy bakers twine, tags, rhinestones and other odds and ends are fromPapermart. Let me tell you folks, if they sell it they will have the best price, often times by as much as 50% so check them out if you are in need of some crafty goodness 😀

OK, folks, this is an easy project but the video is a bit long so grab your favorite beverage (Whatever you want, I don’t judge LOL), sit back and watch some scrapbook magic happen…no wait, can’t say that with a straight face…I mean, we are using coffee filters…maybe not magic per say but some darn nifty crafting!

So, are you ready to give crafting with coffee filters a try? Do you have a Bobby McFerrin song stuck in your head! well, welcome to my crazy world then!

Got questions? Leave a comment and I will get back to you. Have a wonderful weekend and til next time happy crafting!


Make it Mini!

Forging onward with my plan to finish my holiday crafting before Thanksgiving (yeah right, shopping maybe, but probably not the crafting) I made 3 little mini scrapbooks using my Made in Minutes Wee Album kit. And truly, I made them in minutes, as long as you don’t count the hours I spent designing the kit (I did the hard work so you don’t have to LOL!)

I actually filmed a video making the album, it was 11 minutes long so when I have it trimmed up to under 10 so it can go on YouTube (which is mighty hard to edit since I don’t stop talking the entire time) I’ll have in the site for you to see.

Here is a look at the Wee Album Kit:

BTW I spray mounted the sheet of covers to chipboard (I used the white cardboard from the back of a pad of scrapbook paper) for extra support before cutting out the minibook covers.

And here you can see everything you get in the kit:

The design in based on an old kirigami (origami and cutting) method and is really fun! You get 6 minibook pages when you print a template sheet once, but you can print off as many sheets as you like and connect the booklets end to end for a ton of pages!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Make a clear Mini Album!

Well, it’s about time I scrapped my Christmas photos! I have been hoarding plastic packaging for months thinking that I would make my own clear album but just as I was about to this cute tabbed 6″x6″ mini album arrived from Creative Cuts and More! I couldn’t pass up using this to make my Christmas mini book…I guess all my plastic packaging will just have to wait!

Nothing says Christmas like a dog in antlers! The title is done in Rub-ons from Tinkering Ink then I painted red watercolor over them to make them pop. The waxy rub-on resists the paint!

Nothing says Christmas like a dog in antlers! The title is done in Rub-ons from Tinkering Ink then I painted red watercolor over them to make them pop. The waxy rub-on resists the paint!

The book is made with 10 sheets of thick acetate (20 pages) and is a dream to work with, one thing to remember though, you need to remove the film from BOTH sides of the pages before to start to embellish it! I used paper by K&Co, stamps by Making Memories and Inkadinkado and of course my homemade “dew drops” and my homemade glue dots to hold the thing together! I put a tutorial on the Die Cut Diva blog, please visit it to read my tutorial and see the completed album:

Here is tutorial part 1.

Here is tutorial part 2.

Here is part 3 and the completed album.

I hope you like to book and take a few minutes to check out my tutorail. Thanks for stopping by and until next time happy crafting!

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