Gifts You Can Make for Many! Sweet Wreath Ornament Treats!

Hi friends! Over the next 2 weeks I will be sharing quick, easy and inexpensive cards and gifts that you can make for friends, coworkers or your kids classmates this holiday season. These small favors can show that you care without breaking the bank. They are also quick and easy projects you can batch up in an evening. These candy wreath ornaments are great for folks with a sweet tooth but feel free to use glitter, beads or sequins to make a permanent shaker card with this method. You can also adapt this idea to make a keepsake photo ornament by placing a photo behind the window and omitting the treat cup. This would be a lovely project to do with a classroom as parent or grandparent gifts. As always you are encouraged to share these projects with your community and teach others as I am teaching you. You can even pass this along to any teacher or scout leader you know.

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Intro: These beautiful gift ornaments hold sweet treats! They can also be used as gift toppers.


  1. Fold a piece of heavyweight cardstock in half the long way. Then take a 3 ½” circle die and cut circles allowing the edge of the die to hang over the fold so the circles stay hinged together. 
  2. Using a die the same size as your treat cup cut a window on one of the attached circles to make the from of the ornament.
  3. Stamp a greeting on the back (solid part)of the ornament and stamp a wreath around the hole in the front. Let ink dry and flip over the ornament.
  4. Attach a  loop of ribbon to the inside of the ornament using hot glue. Fill the treat cup with candy, remove adhesive liner and place in ornament hole. Add more hot glue the the ornament edges and press closed.

Let’s spread dome cheer friends! Happy crafting!

Build a Bauble Wreath {Christmas Ball/Ornament Wreath}

Hi friends! First off today I want to announce the winner of the stamps from last weeks ArtNeko giveaway! The wnner is: Ruby Guitard! Ruby, check your email to claim your prize! Now on to today’s project!


I have always wanted to make a Christmas Bauble Wreath and now I have satisfied that desire:) I think these wreaths turned out pretty cute but I have to say I had some struggles. Hopefully my tips and tricks will help your Christmas ornament wreath project go more smoothly than mine did!


First let me say that I recommend the Styrofoam (on left) wreath form and hot glue method if you only need a single sided wreath and you want to pick the way your baubles are arranged. I am not remotely “Type A” but I really liked being able to decide the layout of the ornaments. I think for anyone who is particular about that sort of thing would like this method. Watch the video to see how they are made and decide for yourself:)

Here is what I used for the Styrofoam wreath, cost $13:
10″ Styrofoam wreath form (Dollar Tree)
1 large drum of blue/silver large balls (Nicole-AC Moore)
2 sleeves of small and medium balls in red and silver (Dollar Tree)
Hot glue (lots)
Satin Ribbon for bow (optional)

For the wire form method:
1 large drum or ornaments (glue the caps on the ornaments before you begin!)
*You can also add smaller ornaments, you can either alternate them when you slide on the big ornaments or hot glue them on later (which I did to add stability to the wreath)
heavy duty wire, a wire wreath form or a coat hanger bent into a circle

*The advantage of the slide on wire form method is that you get a double sided wreath and theoretically it is quicker unless you have to chase all the ornaments that fell off the hangers and re glue them on. Just save yourself the trouble and glue them on first.

So, would you attempt this Christmas craft project? Let me know in the comments below and til next time happy crafting!


Stamp School: Poinsettia Christmas Card & Removable Ornament!

Hi friends! Today I have another early Christmas card you can add to your stash. But first I want to announce the winner of last weeks stamp giveaway from ArtNeko, the winner of the fall stamps is Cheryl Singer Check your email to claim your prize! Now on to today’s project!


This card has a removable ornament that can be cherished year after year. I think having a reusable ornament makes the card worth a little extra time. Remember to “assembly line” the card making process if you are making more than one because it drastically cuts down on time. Watch the video to see how it’s done!


Feel free to switch up the design with the supplies you already have on hand. If you don’t have a die cutter why not fold a 4″ circle of white cardstock and make the snowflake base old school? Don’t let your lack of resources limit your resourcefulness! If you were interested in the 20 free personalized greeting cards from our sponsor Printer Pix you can snag them here, they have fun photo gifts you can buy too but it is nice to try a service for free first I think. I hope you enjoyed today’s project and til next time happy crafting!

CRAFTmasWeek 2! Ornaments!

Hi friends! I’ve had a heck of a day, my live ornament painting broadcast had some technical difficulties so I recreated one of the ornaments into a nice edited video for you!


This video is a collaboration with Steve at Woodworking for Mere Mortals, he made a tutorial of 7 wooden ornaments! They are great for beginners too so please check them  out even if you are not a woodworker. You can see his tutorial here, don’t forget to tell him Lindsay sent you!

Here is my video! (the good one LOL!)

This video is also sponsored by Jerry’s Artarama
Supplies for this class:
Turner Acryl Gouache Set
Surface: Art Bites in 6″x6″ and 3″x3″
Xacto knife and snowflake stencil

And in case you want to see the live stream train wreak you can find it here. Otherwise, let’s not speak of it again LOL! Really though it was a rough day, my little Rosie chicken passed away this morning. She went quick, she seemed really happy and comfortable but she did not have the desire to eat or drink much. She just fell over and that was that. I am thankful that she was not suffering, we did our best. I’m ready to weekend, how about you? I hope you find some time to create and enjoy time with family! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Don’t mind the aqua snow & WINNERS announced!

Hi friends!  This lovely penguin was standing on lovely white snow until I added the glue and glitter LOL!


Ah well, at least I had fun making it! I used the paper mache ATC I punched with my Skilled Crafter Pro Hole Punch last week, hey, that reminds me, I need to announce 3 winners who will get an awesome 6-hole punch!

The winners are…

Linda Duensing

Barb Macaskill

Jennifer C

Congrats Ladies! Check your email because you will be receiving a note from Skilled Crafter (check your SPAM folder) they will ask you for your mailing address so you can get your prize! If you didn’t win the Pro Hole Punch is still on sale for $3 off if you want to get one!

If you were wondering what the cute stamps and dies I used on this ATC ornament you can order them from my friend Wendy over at Luvin Stampin! It’s up to you whether or not you have blue snow LOL! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!



DIY Paper Ball Ornaments!

Howdy folks! Why does it seem like time speeds up after Thanksgiving? Is it just me? I spent most of the day picking away at card elements for my mass produced handmade Christmas cards and I think I may have developed carpel tunnel syndrome from stamping and punching…stamper tunnel syndrome…huh, I think I just coined a new phrase LOL! Well, if you have to oomph to punch some papers into circles you can make these cute ornaments:

DCF 1.0

They would be cute on the tree or decorating a gift. Here’s how to make them. The paper is by Oriental Trading Company.

Edited to Add:

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One word of caution, don’t use the glue gun when you are sleepy. Friends don’t let friends glue tired. Wow, that didn’t even make sense, I am way to tired to be blogging tonight ha ha ha! Well, thanks for stopping by and til next time (when I am perkier) happy crafting!

Recycled Paper Bag Pins & Ornaments!

Happy Sunday folks! I have been in a creating frenzy since agreeing to have a table at the PTC craft fair. I wanted to make something that was cute and inexpensive for my table and came up with these:


I used supplies I had on hand, string, buttons and Paper Grocery Bags! Can you believe it! I made sure to have my groceries bagged in paper instead of my reusable bags (hmmm, Me thinks I will make some reusable bags for the craft fair too…) then I cut the bags open and painted the unprinted side with acrylic paint and let dry. I used 3 methods for cutting my bags:

  1. I used a sizzix die to make the hearts
  2. I used my Cricut and Doodlechams to make the trees
  3. I free-hand cut the mittens with scissors.

It does not matter how you cut the paper, just make sure you fold the paper so you cut two at once so you have 2 the same wrong sides in. In the case of the circut I simply flipped one of the trees on my Gypsy before cutting.

After the shapes are cut you need to find some stuffing, a bit of cotton ball will do, and place it on one of the cuts lying face down on the table. If you are making an ornament hot glue a ribbon to the top at this time. Then add a bead of glue to the perimeter of the other die cut and press it on the first die cut with the cotton ad ribbon sandwiched inside. Now scrounge around for bits and bobs to decorate with! If you are making a pin you can glue on a backing. I used hot glue but you can use tacky glue if you have an aversion to burns 😉

For the packaging I die cut a pretty frame and stamped ut with a SU! notably ornate stamp. If you want that die cut or to learn how to make your own custom die cut for stamps you have you can here.

Have fun making a practically free craft! When they ask you “paper or plastic?” at the store this week I know what you’ll say! Happy crafting!

Printable templates and a free SVG!

I have been crafting up a storm (and the disarray in the rest of the house shows it, I had to hunt through 3 baskets of clean laundry to find a pair of socks for my son to wear to school today!) Here is my latest project:


Pinwheel Template: Heather Bailey, Paper Pails Template download below, Paper: K&Co

Inque Boutique

I filled an old bottle with marbles to keep the pinwheel standing up. Stamp: Inque Boutique

Best part, it matches my ornaments from the other day!

Best part, it matches my ornaments from the other day!

The pinwheel was made using a template by Heather Baily, you can download it from her blog. I use a half sheet of double sided paper to make it. I took some shortcuts and improvised on mine a bit for example I did not use a ribbon wrapped dowel for the stick, instead I painted a chopstick green and wrapped a wire around it instead of drilling a hole through and I used hot glue to keep it together!

Cute felt pail from Target (dollar spot!)

Cute felt pail from Target (dollar spot!)

I bought this felt pail at Target last year and it is so cute! It is similar to the popular Baskets and Blooms die from Stampin up too. I made a print and cut template inspired by this bucket as well as an SVG version that you can cut with your cricut if you have SCAL software. Here are the ones I cut with my SVG file:  (The tag is not included in the SVG)

If you want to make the bucket out of felt you may want to cut off the fold over flap and butt the sided and bottom together ans whip-stitch it for a country look, if you plan on gluing it I suggest leaving the tabs on and using tacky glue. PS please do not attempt to cut the felt in your Cricut!

my little pretties on my mantle!

my little pretties on my mantle!

Tomorrow I’ll show you how to make quick and easy scrapbook calendard perefect for grandpapents gifts! Until then happy crafting!

Some ornaments, tags, a freebie and more!

Well, how’s that for an intro! We have all been very crafty at around here making lots of things too decorate with and give as gifts and I thought I’d share a few with you today:

K&Co "Swell Noel" pack

Paper: K&Co "Swell Noel" pack

This is fun to make! First cut out the star shape and score a line from star point to the opposite indent and score the tabs then fold the points out and the indents in. On the Cricut DS and the SVG version start by scoring a line from the star point to the next indent, that will leave you with a tab that you will fold back and glue to the back part of the star. You will need to cut two of these shapes. For cricut (baby bug) users just load your mat with a 6″x12″ sheet of paper, cut it, flip the mat around and cut again. For SCAL users import the svg file and size it than copy that and pates it to be sure both stars are the same size. Check out the referenced printable templates to see a folding guide. You can download a Cricut Design Studio version here using the basic “George” cart or download a svg template here that you can cut with you Cricut and SCAL software, you can snag a print and cut template here from and the toymaker has a nice one on her website that is one sided like the “barn stars” you see in craft stores, that would be especially lovely done on a 12″ sheet of Christmas scrapbook paper. You can refer to either of the websites to see how to score and fold the star. Also if you are hosting gathering with kids this Christmas be sure to print out some of her paper toys, her whimsical watercolor illustrations are breathtaking and their print and cut toys are fabulous!

Holiday ornaments by Lindsay Weirich 2008

Holiday ornaments by Lindsay Weirich 2008

In a hurry? This orniments only takes 8 punched circles!

In a hurry? This orniments only takes 8 punched circles!

I also made some paper ball ornaments, I saw one the Crystal Jeffery Rieger made in the Memory Makers newsletter and I had to give it a try…If I was bright I would have read her instructions BEFORE I attempted mine…There was a good deal of un-assembling and re-assembling this ball before it was done and a couple of hot glue burns too but it really was quite simple and I got to use up some scraps from the star ornament. You can get Crystal’s instructions here.

Use leftovers to make cute holiday gift tags! Hey, it beats cleaning!

Use leftovers to make cute holiday gift tags! Hey, it beats cleaning!

One more thing, before you chuck all of those bits and pieces leftover from your projects in the trash, make a few tags. These were made from leftovers and do you recognise the shimmery tags? They were the cardstock samples from my homemade glimmer spray tutorial.

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!

3-D Star template and SVG Freebie!

These are so fun to make. I cut a bunch out than assembled them while I watched Greys Anatomy last week. It’s nice to have an easy project while you are watching TV (I feel like less of a slug anyway!)

3-D star orniments by Lindsay Weirich 2008

3-D star orniments by Lindsay Weirich 2008

To make them cut out the template (see download links below) 5 or more times then fold as shown.

Fold each peice like this

Fold each peice like this

Glue the flaps behind the next piece of paper until you have attached them all then glue the last flap to the first piece. Circle-punch patterned paper (I used free vintage images from Vintage image craft) and hot glue them to the center of the ornament. The hot glue will make the star much more rigid and substantial feeling. Hot glue a ribbon for hanging.

Download the print and cut version here. It is sized for several sizes. You need 5 of one size to make a star.

Download the SVG Version here. You can use this file to make stars any size you want using your Cricut and Sure Cuts a lot software. After you re size the first template piece copy and paste it to make sure all are the same size. Be sure to download this as well as the scut file (Cricut users)

Download the SCUT version here. You need the SVG above downloaded to cut it in SCAL, This file will give you 7 pieces to make a 6″ star.

Use them as decoration or attach them to a gift, so elegant and easy too! Until next time happy crafting!


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