Nifty Gift Ideas!

Hi friends! The holiday’s will be here before you know it! I love the time spent with family and friends but I don’t like feeling stressed out or rushed so I decided to do some things today that will make the holidays easier. One of these things is pre making gift packaging.


I have also had a big mindset shift this year. I had minimized so much excess clutter from my life that I really want to be mindful of what I give to others this Christmas. That is what I am giving consumable gifts like wine, coffee, fine tea or gift cards because they are small and hopefully will bring joy to the recipient. I am also striving to make my packaging reusable. The wine tag I am sharing today can be easily used over and over again to give a bottle of wine or homemade vanilla extract or other bottled homemade gifts. I hope you find this tutorial useful. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, or you need a gift for another occasion, you can switch up the stamps and paper to a more appropriate gift topper.

Video! (If reading this in your email click here to see the video)

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IMG_20171102_160207 (1)

Follow the step by step directions in the video for complete instructions on how to make a wine bottle gift tag and gift bag toppers. Happy crafting!

Knitting Needle Set Giveaway & Free Adjustable Slipper Pattern!

Hi friends!  Today I am going to share an easy recipe for knitted slippers! This is a quick gift any knitter can whip up in time for Christmas AND a fun project for a new knitter to try! By the Way I have a 20% off coupon code: Q6B4EYWQ for the knitting needle set I used from Fabart (the coupon can be used on anything in the Fabart Amazon store too and they can ship in time for Christmas!)


Watch the video to see how and then check out the pattern and diagram at the end of this post for written instruction. Rather than just giving you a pattern I want to teach you how to make these slippers to fit your foot and how to alter the pattern for different yarn you may want to use.


Find the set of interchangeable knitting needles I used from our sponsor FABART and save 20% with coupon code: Q6B4EYWQ


  • Size 9 knitting needles
  • Super bulky yarn (look for a 6 on the label)
  • Contrasting ribbon or yarn to use as stitch markers
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle

Stitches you need to know:
Knit stitch
Purl Stitch
Knit 2 together
*All of these stitches are demonstrated in the video, checkout this video if you need more instruction.

Directions: Use this for a ladies slipper size 6-10 or narrow men’s slipper. Alteration tips below.
1. Cast on 22 stitches.
2.Row 1: Knit7 (place stitch marker) Purl 1, Knit 6 (place stitch marker) Purl 1, Knit 7
3. Row 2: Knit
*Repeat these 2 rows until you have a rectangle of fabric that is as long as the distance from your heel to the widest part of your foot (where the toe knuckles are) I knit this part 8 1/2″ to fit a size 8-9 ladies shoe size.
4. Decreasing for the toe:
Knit 1, Knit 2 together (repeat across row.)
Next row: Knit. Repeat these 2 rows.
5. Knit across as many rows as you need until you have 1/4″ of toe left to cover.
6. Repeat step 4.
7. Cut yarn leaving a 18″ tail, thread yarn into a yarn needle and draw yarn through stitches on the needle. Slide the stitches off the needle and pull tight to close the toe. Fold slipper fabric in half and sew up the toe. Fasten off and weave in ends.
8. Use the tail from the cast on end to sew up the heel, fasten off and weave in ends.

To make a wider slipper add a stitch or two in each knit column. So instead of casting on 22 stitches (k7, p1, k6, p1, k7) you might cast on 25 stitches and k8, p1, k7, p1, k8. Just add stitches evenly and follow the knitting instructions for the rest of the slipper.

To make smaller slippers you can decrease stitches from each column. Alternately you could use thinner yarn and smaller knitting needles so a smaller slipper would not be as bulky. I suggest making notes as you knit the first slipper so you can easily make the second one match. Here is a diagram of how the slipper is constructed and where you can alter the design to change the size.



Giveaway Time!!!

I have an amazing giveaway for you this week from our sponsor Fabart AND a coupon code: Q6B4EYWQ to save 20% ANYTHING in their shop from brushes to knitting needles if you want to buy a set for someone on your Christmas list! Fabart is selling this set of needles for $40 (only $32 with coupon and if you are an amazon Prime member you can get free 2 day shipping so you will have them in time for Christmas!) I have seen sets of aluminum knitting needles from other companies starting at $65 and up! I have used many brands of aluminum knitting needles and these are just as good at a much lower price and the handsome faux leather case makes it an amazing gift for any knitter. Circular needles can be use the same way as straight needles or you can knit in the round with them to make seamless hats and sweaters. They are also wonderful for teaching kids to knit as they fit smaller hands better. You can connect the cords to make larger items like blankets and keep the weight off the needles. You can even use the cords and stoppers that come in the kit as stitch holders. When you get this set of interchangeable knitting needles you are essentially getting nine pairs of straight needles size 4-11, nine pairs of 15″, 25″ and 30″ circular needles. And you can connect three of the cords to make large seamless blankets and throws. It can get expensive when you first get started knitting but this set will see you through most of the patterns you will come across. Leave a comment and let me know if you would rather win the knitting needle set or another product from the Fabart shop (and tell me your pick) and I will draw a winner in one week! Good luck and til next time happy crafting!

CRAFTmas! Dollar Tree Duct Tape Car Trash Can!

Hi friends! It is time again for CRAFTmas! This week I am teaming up with Sarah from So Craftastic to make a duct tape craft. Make sure you check out Sarah’s channel, her crafts are so cute and great for kids to try. I let my kids make anything they learn from SoCraftastic it’s no wonder she has over a million subscribers, she is that good;) Here is my craft:


This was also a viewer request, thanks Charlene M. for the idea! I also got to use the pretty Christmas duct tape I bought at the Dollar Tree last month. I was really happy with how nice the tape was, it stuck well, was thick and easy to work with. The only downside is that it does not tear well, I usually like to cut my tape but I tried to tear off a piece the other day and it wanted to stretch rather than rip. I just wanted to let you know in case you are a tear-er. 😀

Watch the video to see how to make this portable trash can, it is great for the car, sewing or scrapping table or anyplace you find trash and wrappers piling up.

I also wanted to tell you that there are now holographic metallic duct tapes at the dollar tree, I snagged some rolls tonight while I was out shopping as well as 10 yard solid rolls of black and white. You can’t beat the price if you like duct tape crafts.

Duct Tape (Dollar Tree)
Tarp (Dollar Tree)
Ribbon & glue (optional)
X-acto knife & scissors

If you missed any of the past Craft-mas videos you can see them here. Don’t forget to check out SoCraftastc’s Duct Tape Centerpiece too! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Wanna Win Some Templates from GreenSneakers?

Hi Friends! Today I want to show you a fun papercraft project and give you the chance to win some of the templates I used OR you can pick different ones!


My Friends at GreenSneakers are letting you pick your prize! All you have to do is visit and find 2 templates you would like to win, then come back here and tell me what you would like to win by leaving a comment. How cool is that? Maybe you would like to win a Kreate-a-Lope envelope maker, A2 slider card, or the baker’s box templates I used in today’s tutorial. It is up to you! I will draw a winner at random next Wednesday the 26th. If you feel like shopping you can get 20% off your order with the coupon code Lind20 and don’t worry if you shop and then win, they will let you pick a different prize, that way everyone can take advantage of the sale and the contest! Happy shopping and picking! Now watch the video to see what you can make with some of their awesome templates!

I’m sure you can think of a lot of ways to use these templates! I hope you didn’t freak out too badly when you saw what I did to my stamp but hey, sometimes you have to take drastic measures for your art! I want to thank GreenSneakers for partnering with me to bring you this fun giveaway. I hope it gets your creative juices flowing and maybe inspires you to make a batch of Christmas cards or note card sets for Christmas gifts or craft fair items. The coupon code Lind20 is good though 11/30/14 so don’t delay, they only run this sale once a year! Thanks so much for playing and til next time happy crafting!


Contest and Coupon Details: Contest is open to US residents only. Winner will be selected at random 11/26/14. No purchase necessary. Coupon code Lind20 good through 11/30/14 and 20% off sale is available worldwide. You must log in at to see the discount in your shopping cart, don’t worry, it’s easy. Good luck to all who play!



Easy & Quick Gift Card Wrap!

T’was the weekend before Christmas and all though the house, every last minute shopper was feeling like a louse…. Never fear, Lindsay to the rescue! Head down to the corner store and grab a gift card, convenience stores now sell gift cards to almost everywhere from toy stores to department store or you can even buy a gas card, who wouldn’t want that? If you have not found and made the perfect gift by now buy a gift card, that way you won’t end up settling for a sub-par gift that will just collect dust.  Plus, look at the upside, you can get a gift card for a friend to their favorite shop or restaurant, they might not often treat themselves to a meal or purchase there otherwise so that is a great idea (especially if they are broke after the holiday) your practical  family member might like the gas card or grocery store card, you can’t go wrong, everyone has to eat! So now that you have decided to let go of the gift card guilt here is a quick and easy way to wrap them AND you get to make a bit of their gift too! The supplies I used are from Papermart.

Hey, and if you have no time to get to the store you can just put a bit of cash in the envelope, no one will mind:)


6″ round paper doilies

Baker’s Twine

Hook and Loop tape (only $2.39 for 10 yards!, not Velcro brand though)

Other: scrapbook paper, glue stick, hot glue, hole punch, scissors, circle cutter (optional)

If you are looking for more last minute Christmas gift ideas be sure to check out my YouTube Channel! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Ready, get set…Christmas crafts!

OK before you through rotten tomatoes at me it is NOT to early to start getting ready for Christmas. Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to have all of your shopping done by Thanksgiving so you could actually relax and enjoy the Christmas season? That is my goal anyway. In addition to the store-bought gifts I buy I like to make gifts too (no plastic canvas toilet paper cozies either) I’m talking about stuff that people will actually want and use. Check out the easy and pretty calendar I made with the new Homemade Holidays paper pack from Lindsay’s stamp Stuff:

I made 4 of these in the course of an hour assembly line style, the more you make at once the more time you will save. As I was making these I realized that they would make awesome gifts for teachers, coaches and scout leaders as well as the family members I made these for (No one I know in real life reads my blog so I am safe LOL!)

I used 6″x12″ wooden frames meant to hold panoramic photos for my calendars. I bought a ton of these about 10 years ago with grand plans that never happened so this year I am using them up. You can use whatever size frame you want or have. Look around your attic or cellar, a quick coat of paint will make an old frame new! If you don’t have any frames check the dollar store, you can buy small wood frames there, these can be any size you want. If your frame has glass just place it behind the calendar papers so at the end of the year the recipient can use the frame for something else.


Frame, Tear-Off Monthly Calendar (Mine is from, Cardstock, Pattern Paper (I used the Homemade Holidays Paper pack from Lindsay’s Stamp stuff), glue (either hot glue or tacky glue), double-sided tape, embellishments: felt stickers {from the dollar bins at JoAnns}, photo corners, buttons & bakers twine, Optional: Sewing Machine

Gather your supplies, I printed out full sheets of Homemade Holidays paper, to do this just choose the borderless photo setting on your printer, letter size paper and scaling to 100%. Tip: To save money on printing ink try off-brand ink cartridges, I get a set of 6 carts for my HP Photosmart printer (HP02) for $10 through and they work just as well as the HP brand ones that are $12 each! Also take your empty ink carts to Staples because you will get $2  for everyone you recycle! It is like free ink!

Since I am using a 6"x12" frame I trimmed my cardstock to 6"x12" and my pattern paper to 5"x11", I used scraps to make the mat for the calendar. Paper punches can dress up corners and edges at no cost if you already have some (although I broke my Fiskars border punch during this project!)

Trim cardstock to fit the inside of your frame. Trim your pattern paper 1″ smaller and adhere it to the center of the cardstock. Use a sewing machine and cream thread to stitch around the edges. Make sure you do not put adhesive near the edge or it will gum up your needle. Adhere your photo over the pattern paper then cut pattern paper to mat your calender and adhere both of them down with double-sided tape. Glue on your embellishments. Place your creation in the frame and you are done! Easy peasy!

Small details really make a big impact: Machine stitching, threading twine through buttons and inking the edges of mats add homespun charm to any project.

This project qualifies for the following challenges:BabyBud (Scallops, buttons, bling), Bee Crafty, OSAAT, Marks Finest Papers, Stamp and Create, TopTipTuesday & Critter Challenge (Christmas), Craft Your Passion, Incy Wincy (anything goes), Craft’s & Me (make a Christmas Gift), Crafty Cardmakers & The Crafty Pad, Stempel Magie (stitching), Creative Card Crew (Punches), gingerloft, SSDS, Humble Pie (buttons), Inspired Crafters & Mami doodles (anything but a card) and Digital Tuesday (use a frame)

Lets take a look at the new Homemade Holidays paper pack from Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff:

If you hate to print in color I have created a Bold Black &White paper pack too and I have a new set of clip art with SVG cutting files called Up, Up & Away in the shop this week too!

And now the moment you have been waiting for….the freebie! A fun pack of 9 papers with an 1980s flair!

click the image to download, enjoy! Thanks to Inferlogic for use of the zebra pattern.

Now let’s see what the rest of the LSS design team is up to this week:

Cheryl Gorka DT Coordinator

Shannon Neparko

Margie Visnick

Tracey Allen

Leanne Garner

Tamara Bennett

Cindi Hooks

Micki Harper

Karin Martin

Jennifer Bliss

Rhonda Walker

Diane Bove

Laurel Seabrook

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Printable templates and a free SVG!

I have been crafting up a storm (and the disarray in the rest of the house shows it, I had to hunt through 3 baskets of clean laundry to find a pair of socks for my son to wear to school today!) Here is my latest project:

Pinwheel Template: Heather Bailey, Paper Pails Template download below, Paper: K&Co
Inque Boutique
I filled an old bottle with marbles to keep the pinwheel standing up. Stamp: Inque Boutique
Best part, it matches my ornaments from the other day!
Best part, it matches my ornaments from the other day!

The pinwheel was made using a template by Heather Baily, you can download it from her blog. I use a half sheet of double sided paper to make it. I took some shortcuts and improvised on mine a bit for example I did not use a ribbon wrapped dowel for the stick, instead I painted a chopstick green and wrapped a wire around it instead of drilling a hole through and I used hot glue to keep it together!

Cute felt pail from Target (dollar spot!)
Cute felt pail from Target (dollar spot!)

I bought this felt pail at Target last year and it is so cute! It is similar to the popular Baskets and Blooms die from Stampin up too. I made a print and cut template inspired by this bucket as well as an SVG version that you can cut with your cricut if you have SCAL software. Here are the ones I cut with my SVG file:  (The tag is not included in the SVG)

If you want to make the bucket out of felt you may want to cut off the fold over flap and butt the sided and bottom together ans whip-stitch it for a country look, if you plan on gluing it I suggest leaving the tabs on and using tacky glue. PS please do not attempt to cut the felt in your Cricut!

my little pretties on my mantle!
my little pretties on my mantle!

Tomorrow I’ll show you how to make quick and easy scrapbook calendard perefect for grandpapents gifts! Until then happy crafting!

X-Mas tussie treat cone & a Cricut DS and SCAL/SVG Freebie!

Hi Folks! I was thinking about what to give the kids teachers this year for Christmas and I came up with this:


It is a treat cone or “tussie” and it is super quick and easy to make! I made a scallop cone cut file to use with Cricut Design Studio and the George cart here, and an SVG version to use with your Cricut and Sure Cuts a lot software. The SVG version has other goodies with it too including a scallop trim and ribbon sliders!

* On the Cricut DS version you will need to make a cut on each end of the cone to release it from the mat. I usually put a 6″x12″ paper on the mat and cut it then send the mat back through other end first and cut it again so I get two cones from one sheet.

If you want to make the tussie “old school” its easy (and it is how i did the inner cine liner) just take a compass and set it at 6″ and put the metal point on the corner of a 12″ sheet of pattern paper and draw an arc. You can do this at each corner to make 4 cones and have paper left over in the middle to punch tags or whatever. Cut along the line with strait or deco scissors. Then roll up the cone and glue! I punched and glittered the edge but that is up to you, make them simple or elaborate just jon’t forget to fill them with goodies before you give them away! until next time happy Crafting!