Chalks are Cheap! Chalks are Versatile! Yay for Chalk!

Hi friends! In today’s stamp school tutorial I am going to share some ways to use chalk on your cards!


You can use chalk pastels, decorator chalk (the chalk in little cakes like I am using today) or even eyeshadow! Watch the video to see how!

The stamp I am using is from our sponsor Art Neko, mention “thefrugalcrafter” to get 10% off your order or free shipping on orders over $50, whichever is greater.


  • Stamps (Art Neko) Eiffel Tower Grunge single stamp or available in the Springtime in Paris set
  • White cardstock
  • Chalk (pastels, decorator chalk or powder eyeshadow will all work)
  • Cotton swabs or pom-poms (for applicators)
  • Paper towel or tissue
  • Ribbon
  • Adhesive
  • Script embossing folder (Sizzix)

1. Cut standard cardstock to 5 1/2″x8 1/2″ and fold 2 1/8″ from each side to create a gate-fold card.
2. Emboss two 2″x5 1/4″ panels of white cardstock using an embossing folder. Rub chalk on the embossed panels to color. adhere panels to gate-fold flaps.
3. Stamp the Paris collage stamp on the remaining cardstock with clear ink and dab with chalk, then rub over with a paper towel to lock in the color. Trim or die cut the panel as desired.
4. Wrap ribbon around the closed gate-fold card and tie in a bow.
5. Adhere stamped panel to one side of the gate-fold only so it will open.

Lastly tonight I wanted to send out love and good wishes to my friends Audrey and Moya who just got married on Saturday. I was honored to attend their wedding and I wish them all the best! That’s what the card was white and romantic like LOL:) Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


Pastel Lessons Coming Soon!

Hi friends! I am excited to announce that I will be starting a pastel series here for FREE next month. To kick it off here is a video explaining the types of pastels and what they are used for so you can plan any purchases accordingly.


Soft pastels come indifferent firmness. The harder pastels should go on the first layers or a painting and work with softer ones as you build up layers.

  • Hard/Firm pastels: NuPastel, Conte Crayon, Prang Pastello, Carvin
  • Medium/regular pastels: These are softer than the hard pastels and good for most applications. Many name brand pastels fall in this category.
  • Softest soft pastels: These are the top layer pastels best for finishing layers on pastels. Schminke and PanPastel are examples of this.

OIL Pastels:

  • Traditional oil pastels are soft and creamy and can be blended with your fingers or paint thinner. These are water-resistant. These make a great under painting or sketching medium for oil paintings as well.
  • Water-soluble pastels (like Crayola Portfolio or Prima) can be blended with your fingers or water.


  • You want a paper with some texture or “tooth” to it so it can hold the layers of pastels, I like Canson Mi Tintes or Strathmore art paper. You can even use watercolor paper but pastel paper it typically less expensive. BUT, do not let a lack of supplies stop you, you can use a brown paper grocery bag and still learn and enjoy the process:) Basically any rough paper will work fine:)

I will be using different pastels throughout this series so you can get a good idea of what is best for you. I suggest you use what you have or start off with one of the student grade supplies I mentioned so you can see if you like the medium before spending a ton of money on supplies, for instance it is better to realize that you can’t stand the feeling of chalk on your fingers after spending $15 on a set of pastels rather than realizing it after dropping $150 on artist pastels. You would be better investing in PanPastels in that case but you don’t know until you try:)


I plan on kicking off the pastel series in a little over a week. I will be traveling this week to film a class in Denver (wish me luck) and I plan to blog from the road if I can manage it on my phone. You can follow me on Instagram if you want some behind the scenes sneak peeks too. I am trying to think of something small and artsy I can bring to do on the plane so if you have any ideas leave them in the comments. I have not flown in 15 years so I am a bit nervous. Have a happy Easter and til next time happy crafting!


By Request: Waterlilies!

Hello friends! Today I have a quick and easy tutorial for you on painting waterlilies with cheap soft pastels.

For those of you who watched to the end, do not worry, the injury mentioned was only a skinned knee;) The pastels I used were Marie’s brand and cost $10 at Jerry’s Artarama BUT the name on the package has changed to Charvin and the price is still on sale for $10. You can find the pastels here. I am not affiliated with Jerry’s but I do order from them from time to time. I have also tried these with water and they are nice that way too. They are like a richly pigmented chalk and the package says that they are highly light-fast. Not bad for $10! I like to find cheaper alternatives that work as well as the pricey counterparts. I hope you enjoyed this easy pastel tutorial, and til next time happy crafting!

Tutorial: Using Chalk Pastels to Stamp!

Howdy folks! My crafty mojo made an appearance today while I was playing with my chalk pastels.

DCF 1.0

It got me to thinking, chalk ink is expensive but you can get  set of student grade chalk (aka soft) pastels at the craft store for cheap (48 for $10) so I used said cheap pastels to stamp with, have a look:

Extra bonus, this is a technique that I would use the expensive inktense blocks with and the pastels work just as well and they are more in the price range of average crafters. What’s more most of us have some type of pastel or decorator chalk in our stash from 10 years ago when it was all the rage (yes, if you can pop those suckers out of the palette they came in you can use them!)

DCF 1.0

I love that you can stamp on dark-colored cardstock with these too! Is there no end to the fun we can have with these inexpensive goodies? Now, I got a lot of questions on YouTube about whether the stamped image needs to be sealed. Well, before I took the photos I rubbed may hand over the images, no smudging at all. Another reason I would not seal them is that it might darken the color or make them disappear on dark cardstock, also sometimes fixatives will make paper brittle over time (especially if you are a cheap skate like me and use Aqua-Net as a sealer LOL!)

DCF 1.0

So there you have it! Another use for an old product you probably already have, if not you can obtain them cheaply. I spied many sets that looked pretty good for under $10 at my local ACmoore. Look for rich, vivid colors and you can’t go wrong. In case you are wondering if you should spend big bucks on artist grade pastels ask yourself this: Are you going to paint a picture with them? Do you have children who will share them with you? Do you have proper ventilation? I love artist grade pastels and I paint with them. The colors will last longer because they contain pigments, some of which are toxic such as cobalt, cadmium, and other baddies and you shouldn’t breathe the dust. You don’t have to worry so much about student grade products because they are non-toxic, I don’t recommended breathing the dust on purpose or anything but they are a lot safer and the results will still be lovely. Chances are if you are using them in a scrapbook, journal or card they will not be hanging in direct sunlight for an extended period of time either, the cheap stuff is fine for this, BTW all of the chalk in the scrapbook “archival” aisle is the cheap stuff with a bigger price tag. You’re welcome.  I hope this project unleashed some creativity in you today, feel free to share what you have created by leaving a link in the comments, I’d love to see! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

The Softer Side of Stamping…

 Boy, after weeks of rain we are being spoiled by wonderful warm sunny weather. That means more time outside and less time in my dungeon of a basement craftroom. Still, I need my daily crafting fix so I took a few minutes…7 to be exact and made this card and video so you can see how easy it is to squeeze a few minutes of stamping time in daily during the busy summer months.

Stamps: Large Butterfly, swirls (Tattered Angels), Text background (Stampfrancisco), Frame, sentiment, small butterfly (Papertrey ink)

 This card only uses a few supplies, a half a sheet of cardstock, chalk pastels (AKA decorators chalk) and a couple of colors of ink, some stamps and a clear embossing ink pad or glycerin. See how easy it is to use clear ink and chalk to make the above card:

This card qualifies for the following challenges:  Cheerful Stamp Pad , DDH Challenges, Cards For Men, Incy Wincy Designs, KB Cute Monday , Make it Monday, Stamp with Fun, Stamps & Fun = Creativity, The Outlawz , Dream Valley Challenges, Allsorts, 2 Sisters, Inspire Me Fridays, and Flutterby Wednesdays

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Mmmm, vintagy goodness!

I love anything vintage! That is what inspired one of my newest cards, I used my new Sew Pretty Digital stamp set and until midnight you can get it for 25% off as well as all of my sets at The Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff shop at MyGrafico!

Digital Stamps: Lindsay's stamp Stuff, Rubber stamps: SU! (sentiment) Inque boutique/Darice (pattern background)

To make the card I took a 5″x7″ cream card base and covered it with a glue stick and I layered bits of paper in a crazy quilt fashion then I drew stitched around the pieces. To make the sewing supplies image I used the spool, tape and thimble PNG stamps from the sew pretty set and overlapped them in my image software and erased the parts I didn’t want. easy peasy! I colored them with my Copics then O used a pon-pom to apply tan chalk to the background then I too a dress pattern rubber stamp and inked it with clear ink and stamped over the whole image. After that I took a pon-pom with brown chalk and rubbed the chalk over the background areas only to make the dress pattern appear, cool huh! I love to print my stamps on Neenah cardstock (thanks Micki!) but I hat that what background staring at me so this solves that problem while letting me have the rich bright marker colors that are achieved by coloring on white!

Here is a look at the set I used, remember the 25% off sale is only until Midnight tonight!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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