How To Make Burlap Flower Brooches and Barrettes!

This project is so easy you will want to make some for yourself and your friends. It only takes minutes to make these flowers.  You will need Burlap Ribbon, Felt, Hot Glue and a Button, Bottle Cap or other embellishment for the center and any other pretties you would like to add (I used skeleton leaves and glitter!) Watch the video to see how:

If you want to see how I fixed my hair today I have a quick tutorial here. Be sure to visit Papermart to see the lovely burlap ribbons and other goodies they offer. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


Kid’s Craft: Clay Shamrocks!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! I just wanted to pop in with a quick craft that you can make with your kids today: Polymer clay shamrock pins!

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I taught this to the children in my library craft class last week and they all turned out great. Here are the supplies you need:

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Here’s how to make these. Condition 1-2 oz of clay (depending how big you want your shamrock.) Divide the clay into 8 equal sized balls. Take 2 balls and gently press them together then pinch them together on the bottom to make  heart and pinch the bumps at the top of the heat flat to make a leaf. Make 3 more leaves. Stick the leaves together by the points. You may want to make a small disk of clay to attach them to. Try to keep the pin about 1/4″ thick throughout. Dust the shamrock with gold eye-shadow or pearl ex. Add details to the brooch with a toothpick if desired  Bake per clay package instructions, cool,  and glue a pin finding on the back.

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Note: I recommend Tacky Glue for gluing the pin on but it takes hours to fully cure (it will turn clear as in the photo when cured) but if you want to wear it today just use hot glue for now and re glue with tacky glue later if needed 😛

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and as always Happy crafting!

Fun with {old} Friendly Plastic!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We had a sweet morning before work and school exchanging valentines goodies and cards:) The kids are looking forward to the valentine party at school and as a classroom treat we cut hearts out of watermelon (cut the rind off a watermelon and slice it 3/4″ thick and use a cookie cutter to cut hearts or other shapes) and made a fruit plate that I will bring to school in a bit. Here is the valentine card I made my husband. Stamps are by About Art Accents.

DCF 1.0

I used Friendly Plastic to make the charm  I was given a bunch of old friendly plastic sticks last year. Friendly plastic has a shelf life, after a couple of years it becomes brittle and snappy, not bendy and pliant, so you can’t use it for all techniques. Luckily I discovered ways to use the old stuff so if you have some friendly plastic from long ago or if you bought some recently and discovered that it breaks rather than bends here are some techniques you can try. Get a cuppa coffee folks, this is a long, but hopefully entertaining and informative video. You can do any of these techniques with new Friendly Plastic as well!

And, yes, I found something else to use my coffee cup warmer for! Yay, it earns a place on my worktable:) So to recap the following techniques will work with old FP: Marbleizing, inlay or crazy quilt technique, ooze technique (pressing metal mesh or wire into the melted plastic so it oozes up around it) and breaking up and melting in molds.

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Tips: Snap off bit of plastic (like I did in the video.) Cutting the old stuff with scissors will make it shatter (the new stuff should cut just fine.) If you are buying new Friendly plastic, check it in the store to make sure it bends, if it snaps it is old.  Don’t buy more than you can use up in a year, short shelf life, remember.

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A word of caution: The charms made with old friendly plastic should probably be used for card or scrapbook embellishments as they are not the most rugged unless you use several layers and re-enforce with wire or if the pieces are small (earring size.)  I tried snapping some of the larger pieces and they did snap with a bit of pressure so not ideal for long lasting jewelry. I have not used new FP so I am not sure how jewelry would last after it was a few years old, weather it would become brittle with age. There are a ton of fun tutorials on the Friendly Plastic blog to give you an idea of what artists are doing with the new pliant sticks. I highly recommend you have a look and if you have any question on the new Friendly Plastic they would be the ones to ask and they have beginner kits at a reasonable price.

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That’s all for today! I hope if you have some old sticks of Friendly Plastic around you will give this a try rather than becoming frustrated and throwing them away, til next time happy crafting!

Chip Art on the Cheap!

A few months ago I saw some little metal stamps advertised in the Oriental Trading scrapbook catalog designed to use on chipboard so you have a debossed letter or design. Cool huh? Well, I thought it was neat until I saw the price, $50 an alphabet set!  Then I remembered that I have a leather stamping alphabet set that I bought for $12 at the craft store a few years ago. I decided to see if that would work. While I was experimenting my daughter came along and asked if she could try. She made this brooch for her sister:


Here is what you need: A hammer or mallet, chipboard, a spray bottle of ink or water, a metal stamp set such as the leather stamping set and a hard surface like a cutting board. Optional: Metallic rub ons or chalk.


Step 1: Spray the chipboard with water or ink and let it sink in a minute.

Step 2: Insert the metal stamp into the handle and situate it on the inked chipboard. Tap the end of the tool with he hammer 5 or 6 times. Repeat for each letter. Be sure to protect your work surface with a cutting board!

Step 3: Rub the metallic rub-on paste (or chalk) over the letters to highlight.

Step 4: Embellish as desired.


My other daughter loved receiving the brooch and wore it that night! Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not putting down the Chip Art Stamps by GSD studios, they have some really neat designs but if all you want are the basic letters you might have luck in the leather supply section at the craft store! Thanks for stopping by and till next time happy crafting!



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