The Most Addictive Craft in the World!

Hello friends! We have another whopper of a storm headed out way, 6-10 inches of snow so I am going to schedule a few posts in case we are without power again. At least I have plenty of crafts to keep me busy! The kids all got Rainbow Looms for Christmas and they have been making bracelets like crazy! It is so fun! I can’t seem to pass by a loom sitting on the table without making a few myself, in fact I think I may have developed a bit of carpel tunnel making these darn things LOL! Anyway, here is a brief overview of the basics of these looms and bands:

I have a couple more videos on different things you can make with the stretch bands on my YouTube channel if you want to see more! I think I need to step away from the looms and go find the snow shovel. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

A Fabulous Girls Weekend {and yes, more beads…}

Happy Weekend Folks! I, like many of you went to see Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2 last night! Yes, I know I am about a decade too old (OK maybe 2) to be entertained by this but oh, it was fun! We had about 15 middle-aged moms  joining us and we had a ball, plus the benefit of being 36 is that you can hit a bar afterward (neener-neener teenagers LOL!) We are a bunch of wild and crazy gals…now how many “points” was that mai-tai and basket of fries?…Wild I tell you.

Other than that I was quite virtuous, I used up all of the orange bead soup I bought the other day and most of the red…

But on the downside I ran out of silver earhooks, gold head pins and toggle clasps. Well, the email from Joanns rife  with coupons couldn’t have come at a better time. 20% off everything…hmmmm… A peeve though, you cannot use the Merry Moolah coupons with the 20% off, geesh…

So if you know me in “real life” you know that I hate shopping (excepting the crafty stash enriching expeditions) and in particular I dislike shopping with children. You might wonder how then I ended up at Jo-Anns on a Saturday afternoon (busiest shopping day of the week I reckon) with two 8-year-old girls. I’ll tell you.  The Weirich men were off on a Cub Scout outing so we ladies had the day to ourselves. After a brisk bit of cleaning I took them roller skating, then to the big indoor bounce house place. They skated and bounced all day. Since they were in good moods and a bit tired I told them if they could behave while I picked up a couple…cough…, yes, let’s say a few..things at Joanns I would treat them to Chinese food. In the store they were wonderful, they perused the beads exclaiming “Look Maizy, these are fabulous!” and “See how beautiful these are Lila!” Old ladies smiled at me as they look adoringly at my precious angles. This usually is not how our shopping trips go…then again there is usually a 10-year-old boy in the mix. We waited in a  line that I swear to God wrapped around the store 3 times and I let my patient girls each choose two $1 crafts to buy and they were as pleased as punch. Me too!

Now the kids are in bed and I am off to make more jewelry, I have all my new loot spread across the coffee table and The first 5 episodes of Elementary ready to watch (I am in such Sherlock withdrawal hope this series is not disappointing, the BBC raised the bar pretty high though.) Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!