Brush Style Painting Techniques with Genuine Crafts Watercolor Brush Pens & Giveaway!

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Hi friends! Today I have a fun technique that will give you a bit more use from your watercolor brush pens. I’ll even be giving some brush pens away! For a chance to win a set of watercolor brush pens just leave a comment on this post and I will draw 5 lucky winners for a set of 20 Genuine Crafts watercolor brush pens. Winners will be notified via email one week after the publication of this blog post.



Watch the video to see some fun ways to use watercolor pens!

This tutorial is sponsored by Genuine Crafts! Save 20% with a coupon code you can get on their website.


  • Genuine Crafts Watercolor brush markers
  • Watercolor paper (trim to 5″ circle and 4.5″x6″ for a postcard size panel)
  • Waterbrsuh (or #6 round brush and a cup of water)
  • Non-porous mat, plate or piece of plastic to use as a palette(you can use the packaging your markers come in for this)
    Your choice of rubber stamps (I use stamps from Local King Rubber Stamps)

Below are some of the practice sketches I did with the pens.


I had so much fun playing with the technique to create other motifs. You can find a lot of inspiration online and the library by searching for Chinese brush style paintings.


Use the many tips and tricks form the video to create hundreds of more projects of your choosing! And remember to have fun and til next time happy crafting!


Gifts Guide for Artists on ALL budgets!

Hi friends! Last night I posted a 5 for under $25 gift guide for artists and the response was great! People wanted more ideas for different budgets though so below the video I will give you more great gift ideas that can be ordered and arrive in time for Christmas! But first here is my 5 for under $25 gift ideas for artists!

Here are some more ideas no matter what your budget is! Affiliate links are used (if available) in this gift guide. Prices were checked and reported on 12/12/18, I have no control over the linked websites pricing but as of my writing these items are in the stated budgets.

Under $10 gifts:

  • Waffle Flower watercolor swatch card stamp $4: Any artist or crafter would love this to swatch out their paints, markers or colored pencils. Add a waterproof Archival ink pad for $4.27 and to keep it under $10 this clear acrylic $1 picture frame will work in place of a clear acrylic block for stamping.
  • Small Koi Waterbrush $5.40, the brushes are lovely and the come in various sizes and lengths.
  • Set of 4 Pitt Artist’s Pens for $8.13: These waterproof black pens are ideal for sketching (you can watercolor over the dry ink), art journaling or scrapbooking. Even if someone has these they will want more:)
  • Any of the Keep & Carry Art Sets from Royal & Langnickel $4.21 Each keep and carry art kit comes in a sturdy nylon zipper bag and a starter amount of supplies. I have personally tried all of them and can recommend the Pastel (both oil and soft) watercolor and sketching very highly for beginners. The acrylic set is OK for kids but you might want to buy and extra tube of white. I am not a big fan of the colored pencil kit due to the limited color range but for under $5 they are good and the case can be reused to store other supplies when they are used up.

Under $25 gifts: (from the video)


Under $50 Gifts:

  • Waffle Flower Swatch Stamping kit $46: This kit contains the large swatch chart that I use in my watercolor reviews as well as the single swatch, an inkpad and stamp mount so this is good for artists who do not already have stamp supplies. If you just want the stamps or dies you can see them all here.
  • The Portable Painter Palette $27.80: This is my favorite travel palette because it comes with 2 waterbuckets that clip to the ends of the small travel palette. The waterbuckets slide over the palette for compact storage and it even comes with 2 travel brushes! You will need to add your own paint and you can get this intro set of 6 QoR watercolors for $21 to round off the gift under budget.
  • Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils set of 72 $48.72: No matter how many luxury pencils I try these continue to be a soft and blendable favorite!
  • Arteza Watercolor pencils set of 72 $35.99 (use coupon code FRUGAL10 for 10% off at Arteza) and pair it with a Canson Montville hardbound sketchbook for $8 and you are well under budget with a great gift!
  • Ohuhu Alcohol Markers Set of 80 $44.99 *there are smaller sets available if you are on a smaller budget as well as a 100 set if you have an extra $10 to spend.  I recommend at least and 80 set because you need more shades for blending with alcohol markers (especially if they don’t have a brush tip) than other mediums and also since this is a gift you want to make sure they have all they need to get started. Speaking of having everything including the Winsor & Newton Marker pad for $5.99 would be awesome and only bring you $1 over budget.
  • Studio 71 Brush Tip Alcohol Markers set of 48 for $46.97

Under $100 gifts:

Money is no object:

  • Scan ‘n Cut CM350 $227: This is great for any rubber stamper because you can stamp an image and put it in this machine and it will cut it out eliminating the need for expensive dies. This machine retails for $300 and this is the lowest price I have seen. I paid $250 for mine a couple of years ago and it was well worth it!
  • Pan Pastel Full set of 80 pans with sponges and tools $309.26: These gorgeous and amazing pastels would delight any pastel or mixed media artist and even stampers have been really into them lately!
  • Blick Studio Brush Markers set of 96 $199: These markers are as good as copic in quality and now have refills available. I purchased these markers when they came out and they have the same foam nib just like a Copic. (In contrast the Studio 71 brush marker in the under $50 section have a felt nib and eventually will wear down.) These blend well with my Copics so if you wanted to expand your colors down the road you can always add copics with no trouble. Best of all you get 96 blick studio for the same price as 36 of copics.

I hope you enjoyed this expanded gift guide for a variety of budgets. I did some shopping around for you to find the best deals at stores that can ship by Christmas. Affiliate links were used if I had them so I may earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase at no additional cost to you and I thank you for your support! Happy crafting!

Use it up, Throw it out, Make it Work or Do Without? {A Konmari Question}

Hi friends! I got a very similar question from several viewers after posting my current craft room tour last week, it went something like this:

“Lindsay, are there things you kept to use up that you won’t rebuy once they are gone?”

Good question! The thing that kept me from purging supplies in the past was that it felt wasteful. Don’t get me wrong, I did not throw away any “good supplies” I purged. They were given to friends, schools or donated to people who could use them. I did keep some things because I know I’ll use them up but not buy again. Are you wondering what these items are? Watch the video and find out!


The thing that decluttering using the Konmari method from The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up taught me is that things come into out lives to fulfill a purpose, when they are done fulfilling the purpose you can let them go. My cheap white cardstock is currently fulfilling a purpose and I am using it up, when I run out I will only replenish a couple of brands: My Neenah Classic Crest (for alcohol marker coloring), My Heavyweight Recollections (for card bases) and my cheap utilitarian Georgia Pacific from Sam’s Club for inky backgrounds, gel printing, party printables and other projects where I do not need the premium qualities of the others. I am also buying in appropriate amounts. I come from a teaching background where I bought in bulk to get the per project cost low and that habit of looking for the cheapest price kept me buying massive amounts that I could not realistically use up. I also had a fear of wasting supplies unless I had a lot of back stock. This is called the “fear of running out” and I think that is what causes most of us to hoard stuff especially craft supplies because companies only produce a limited run of paper/embellishments and when it’s gone it’s gone. Brilliant marketing on their part but I don’t have to fall for it LOL! There will always be newer, cuter and more trendy things to buy in the future if we use up our current stash up and we bought it to use it right?

I want to thank you for the thought provoking questions you ask after every Konmari craft room video and if you want to see the other videos in this series you can find the playlist here! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

5 Crafty Things I No Longer Buy {Konmari Craft Room Series}

Mistakes? I’ve made a few, especially in the crafting department.  Today I am talking about the craft supplies that I will no longer be buying because they do not add value to my life or I have other items that fulfill the same purpose. Let me know if you have items you no longer buying the comments below!


I am dropping some truth in today’s video. Please note that this is my list and some of the things I am no longer buying may add value to your life so don’t discard based on my list, you do you. We are all different and that’s why we should never just go buy what someone else likes without determining if it will meet our needs. I’d love to know if there are any items you will no longer by in the comments below!


Below are the items on my no-buy list.

1. Bulk card and envelope sets and bulk cardstock packs.
Why? Because the cards that come with envelopes are flimsy and I prefer to make my own card based with Recollections 110# cardstock and make my envelopes from the massive hoard of pretty paper I already have using my envelope punch board.  As for the multi color cardstock packs I have a good stash of colors already so I am just going to buy a few sheets of the colors I need open stock when I run out. *Note to self I need to keep a list on my cardstock cupboard!

2. Dies that match stamp sets. These are just to specific and can only cut the stamp sets they coordinate with and at $25 a pop it can get really expensive to buy dies to go with your stamp sets. Instead I invested in a Scan n Cut2 machine so I can cut out anything I have stamped. I paid $250 for my machine (on black Friday) and I can cut out all of my stamp sets (for the same cost as 10 die sets!) *this machine can hook to your computer and do a lot more but I only use mine for scanning and cutting stamped images:)

3. Ribbon: I have enough ribbon to choke a horse as it is and I felt so much relief when I gave most of it away and I do not want to reburden myself with more. Also I can use washi tape or a strip of paper to give me a similar design element if I run out.

4. Craft storage. I have enough and if I need to buy more it is time to get rid of my excess. More craft storage=more craft supplies.

5. Duplicates of non consumables. I will no longer buy 15 of an identical tool “just in case” I need it for a class or I loose, break, can’t find my original one.

What items will you no longer buy?

I set out to declutter my craftroom (home and life) after listening to the audio book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo and it changed the way I look at my possessions and helped me clean out the excess. I have more time to spend on things I enjoy because I spend less time managing my stuff and less time cleaning.You can find the book or audiobook here. I also enjoyed her book Spark Joy, it is a more in-depth book on the Konmari method. I wrote a blog post and filmed an in-depth video about the Konmari decluttering process if you missed it. I only wished I did it sooner! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


Free Shipping and $5 Marker sets Today Only & Life Changing Magic!

Hi friends! I have a lot of crafty goodness coming up this weekend on YouTube but I wanted to pop in really quick and share the Consumer Crafts is offering free shipping on ANY size order today only and today is the LAST DAY of the $5 6-pack Spectrum Noir marker sale!


Coming up tonight on YouTube I have a pretty selective glitter card Stamp School to share (it was delayed because I had no voice to record it Thursday) and tomorrow on YouTube I am going to share my EPIC craft room declutter/purge/tidy inspired by Marie Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up! I am so pleased with the way my room came out and I am so excited to share it with you tomorrow! I hope you have amazing Saturday and til next time (later on today) happy crafting!

Organizing ideas for crafters {and a tour of my craftroom!}

Howdy! I have been picking away at my craftroom for the past few weeks…a shelf here, a drawer there, purge, shuffle, move this, donate that and best of all fall in love with all my old supplies I have forgotten about! Sometimes I think we get overwhelmed by all of our fabulous stuff  to create with that it keeps us from being creative. Here is a video tour of my crafting space, I apologize for the unedited version, my video software was not working today so I uploaded it to youtube as is. That said, enjoy the video 🙂

Here are some photos of my craft room if you want another look:

Lindsay’s Organization Tips:

  1. Don’t get overwhelmed. Tackle one bit at a time. Got 15 minutes? Clean out a drawer. Got an hour, clean that desk. You’ll be surprised how the time adds up!
  2. Don’t buy anything or bring anything new to your studio while you are cleaning/organizing unless it is for cleaning and organizing. Bags of new supplies will only add to the chaos. Vow not to spend a dime on crafting stuff until your craft area is clean and organized.
  3. It’s OK to give away! I know it is hard to get rid of stuff you paid good money for but really are you going to use all of the 5-year-old paper and stickers in your stash? If you are by all means keep it, but, if you are not I bet there are teachers, scout leaders and senior citizens who would love your cast offs. If you don’t love it anymore don’t keep it, it will only make you feel bad that you bought it to begin with.
  4. Don’t shop for storage until you have cleaned, purged and sorted your stuff, otherwise you will end up with bins and shelves that do not fit your stash. You can stroll down the storage isle at the store for sure to get ideas just don’t purchase until you know what you have.
  5. Shop your stash. While you are organizing look at all the treasures you have collected over the years, I bet there are some “gotta have it” stamps that never saw ink and paper that “is too special to use on just anything” in your stash that you have forgotten about. Now is your chance to use it! When you are confronted by the latest trend or “gotta have it!” product ask yourself these 2 questions: “Can I get the look with something I already have?” and “Do I like this better than the stuff I already have”   If the answer to these is “no” then wait a week, if it is still  on your mind, only then, consider purchasing it.
  6. Maintain, take 15 minutes after each project to tidy up!

So, no matter if you have a card table in the corner of your bedroom, a fancy scrapbook studio or a corner of the basement to call your own you can make it an organized paradise!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!