Weird Tricks for Getting Exposure for Your Art on Socail Media!

Hi friends! You may think that there is a magic way to game social media to boost your art and craft business. In today’s Art Marketing Vlog I’ll show you how!

Hmmm, that’s probably not what you wanted to hear huh? Truth is, it takes work to build traction on social media and you can’t just hop on and push your products, You need to be yourself and give people value, otherwise why would they follow you. No one wants to be marketed to but everyone wants to connect in a meaningful way. Ask yourself how you can offer value to your followers?

The other advice I would offer is not to spread yourself too thin. You don’t need to be on every social media platform, pick the ones that make sense to your customers. For me it’s YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.  I have other accounts but they never took off as well as those and since my time is limited I’d rather do well on a couple platforms and flail on all of them.


I hope todays video helped you realize that doing well on social media is all about caring about your followers and being yourself. If you want more tips on building a handmade business check out our sponsor Rich Mom Business and their Free Handmade Training course. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Art Marketing After the Holidays {art marketing vlog}

Hi friends! For many of us tomorrow is the first day back to work or school after the holiday break. It can be tempting to take some more time off while business is slow but I don’t recommend it. You can use this time for professional development  such as: learn a new type of art, take a business class or begin a large project. This is the time of year I plan summer classes and workshops and undertake large freelance projects. I also like to use my slow time to build my content inventory reserve by filming extra videos and writing extra blog articles that I can publish quickly if things get hectic. That is what I am talking about in today’s Art Marketing vlog! *I filmed this in October by the way… 😀


This video is sponsored by Rich Mom Business, they have a free handmade training course that can help you design a product line that will sell. Now is the time to be designing products for spring and summer fairs and festivals. Remember that thing I said about “professional development”…

So, you might be wondering how making videos or writing blog articles will really help your bottom line when people are not spending much on art and craft items this time of year. Well, this is where YOU give back to your customers. It is nice to sell a painting or necklace but that should not be the only reason you want people coming to your website. Give people a reason to stop by even if they are not looking to buy. You should be giving value WAY more than asking for a sale. People won’t come to your blog just to be sold to. You want people coming to your blog and pining your posts to Pinterest and sharing them in Facebook because those back links are powerful. Search engines see that, and rank websites based on the amount of traffic and high quality websites linking back to them. You will not get this to happen without offering valuable content to your audience.

What do I write about?

  1. Share your process.
  2. Show photos of your studio or where you create.
  3. Explain why you choose certain paints, beads, paper etc. This could be a weekly series called “My Favorites”
  4. Show them how to make your art. You may think it will cost sales but it will really make them respect you more and make customer realize all the work that goes into your craft.
  5. Haul video: Show people the supplies you bought for your projects and why you chose those particular pieces.
  6. Storage ideas as pertains to your work.
  7. Review a product you just tried.
  8. Collaborate with other artists who may share similar customers (consider crafters who compliment your work instead of competing with it, like a framer and a painter)
  9. Share artwork done by students (if you teach) it will encourage your readers to give it a try, and if you do workshops you may get a boost in enrollment.
  10. Share “behind the scenes” anecdotes, I always looked up to designers in magazines before I started getting published, I thought it was so weird how I had to have Christmas projects done in May to meet the printing deadlines. What quirky stories could you share?
  11. Show how you photograph your art or film your videos.
  12. Write about the difference in quality of the supplies available for your craft.
  13. Share pics from trade shows or craft fairs you attend or snap reference photos to share with your viewers.
  14. Try a different craft and see how you do, if it’s not a success it will be good for a laugh LOL!

There are 2 types of content you should be thinking about writing:

Evergreen: These are not seasonal and can publish any time of year.

Seasonal: These are holiday projects that should run 2 weeks before a holiday or within a certain time frame. Also you can make content inspired by a current trend or cultural phenomenon like I did with my Katniss Wrap free crochet pattern when the second hunger Games Movie came out. When the Great Gatsby movie came out there were lots of jewelry project published on that theme. Did you notice any YouTubers making DIY Star Wars projects lately? There were.

Make sure you post the seasonal content leading up to the events they are tied too and the evergreen content can publish any old time you need something new on your blog. I typically blog daily but if you are new try once or twice a week. You can even write up posts when you have the time and schedule them so you can space them out. You don’t want to post 9 articles in one day and then nothing for 2 months. You want a steady stream of traffic so that when you have something new to sell people will still be looking. The art marketing game is a marathon, not a sprint. There is no “overnight success” and the best way to succeed is to keep showing up!

Hey, if anything else it will force you to be creative everyday instead of binge watching Netflix in your free time.


PS, another quick tip is to share photos! I was working on a deadline tonight and snapped a quick pic of my desk to share on instagram and I can recycle it here too! I am working on an upcoming class, this opportunity came to me because an editor saw one of my videos (do you see what I am getting at here?)and if I hadn’t posted that particular video I would not have gotten this project. Don’t be afraid to share your crafty knowledge because you think people will not buy your work if they know how you did it, it s the opposite, it builds a connection and opens the doors to so many more opportunities! Ant that is what I call Happy crafting!

Art Marketing Q&A LIVE Tomorrow!

Hi friends! I just wanted to hop in real quick and let you know that I will have a live question and answer session with Renae Christine of Rich Mom Business tomorrow at 1pm ET. If you want to ask a question live you will want to join us on the Youtube Watch Page but you can also watch the stream or replay  in the player below.

YouTube Video Player!

I wish I knew how to change the old dorky photo of me on that thumbnail LOL! I encourage you watch the live Q&A if:

  1. You would like to earn enough from your hobby to pay for supplies.
  2. You would like to earn enough for holiday shopping or a vacation.
  3. You would to earn a full-time income from your handmade business.

Renae and I both make a living from our handmade endeavors.  We have different ways we do this and unique perspectives.  If you are thinking about doing a craft fair or opening an online shop please tune in! We will talk about everything from pricing, to sourcing materials to whether or not “custom” is a good idea. I hope to see you live! Happy Crafting!



It Takes a Village…

Hi friends! It has been an interesting day here at the Weirich ranch. My hubby noticed that one of our hens was acting odd the last couple days. Standing in one spot, acting confused and last night she did not go into her coop. When I went to check their water this morning she was laying outside in the run looking lethargic. I tried to tempt her with warm oatmeal and yogurt but she was not interested so hubby and I brought her inside and attempted to water and feed her. Then the internet research began and we realized that she could have anything from chicken anorexia (really, it is a thing) to a parasite or she could be eggbound.  I also left a note on my Facebook page that I would not have a new Stamp School video uploaded tonight because I was busy with hen hospice and you guys had so many tips and suggestions, also than you for understanding, you guys are the best! I really expected that she would not make it through the day but we kept up with feeding water by eye dropper every 30 minutes and giving her yogurt and then, like a miracle she stood and drank from her cup on her own! We are keeping her inside the house tonight and she seems pretty content roosting on the edge of her box. I did not see any evidence of mites, worms or bound eggs so hopefully she just had a weird spell.

So you are probably wondering why I am telling you this? Well, just like it takes a village to diagnose our chickens it takes  a village to raise our handmade business. If you are just starting out selling your arts and crafts you are like a fledgling bird, you might not be sure who you can sell your products too or even how you will find the make your wares. It is so important at this stage that you ask for, and accept help for your support system; your spouse, friends and community. I’ll explain more in todays video!

So no excuses, okay? If you want more help running your handmade business I invite you to reach out to one of the gals in my support system, my friend (bestie!) Renae from Rich Mom Business, she has sponsored this video because she wants to see moms succeed and she also created a free course that will help you do just that, you can get the Free Handmade Training course here. Also, next week I will have a live Q&A with Renae so if you have any questions for her leave them in the comments below! You will be able to ask live too, it will be a lot of fun! The tentative date is 1pm ET Wednesday November 18th on YouTube.

I know what it is like to be at the bottom rung of the ladder. When I closed my art studio to stay home with my kids I wanted to start something but I felt lost. When I finally decided that I was worth it I reached out to my support system and they were happy to help me with the gift of time, exposure and feedback. YOU ARE WORTH IT TOO! 🙂 Craft fairs are a’coming, go get um! Good luck and til next time happy crafting!


Art Marketing Monday & Marker Winner!

Happy Labor Day friends! Many of you are enjoying a day off work today and I am sure a lot of you are taking some of that free time to craft. I have been knitting with my girls and chilling out myself today. As you create your wonderful art I want you to keep today’s art marketing tip in mind. Do you want to get more exposure for your art? I’ll tell you how. Video!

It really is that simple. Now I do recommend you have a blog or website so people can find out more about you if they love your art. Then when you have your blog or website set up you can set that up to automate out to your social media every time you update it. You still want to craft these specific social media posts that I told you about in the video but the automation aspect can fill in between times so you can use your time to make art and not just post about it. To learn more about that please check out our sponsor’s free Social Media Automation course. Renae specializes in handmade businesses and I am proud to call her a personal friend.

I almost forgot, It is time to pick a winner for the CraftyCroc Liquid Chalk marker giveaway! And the winner is……. lilpiggy40 Please check your email for details to claim your prize! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!



Art Marketing Monday! Tips for Crafty YouTubers!

Hi friends! I have been asked a lot about YouTube and how to go about starting a channel to share your art or crafts projects. I never think sharing is a bad thing and it has been such a rewarding experience for me. There are countless videos about the business of YouTube but not many from the perspective of an artist so today I will share my tips with you.


I hope that gave you some food for thought. I count my lucky stars everyday that I am a part of this amazing community of kind and creative people. How could i not want to tell others how to do it too? If you have any thoughts leave them in the comments, we can continue the conversation there:) Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Art Marketing Monday-Keep good records now, be glad at tax-time!

Hi friends! In today’s Art Marketing Monday I’ll explain the importance of keeping good records and hiring a tax professional because you never know when your hobby might suddenly become a business!

Keeping those records and receipts is a good idea, even as a hobbyist, because you might decided that you want to “do a couple craft fairs” and then find yourself with a budding business. Or maybe you want to clearly see whet you spent during the year (it can be kinda scary LOL) so you can set a realistic budget for next year. In any event it never hurts to know the truth about your finances. Have a great day and til next time happy crafting!

Hey Bloggers & YouTubers, this Art Marketing Videos is for YOU!

Hi friends! It’s Art Marketing Monday, I think that’s going to be a thing (at least until I run out of ideas) and today I want to talk to the bloggers and vloggers out there who enrich our lives with their inspiring content. I know many of you have blogs and YouTube channels and I know how hard it is to get your channel large enough to be hired or sponsored by companies or even get on design teams working for product. You likely have a passionate audience who often buys things you use and recommend, so why not get some of that money that you have earned? I am going to talk about affiliates today. Anyone with a blog or YouTube channel can sign up to be in an affiliate program. You put a link to the product you used and if someone clicks through and buys it (or anything else on that website) you get a small % of the sale. It will not cost your viewer extra either. It is a way your viewers can support you while purchasing stuff they want. I’ll explain more in today’s video!


Unfortunately there some states where you can not be an affiliate with the major companies, Maine is one of them so no Amazon, Blick or Joann affiliations for me which is a shame because I send so many people over there anyway for the deals but I have found smaller companies who are more than happy to have me like Hallmark Scrapbook and honestly, I’d rather promote an independant family run business who stocks all the new products at the lowest prices. See what I did there? 😉 I bet most of the bloggers you follow also take part in affiliate programs and I know of a few who make a near full-time income at it. They don’t live in Maine. Many other bloggers use it as a way to offset costs of keeping their website up and running. However you choose to approach it remember to be honest about your affiliations, it will only help you in the long run. I really hope this helps some smaller crafty content creators out there bring in some cash so they can continue doing what they love and (selfishly) keep inspiring the rest of us! The rising tide lifts ALL boats. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

My Journey {How I became a working artist}

Hi friends! I have been meaning to make this video for a while. I get asked a lot if I went to art school and how did I get into YouTube, blogging, designing for magazines and teaching art. It is probably a rather odd path to take but I did not have anyone’s footsteps to follow in so I just plowed ahead in any direction that looked fun and I could make art. It occurred to me that there really is not a roadmap for artisans to go about making a living for themselves. I hope my journey gives you some ideas if you want to make a living for your art or craft.  I hope you find it useful. 😀


I think what I want to express is that it takes time, a thick skin and perseverance (even to the point where everyone but you thinks you are wasting your time) to get anywhere worth going. Everyone suffers disappointment and rejection but the people who succeed suck it up and go back for more. Basically, just don’t give up if you really want it BUT if you would be happier with a 9-5 job and doing art in your spare time just to please yourself that is absolutely fine too. You have to do what you know in your heart is right for you. If running an art related handmade business is your goal I encourage you to devour anything that our sponsor Renae Christine from Rich Mom Business has to say. She is such a smart cookie and she is giving away a free handmade training course to all of my readers. You can register here. If you have already taken my advice and taken her free course (well done you!) make sure you are also subscribed to her YouTube channel because she keeps everyone up to date in changes to ETSY, new online selling platforms, SEO, and lots of online selling and marketing stuff. She is my online guru and I am proud to call her a friend, or “Bestie” as she would say. 🙂 I love introducing my friends to each other! Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Art Marketing: Do You Need a Mailing List?

Hi Friends! Another art marketing video for you tonight where I ask the questions: Do you need a mailing list? (Spoiler: yes, you do!)


I have had a couple of mailing lists in my day. I had a physical (snail mail) mailing list and an email contact list for my art lesson business in the late 90’s. The postal list was really effective for a brick and mortal local business! I had an email list through Your Mailing List Provider for a couple of years to promote my Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff line of graphics but I closed that list down when I switched to selling through MyGrafico plus it was costly for the amount of emails I sent. For my needs now I set up an informal list through TinyLetter, you can sign up for my mailing list here. I mainly wanted that one to announce classes that might happen across the country (or see if there is interest for me to come to a certain area) and to possibly notify people of new videos since YouTube does not notify subscribers like they used to. That is a rant for a different day LOL! Mail chimp is a good solution for a small business too because you can have 2,000 contact and send 12,000 email a month (as in 6 emails to 2000 contacts) before you have to pay. It is the best deal for small business email. the Tiny Letter service I use is free forever but not set up for e-commerce but perfect for me as a content provider to keep in touch with her crafty peeps-that’s you guys! 😉 *I am not affiliated with Mail Chimp or Tiny Letter, I just like them. 🙂

The thing I want you to understand about a mailing list is that it is a direct line to your customers. People might not check your blog often or follow you on social media but if you were to have an art opening or teach a sip-n-paint they would love to come but they have to know about it. A mailing list is NOT an excuse to shamelessly spam people either. It should offer value to them as well as you. Ask yourself “Is this info useful to the people on my list, if so send that email!” If not, they will unsubscribe or ignore it. Choose your emails wisely. This has me thinking…I had been having a hard time getting people to my free library art classes in the past, I would announce them on the library Facebook page, I think we need a library email list! Oh, and I need about 5 more hours in my week too, maybe there’s an app for that LOL! We have just touched the tip of the iceberg with promoting your handmade business with an email list, if you want more help making your handmade business a success (whether you are a painter, jewelry maker or papercrafter) check out Rich Mom Business’ free 3 video course at, she will tell you what you need to know to go from sagging sales to a thriving business. She is the only career coach that I know of that deals solely with handmade businesses, I’ve taken the course and it is great, don’t miss out because I’m not sure how long it is around for and if you have already taken it and want more she has over 600 free videos on her YouTube channel. I’m subscribed, are you?

One more fun fact, if you are subscribed to my blog via email, that is different then being on my email list. If you reply to one of those emails your reply get’s posted as a comment here on my blog, if you reply to my email list email it goes directly to me, like we are best friends, how cool is that? Thanks so much for reading through this, I know it is a lot of info and not really interesting unless you are a handmade business or blogger like me but I know it can help a lot of folks trying to make an art career happen. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Thanks to for sponsoring this post!

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