Magical Friends! Ever After Begins July 1st!

Hi friends! I just wanted to pop in today and let you know that Ever After 2018 starts in just a few days! See below for discount code!

Ever After is a magical 4 month immersive fairy tale themed workshop led by Tamara Laporte at I am one of the instructors and my theme is wizard of OZ. My lesson will teach you how to paint this using watercolor, colored pencil and Pan Pastel.

20180627_182202 (1)

There are several ways to take this course, you can do this year’s tutorials only, this years tutorials and style development lectures or bundle this years tutorials with other Ever After workshops. You can see all the options here. And through July 5th you can save 20% with coupon MAGIC2018!


I hope you will join m along with 15 other talented mixed media instructors for 4 months of magical fun on Ever After 2018! Happy Crafting!



Start With Stamps Then Draw!

Hi friends! It is easy to get stuck when creating. I find if you get something on your paper right off the bat it frees your mind to create. I love the little flower motifs in these peg stamp sets from Rubber Stamp Tapestry and I though they would be a great jumping off point for these cute girls!


The neat thing is that you will get a different picture every time you try this. Why not ink up a stamp and try it today? Watch today’s video to see how to use your supplies and create these cute faces!

This video is sponsored by Rubber Stamp Tapestry use coupon code: LINDSAY17 – 20% off peg stamps and peg stamp sets of orders of $10 or more. Coupon expires July 3, 2017


Stamp a spray of flowers, this may be a cluster or a border if you want a crown of flowers on your girl. Sketch a face around the flowers and color as desired.

There are infinite combinations on how you can make your flower girl. Have fun & happy crafting!


Let’s Paint a Dreamy Face in Acrylics!

Hi friends! Today I have a mixed media painting for you:


I forgot how much I enjoy painting at an easel! The nice thing is that if you have long-handled brushes you can sit or stand back a ways from the painting so you can see the whole canvas without distortion, especially if you are working large. I used an 11″x14″ stretched canvas, acrylic paints, deli paper (you can also use tissue paper), stencils, letter stamps, mod podge, glazing medium and a set of brushes from our sponsor D’Artisan Shoppe. Watch the video to see how I painted it:

Here is a list of the brushes included in the D’Artisan Shoppe Maestro Series XV Kit #000 Liner/Rigger, #1 Round, #2 Filbert, #3 Round, #4 Filbert, #4 Fan, #6 Round, #6 Flat, #8 Flat, #8 Filbert, #9 Filbert, #10 Flat, #10 Angled Shader, #11 One Stroke/Bright, #5/4 Wide/Square Wash
If you want to try these for yourself be sure to use coupon code FRUGALXV for $10 off! Be sure to apply the code prior to check out to get the $10 off. Best of all if the brushes happen to be on sale you get $10 off the sale price, cool huh?

I used a homemade hot glue stencils in the video, you can find the tutorial here. Tip! When you are all done painting take the leftover paint and spread it on some art journal pages or another canvas or cardstock so you have a background for a future project.


I use a stay-wet palette which is really like a big, flat plastic container with a lid. I place a few paper towels in it and spray them with water and then place a sheet of palette paper or waxed paper on top and them squeeze out my paint. This keeps them from drying out and if I need to take a break I lightly spritz the paint with water and put the lid on and I can keep the paint for a couple of days this way. Good paint can be expensive, let’s not waste a drop!


I think I will play some more soon with acrylic paints. I actually moved some things around in my studio today to make it easier to do (video soon to come!) and with the 18″-24″ of snow in the forecast Monday night-Wednesday I think I will be snowed in with plenty of time to paint! I want to thank D’Artisan Shoppe for sponsoring today’s project, I was so happy to find a set of high quality brushes to recommend that won’t break the bank and I am so glad they are offering my readers $10 off with coupon code FRUGALXV. Do you have any painting plans this week? Will you be snowed in too? Take care and stay safe everyone and til next time happy crafting!


How to Draw Faces {Art Journal Tutorial}

Hi Friends! People seem to have a tough time drawing faces but it is quite easy if you know a few tricks. Here is a journal page I made yesterday:

DCF 1.0

I constantly need to remind myself of that when I am obsessing over something that I did or said or was said to me. It is also a very useful quote when dealing with tween girl drama! Good ole’ Eleanor Roosevelt, keepin’ it real since 1884 LOL! Now on to the super easy face drawing tutorial:

I hope you try this, charcoal, conte’ crayon and pastel are great for this as you can smudge away any mistakes, You can use hairspray (the cheapest stuff is best like Aqua Net aerosol) to set the drawing before adding more media as well. Have fun with it. Faces are so expressive and art journaling is about expression so naturally they go hand in hand…or face as the case may be. I hope you enjoyed this bonus art journal project this week and til next time happy crafting!

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