Still Waters

First today I want to send my thoughts to everyone in the path of Hurricane Irene. Here in New England we will likely only get a very windy rainstorm and maybe lose the power for a while but nothing too serious, still we are stocked up with emergency supplies just in case. It is actually very calm and beautiful this morning, you’d never know a hurricane was on its way.


This is a card I made a few weeks ago, I stamped this Stampscapes scene on smooth white cardstock with memento ink.

Tip: when stamping a detailed scene like this ink up your stamp rubber side up on your tabel then press your cardstock down on the stamp and rub the back of the cardstock so all of the image transfers. Perfect image every time!

I used my Promarkers and Letrajet Air Marker to color this scene. I have fussed this scene with chalk, markers and watercolors before and was never happy with it. With a few swipes of the airbrush I had it colored to my liking, here’s how:  {I used colors from the Vivid ProMarker Blending set}

1. Place an Olive Green marker in your air marker tool and spray the trees.

2. Place a gold marker in the airbrush tool and spray the center of the image going over the trees, sky and water.

3. Use Crimson to spray around the gold overlapping it a bit.

4. Add Plum to the edges of the card completing the sunset.

Airbrush tips and tricks:

  • Work upright, I place a scrap of cardboard on my painting easel and tape my card to that when I airbrush.
  • Use darker colors, they will appear softer and lighter. Light colors do not show up well with the air marker.
  • Spray close to the cardstock for smaller areas and further away rom the cardstock when you want a wider softer band of color.
  • For a smooth look start spraying off the cardstock and move your arm as you spray across to avoid spots. Always keep the brush moving.
  • Sometimes you need to stop spraying to give the marker time to recharge the ink. If you are used to a traditional airbrush this can be frustrating by when working on a card sized project the air marker is perfect.
  • Practise, Practice, Practice, it is the only way to get good!

Take care this weekend, especially if you are in the path of hurricane Irene and til next time happy crafting!

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