Let’s build Some Art Supply Storage! Epic Colored Pencil Rack!

Hi friends! This might be the most useful $9 you spend to store your crafty supplies!


  • Scrap 2×4 lumber & plywood If you don’t have a scrap of plywood you can purchase a seasonal “wooden” sign at dollar tree, it doesn’t matter the design as you will cover it and it will be cheaper than buying a small sheet of plywood at a lumber yard.
  • 9 wood crates like these from dollar tree. You can buy a minimum of 4 online and they will ship it to your local store for free if you are worried about not being able to find these at your local Dollar Tree. I discovered that each crate will hold about 100 pencils comfortably so determine how many pencils you want to store and divide that number by 100 to see how many crates you will need. You can put jam jars in the crates if you want to store fewer or if you do not wish to use dividers so that you have more options to use this for other things in the future.
  • Wood glue
  • Hot glue (optional but it holds things tight while the wood glue sets up)

Important! You don’t have to use as many crates as I did, also you can configure them in different ways to fit the storage space you have. You might prefer a 4 long, 2 deep situation to go along the edge of a desk and in that case, you don’t need the plywood, just glue the lower layer to the wood in the back. Make it your own. Consider turning it on its side for other art supplies you want to store. Happy crafting!

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Podcast: Let’s Talk About Spring Cleaning Your Creative Space!

If you are reading this in email please click over to the blog post to listen to the podcast!

Hi Friends! It’s that time of year again when we dust off the cobwebs and make everything nice and fresh. How is your craft room or art studio looking? Need some help? Here are some steps to help you get control of the clutter and make a functional creative space.

  • Throw out/recycle any trash such as dried up paint and glue, unusable scraps, packaging
  • Donate things you no longer like (schools, senior centers, scout troops, daycares or thrift shops will gladly take them off your hands)
  • Determine if you have too much of something. If you can’t use it up before it goes bad donate it.
  • Sometimes we have things from a past season of life that we will not return to. It’s OK to let those supplies go.
  • If you are in doubt if you will use the supplies again ask yourself if it would be a burden to rebuy the supplies. If you used to knit and crochet but haven’t in a while and don’t plan to anytime soon but still enjoy it you can get rid of the yearn that takes up a lot of space but keep the needles, hooks and tools so when you are in the mood again you can pick a pattern and purchase the yarn you will need (Let’s face it, you would probably have to do that anyway as having the yarn you want in the quantity you need is unlikely)
  • Asses if the supplies you are keeping are worth “rent” in the space they are stored. I read a book called “Goodbye Things” and the author said “Your stuff is a roommate who doesn’t pay rent.” and that really put things in perspective for letting go of the things I didn’t like but felt wasteful getting rid of.
  • If you like it, keep it! I’m not the boss of you. If it gives you comfort to have it and it’s not bothering anyone then go ahead and keep it. Or as Marie Kondo would ask: Does it spark joy? You can keep or get rid of any of your things at any time so don’t think your space needs to look like anyone else’s. You do you!

4 years ago I did a complete Konmari overall of my craft space and you can see photos and watch the video here. I hope that helps you if your space is overwhelming. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Listen to the Podcast of this topic here!

My DIY Desk and Sat Chat!

Hi friends! I hope you are having an awesome weekend! Last Saturday I spent some time rearranging my filming/work studio. As you know I have been working in a finished room in my basement since June and I have kept the old “craft room” as basically storage for my supplies only having the daily essentials in the new space. This space is heated which his making my work so much more enjoyable (especially come winter!) The downside to a finished room is that I couldn’t use the aluminum clamp lights that I used in the old space because the ceiling was flat where the old art studio had exposed joists I could clip them to and move them around to light where I needed. Because of that I had to use my stand lights and the clutter of those stands was really annoying. The room has a a couple ceiling lights but they are not enough for filming. While I was building my table I pushed the lights out of the way and realized that my handy hubby could put mounts on the ceiling so I could use my old faithful clamp lights so that is what we did! Watch the video to see my upcycled table and other improvements.

Now, before you worry about the stability of my table let me assure you it is completely fine. There is no wobble and I don’t store things on my table and the door I am using for a top is hollow and light. You’d be amazed to see how many of those plastic carts I have loaded up and stacked and I have never had a problem. With that, let’s move on to this weeks Sat Chat.

We all know the Sat Chat is really about nothing but here are some thing I mentioned:

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  • Follow me on Craftworld, I have a new free watercolor for papercrafting series coming up soon! It’s very basic but it might be nice to recommend to a friend who wants to try watercolors or cardmaking.
  • Check out my October drawing challenge art on Instagram
  • My Art of the Carolinas Classes are now open for enrollment. These are live only classes so if you sign up be sure to have your supplies ready at the class time.

Well, that about does it! See you tomorrow for Sketchbook Sunday and til next time happy crafting!

Building the new filming room…

Hi friends! I thought I’d share a video going through the process of setting up my new filming room. It’s still a work in progress. I filmed a cardmaking tutorial in there yesterday (it will be up on YouTube today and on the blog tomorrow) and I thought I had my sound worked out but I can still hear a bit of echo. I have hung quilts up on the wall and even suspended a fleece blanket in front of me to deaden sounds but it’s not there yet. Also I was sewing this weekend on the large folding table and my machine bounced too much on this table so I need to come up with something else there. I saw a compact sewing cabinet called a Sewnatra but it is too rich for my blood but I think I will look at thrift stores to see if I can find something similar that I can put my modern machine in. Plus for that kind of money I’d want real wood and not pressboard. I’ll think of something.

I hope you are having a great week and til next time happy crafting!

Storage for my ceramic palettes using recycled materials

Hi friends! I love using cute white ceramic palettes for mixing inks and watercolors but I often forget to use them (or buy more cuz they are cute) because I store them safely on the other side of my art room on a shelf. I decided to make a storage insert for my storage cubes on my desk so I could safely store them all within reach. See how in today’s video!

I used 3 flat UPS cardboard boxes for this, a craft knife and duct tape. I couldn’t be easier and it works so well! I hope it inspires you to make some crafty storage too. Happy crafting!

A Silly Bit of Fun (Much Needed These Days…)

Hi friends! I know many of you are at home waiting out the Covid 19 scare. My kids school is closed and it is all very surreal. This winter I have been sharing a few storage videos and I figured if you are stuck at home with nothing to do you might want to tackle a few areas of your craft storage. I had several people ask me how I stored my large pegstamp collection so that is what we are going to look at today.

I hope this blog post finds you well. I don’t have much to offer the world at a time like this except a happy distraction so here it is. Take care of yourselves, take care of each other and til next time happy crafting.

How I store stamps (It might work for you!)

Hi friends! I have been asked a lot lately what is is the binders behind me so today I will show you!

I had a few questions about my stamp storage on YouTube when I first posted this video Saturday. I will answer them here:

Q: How do you store your Pegstamps?

A: They are in a sturdy shallow wooden crate under my large worktable. I have them standing on their rubber end so I can see all of the indexes at a glance. I do not keep them in the original clear boxes because they take up too much space that way and I like to use them all together. I will show how I store them the next time I make a video with them:) I didn’t mean to leave them out, I just don’t keep them over here because the box is heavy and bulky and I would trip over it LOL!

Q: Since you have been using clear stamps since they first came out have you noticed any of them going bad, melting or getting gummy?

A: I have had some cheap silicone stamps fuse to the backer sheets but only if I had never removed them to use them. That is a good reason to pull them off the sheet and stamp with them at least once. I also have purchased stamps that were fused to the sheet and I had to cut the sheet apart and use them with tape on a block. Don’t try to force a stamp off the sheet or you might tear it. I am not sure if that was a manufacturer defect or simply what happens if you wait to long to remove the stamp from the sheet. High quality photo polymer stamps do stain with ink and can turn yellow with exposure to light. I think it is sun exposure that eventually breaks them down but since my stamps are in binders (as opposed to open bins which is a popular way to store stamps now) they don’t get exposure from my studio lights and I have no windows in my craft space so no sunlight gets in. I am happy to report all of my stamps are still working as god as new (even the 20 year old PSX ones!)

Q: Have you ever unmounted any of your wood stamps?

A: No, I prefer wood mounted stamps. I rarely get wood mounted now due to space reasons and I don’t want to let go of any I have so new can come in. I have actually mounted favorite sentiments on Jenga blocks because they were more convenient that way.

How do you store your stamps? Have you had any negative issues with stamps going bad? Let me know in the comments below! Happy crafting!

Why didn’t I think of this before?

Hi friends! Today I want to share one of the ways I make use of bins in my studio. I am a big fan of the 9 cube bookcases you can get inexpensively at Target, Walmart or Home Depot for craft storage. I like the cloth bins for keeping some items out of sight, contained and organised but there is a couple of problems with these bins. For one they are open and can be a black hole and you can lose stuff if you aren’t careful. The other problem is the budget ones are really flimsy (and I tend to go for the cheap ones so I can have more money to spend of nice supplies and because my cat likes to use them as a scratching post LOL!) In today’s video I’ll share my trick for overcoming both of those storage problems! Unfortunately I can’t help with the cat scratching problems but she leaves my good furniture alone so I’ll pick my battles:)

So, did you already know this trick? I love finding tips to better use my space and have my supplies readily available. Please share any tips you have in the comments below and til next time happy crafting!

A Tour of My Workdesk & How I store Acrylic Paint!

Hi friends! Over the next week or two I will be rolling out videos on how I updated my craft area over the past year. I filmed a pretty in depth studio tour last year that you can see here if you like but I have changed a few things since then as I discovered new ways I like to work. I get a lot of questions about the items on my desk when it’s shown in videos so that’s what I am going over in this video:

I also came up with a better way to store my acrylic paint this week. I had a jumble of different sized tubes and brands including 30+ more large tubes that were from a freelance project I just finished up and they would not have fit in my previous storage. I also had the issue with my kids using my acrylics and accidentally grabbing an oil paint tube because they were sharing the same storage rack. I really love this solution!

I hope this sparked some ideas for you. My studio isn’t fancy but it works for me and if you do prefer a pristine all white studio but you are on a budget you can always grab a can of enamel white trim paint (and a can of white spray paint for plastic) can change the color of your furniture and bins to match your preferences on a budget. Thanks for watching and til next time happy crafting!