Pretty Spring Collages!

Hi friends! Today we are going to decoupage some canvasses for spring/summer decor!


Some calendars are too pretty to throw away and I came across this pretty one I got at the dollar tree a couple years ago when I was cleaning my craft room. I added some mulberry paper, vellum and paint to make two 16″x20″ canvasses to hang on either side of my mirror over my fireplace. Watch the video for full step by step instructions!


1. Cover canvas with mulberry paper using matte mod podge (wrap excess paper to the back for a finished edge.
2. Adhere vellum/tissue and then adhere cut-out shapes with mod podge.
3. Let dry.
4. Apply rose paint mixed with mod podge to make a glaze to the edges of the canvas. Repeat with brown and black to make it look antique.
5. Add screw eyes and water to the back of the canvas frame and hang on the wall!


Video sponsored by LAVA Soap! Visit the LAVA Soap website for money saving coupons and to find a store near you! Thanks for watching! If you have any ideas of what I should put on my mantle to go with the collages let me know in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

A Quick Spring Wreath with Dollar Store Supplies!

Hi friends! Are you looking for a fast and fun Spring project? This project can be made quickly and inexpensively using a 10″ wreath form from the dollar tree. You can use this same method to make larger wreaths as well, you just need a bigger Styrofoam wreath form if you want to do that. I recommend that if you are doing this with kids (it would be a great classroom or Sunday School craft) that you stick to the 10″ wreaths because it won’t take as much money, supplies or space to make. Why is Styrofoam so expensive anyway? Probably because it is an ecological nightmare which brings me to the other great thing about this project, it is all put together with straight pins so you can easily undo and redo it as many times as you like so you can keep reusing it season after season and not feel bad for your Styrofoam consumption.


I mention the wreath size because you are not going to gain a lot of bulk on this wreath. This is the same size form I used for my Christmas bauble wreath (glue method) but that one ends up being much larger because you are adding chunky ornaments all around it. This wreath pretty much ends u the size of the form so if you want a door size wreath you will want it bigger. Just measure before you buy:)

Full instructions in today’s video!

You can find most of the supplies you need at the dollar tree and you can order online and have it shipped for free to your nearest store. This is handy because my store often runs out of the good stuff:) You must buy 4 wreath forms if ordering online though so you might try my Christmas Bauble wreath or split the order with friends or make some to sell at a craft fair! It is still cheaper than one wreath form at the craft store! Look at your own craft stash to see what you have that will work on a spring wreath before buying new, if you need supplies I have shopped around and found decent prices on the basics. Affiliate links below.


Be creative and use the supplies you have on hand to make your wreath fun and unique! I hope spring has spring in your part of the world, we are just starting to get a peek of it in Maine! Today is supposed to be sunny and 63 so I think I will try to enjoy part of my day outside! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Make a Trendy Hanging Shelf for Under $20 with The Idaho Painter!

Hi friends! Today Chris Berry, the Idaho Painter is going to teach you how to make this stylish hanging rope shelf in under 2 hours and for under 20 bucks! If you enjoy this DIY check out the other home improvement projects on The Idaho Painters YouTube channel!


Watch the step by step tutorial to see how it’s done!

I think this looks great and would really go with a beach themed cottage. Is it summer yet? Thanks again to Chris The Idaho Painter for allowing me to share this video with you. Til next time happy crafting!

Abstract Fall Wall Art in Acrylics {no painting experience needed!}

Hi friends! Once a month I make a quick and easy art project for HGMM. They want projects that anyone can do, even if they have never picked up a brush before. If that sounds like you, or someone you know, then this is the perfect beginner tutorial.


Watch the video to see how we build up the fun fall wall art!


  • Acrylic paint (I used regular and metallic Turner Acryl Gouache)
  • 16″x20″ canvas
  • A variety of brushes for painting and stenciling

You can use different stencils and motifs depending on the season or your personal tastes! Thanks for watching and til next time happy crafting!

Toy Box to Sports Equipment Storage Makeover!

Hi friends! When my son outgrew his toy box it was eschewed onto the porch to hold baseball and softball gear. It is real wood and in great shape but it had a bright yellow paint job with accents of sharpie doodled on by a young child.


I can’t believe I didn’t take photo of the before, at least you will see it on film:) I am really pleased with how it came out. I tried wet distressing on chalk paint and that was way cleaner and easier than sanding for a distressed look. Why am I telling you all of this? Just watch the video and watch the transformation!



*Note, you can use a wax if the piece will be indoors but this toy box will live on the porch so I opted for a urethane based topcoat.


The great thing about chalk type paint is how it covers and preps in one step and the ability to wet distress it back. It is a bit more pricey than other acrylic paint but the quality of the paint and the ease of use makes up for it. Also you can use the coupon code FRUGAL to save 10% on your order at our sponsor Heirloom Tradition Paint. Do you have any furniture makeover plans? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

I Painted My Couch!

Hi friends! Have you ever started a project and thought “What have I gotten myself into?” I had met my Waterloo. I could have started with a small upholstered chair seat but no, I had to paint my huge living room sofa that we use every day. Well, you know what they say about painting a couch, once you start there is no turning back.


This is how the couch started out, it was all the rage back in 1988, and while I like the shape of it the colors were not my cup of tea.  Also, the skirt has to go.


And after a few hours of labor (and skeptical looks from my family) this is what I ended up with:


Watch the video to see the transformation and learn what to do and what no to do when painting your fabric furniture! The step-by-step tutorial is about 14 minutes, after that I go over troubleshooting and frequently asked questions so if you are considering painting a couch stick around til the end.


Supplies from Heirloom Traditions Paint SAVE 10% with coupon code FRUGAL
Fab! Tinted and All in One Primer/Sealer
Chalk Paint in Basque and A La Mode
Chalk Paint Brushes

Other supplies: Kraft paper bag, fine grit sanding sponge, vacuum

1. Apply a coat of Fab tinted primer on clean and vacuumed fabric. Let dry and sand with a paper bag.
2. Apply a coat of chalk paint, do not dilute with water. Let dry.
3. Sand fabric gently with a sanding sponge, then follow up with a brown bag.
4. Repeat sets 2 & 3 if desired. I did one coat because I liked having the strips show through.
5. Apply one coat of Fab! All in One sealer and let dry. Finish with a light paper bag sanding.

ALWAYS vacuum after sanding and before proceeding with another coat of finish.

By using these supplies and following these steps your painted furniture will not peel, crack or transfer color to anyone’s clothing. the FAB! makes your water based paint more flexible and durable so it can move with your fabric upholstery. It also makes your fabric easier to wash which would be great for a playroom or outdoor furniture! Honestly my couch is a bit stiffer than it was originally but the final coat of FAB! softened it noticeably so see the project through to the end!

Project estimates:
Large couch:3 fab kits (more if porous material) 2 quarts paint
Love seat: 2 fab kits, 1 quart paint
Chair: 1 fab kit, 1 quart paint (you will have leftovers so make accent pieces!) If you have a set of chairs with upholstered seats only a quart of paint and i FAB! kit should suffice.

Let me know if you have questions in the comments below and good luck!I want to thank Heirloom Traditions Paint for sponsoring this post and thank you for stopping by! Til next time happy crafting!

From Shabby to Chic! Up-cycled Step Stool!

Hi friends! Let’s face it, I’m short. At least at 5’4″ I feel short when I am trying to reach some art supply I have stacked to the ceiling in my craft room! 😀 I decided I should stop risking my life standing on my rolling chair every time I needed to reach something and find a sturdy step stool. Turns out we still had a step stool from when the kids were little but it had seen better days…


…it was banged up and had some weird adhesive stickiness on the top from when one of my daughters covered it with fancy duct tape but I love projects like this because there is no place to go but up! Since I am extremely lazy I decided to wet-wipe that bad-boy down and slap on a coat of Heirloom Traditions chalk paint. Let me tell you chalk paint is the best thing to happen to a lazy crafter, just sayn. That is ALL I had to do to prepare this step stool for the stenciling, decoupaging and ink jet gel transfer techniques I will share with you in today’s video!


This is an easy project perfect for a beginner!

Supplies available at Heirloom Traditions Paint, save 10% with coupon code FRUGAL



  1. Wipe down the stool with a damp rag and apply a coat of chalk paint. *You can apply another coat if need be.
  2. Stencil on designs in colors that match your them. I was going for French country shabby chic.
  3. Paint a layer of 1gel (gently with a soft brush) on your ink jet print and press it to the stool. Smooth it down and let dry for at least an hour.
  4. Spray the ink jet paper with water and carefully rub away the paper.
  5. Seal the stool with another coat of 1gel and while that is still wet add your collage elements. I cut up a pretty calendar I bought last year at the dollar store, it was perfect for this!
  6. Add spray wax if desired.

Tips: You can sand back the colored wax if you got a bit carried away or if you want ti distress the piece. I found out later that a wet sponge or brush would have given me the look I was after. 🙂 When you decoupage be sure to add 1gel to the back of your paper as well as the surface you are applying to and them add a coat of 1gel on top for a perfect finish.


I hope you enjoyed this project and it inspired you to spruce up some old thing around your house! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


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