Embossed Vellum Candy Filled Ornaments!

Hi friends! You can whip this project up in a flash. It is a great idea when you need a bunch of inexpensive goodies for a large group!


From each sheet of 8 1/2″ x 11″ vellum you get 4 ornaments. You can use any paper or cardstock if you don’t have vellum, in fact, you could probably use wrapping paper! Watch the video for a new spin on an old favorite (the sour cream packet!)


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I love a quick and easy project I can make is big batches, just add candy and you will have one happy group of people! Happy crafting!



Pretty Winter Scene Card! LEARN Partial Embossing & Masking

Hi friends! I really enjoyed making this card and it is very easy too! It used limited supplies and you probably have nearly everything you need to make it!


I love the partial embossing technique, it really gets that “How’d you do that!?!” response which is always fun! I just realized that I would be a lousy magician because I love to give away my secrets LOL! Watch the video and yu can learn how to do this technique too!


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You can adapt this idea to other seasons as well. Experiment with inks and stamps to create sensational scenes! If you liked this video please consider sharing it with a friend using one of the handy sharing buttons below or pin it on Pinterst! That helps other like-minded crafters find my blog. Sharing is caring! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

You have my permission…

Hi friends! I get asked often by students if they can follow a tutorial of mine and then make their painting into Christmas card or other greeting and I want to go on the record and say YES! I post these tutorials so you can learn and copy them and if you have one you want to share with your friends and family then please do! Heck maybe they will want to learn to paint as well after being inspired by you and you can send them my way. Sharing is caring! Today I have a painting demo of a cardinal done in watercolor and colored pencils. It was my second attempt. This was the first. He reminds me of the angry bird from the video game LOL!


Do you notice a resemblance?

I was very frustrated after the first attempt so I tried again.


Although looking at the first painting the next day I realized that it wasn’t so bad. Either we are bad judges of our own work while we are painting or painting elves come in when we are asleep and fix our mistakes. What do you think? Either way, moral of the story, don’t give up on a painting until the next day!



  • Watercolors (Joiart set of 24 $15.99 set of 24 12ml tubes)
  • Watercolor paper (Canson Monteville 9″x12″ 20 sheet pad $11.44)
  • Prismacolor pencils (prices varies between set size)  Colors used below:
    938 white
    1023 cloud blue
    965 cold grey dark
    935 black
    946 dark brown
    908 dark green
    988 marine green
    1004 yellow chartreuse
    942 yellow ochre
    918 orange
    923 scarlet lake
    924 crimson red
  • Princeton Neptune brushes 1/2 oval wash and #12 round
  • Royal Aqualon liner and #6 round

I compiled a bunch of real-time video tutorials that would make great Christmas cards, gifts or holiday decorations into the playlist below. Feel free to paint them and do what you wish with the paintings (yes, even sell them at craft fairs!) Honestly the only restriction I have with students copying my designs is not to submit them for publication as work submitted for publication should be the artist’s concept and execution, it protects you and me:)

I hope this post inspires you to get your brush wet today! This blog post contains affiliate links to Amazon and I am compensated if purchases are made after clicking the links at no additional cost to you. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


We Wish You a “Meowy” Christmas and A “Yappy” New Year!

Howdy friends! I have a couple new cards to share and they feature some of my favorite things: animals wearing clothing and puns.


I colored a bunch of these cats and dogs last week (you can see a tutorial on coloring the animals in last weeks video) while watching TV and I decided to use them right away on these cards. They were quick, easy and fun to make. Most of the time spent on this was the coloring I did before hand. I like to have a bunch of images stamped out and ready to color while I watch TV. It’s also helpful if you are trying not to snack in the evening as your hands are busy:) Look, you get a craft and dieting tips all in one place, how do you like that? Anyway, let’s go to the video!

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  • Stamp set Katselkraft Dogs
  • Stamp Set Katzelkraft Funny Accessories
  • Stamp Set Katzelcraft Cats
  • White cardstock
  • Alcohol markers
  • Black fine tip pen (03 micron)
  • Solid color cardstock or card bases or pre cut A2 Cards
  • Double sided tape (ATG)
  • Liquid Glue (Zip Dry)
  • Brads, ribbon or other desired embellishments
  • Dye based ink (Aqua, pink, lime green, red)
  • Music notes embossing folder
  • fine tip scissors

Want more inspiration? Check out this belated birthday card using the cat’s set! I hope you give these ideas a try to til next time happy crafting!


Canvas Giveaway and Acrylic Painting Cactus Tutorial!

Edited to add contest winners! Congrats to Tina Rich, Jane and Velma Hutchison. All the winners were notified via email and need to reply to the email I sent. The contest is closed. Thanks for playing!

Hi friends! Tonight I have an exciting giveaway, a multipack of 28 canvases! I will pick 3 winners of this prize pack from our sponsor Arteza so make sure you leave a comment below for a chance to win. Everything I have tried from Arteza has been wonderful and the prices are incredibly low so if you are in the need of some art, craft or quilting supplies give them a try and use the coupon code THEFRUGALCRAFTER10 to save an additional 10% on your order!


Today we will paint a cactus in a cup in acrylics! It is a great beginner tutorial and cactus themed stuff is so on trend right now. Watch the video to see how it’s done!


Supplies (From Arteza)

You can find the video and links to the mini ornament canvases in this blog post.

This was a lot of fun to paint and I really like the quality of the canvas panels from Arteza. I hope you give them a try! Don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win a multipack of 28 canvas panels, I’ll choose 3 winners next Monday! If you want to shop for some supplies be sure to use the coupon code THEFRUGALCRAFTER10 to save10% but don’t wait, offer expires 1/3/18. That’s all for today, thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!



3 Cute Christmas Canvasses! Beginner Acrylic Tutorial!

Hi friends! These cute mini canvasses take about 10 minutes to paint each and can be a fun, inexpensive family or classroom activity!


I created a free printable template sized for 3″x3″ canvases if you want an easy way to reproduce these. I used graphite paper to transfer my design. Free free to use the pattern on watercolor paper if you prefer. Watch the video to see how to paint them!


These would be cute attached to gifts, sitting on a mantle or windowsill, as place cards on the dinner table, hung from a tree or even used as magnets. How would use display them?


Tips for creating this project in a group!

  • Give each person a place to work. Set out a square of newspaper, a palette (palette paper, waxed paper or freezer paper are a great option) and a water bucket, paper towel and a few brushes. *You can even have the designs transferred onto the canvases before they begin!
  • Paint the backgrounds first.
  • Remind new painters to wipe extra water off their brush after rinsing so they don’t dilute the acrylic paint.
  • Tell new painters that they can practise their brush strokes on the newspaper.
  • When you are done you can fold-up the newspaper, paper towel and palette paper into  neat packet for disposal. *A note about recycling: Many recycle centers will not take newspaper with paint on it but these paper products will biodegrade in the landfill and I believe use fewer resources than washing out palettes and paint mats. You don’t want excess paint down the drain.  This is my opinion, you can do what it right for you:)

I hope you enjoyed this project and I would love it if you painted it with friends! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Make this gift! Wine Cork Key Chains!

Hi friends! This craft will help you use up some wine corks and random beads and you will end up with a beautiful sparkly bauble that you can tie to a present, hang from the tree or use as a key chain!


It’s really easy and inexpensive. Watch the video to see how!

This video is sponsored by Rubber Stamp Tapestry! Use coupon code: FRUGALDECEMBER17 – 20% off ALL STAMPS! Coupon expires December 31, 2017. Become a Peg Stamp VIP here & get the deepest weekly discounts available

Supplies from Rubber Stamp Tapestry:

Other Supplies:



  1. remove printing from a rubber wine cork with nail polish remover or by sanding.
  2. Stamp on a design and color it if desired,
  3. Insert eye pins to each end and put a key ring on the top.
  4. Cut 4 strands of tiger tail beading wire about 8″ long and place though bottom eye ring. Slide on a large hole bead to corral all the wires.
  5. Select a wire and string on beads ending with a seed bead and add a crimp bead to secure. Check to make sure the crimp is secure and trim the wire. Repeat for the remaining wires.
  6. Tie a ribbon o the key ring for a festive look! Seal the ends of the ribbon with fray-check or clear glue.

Do you have any quick gift ideas that are easy and fun to make? Let us know in the comments below and til next time happy crafting!

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