Easy Winter Decorations!

Hi Friends! Looks like we are going to get some snow tonight! We had a 50 degree green Christmas yesterday but the weatherman says 1″-3″ of snow tonight and 4″-8″ on Tuesday. I am glad to have snow when the kids are on break because then we won’t have to go anywhere and they can play in it! Even if you are not getting snow where you live ay least you can make some paper snowflakes! I’ll show you how with inexpensive doilies from our sponsor Papermart!

I also want to let you know that Papermart is having an after Christmas clearance sale with 30% off selected items, just click on the after clearance banner on the Papermart website to see all the deals. The Candy Cane stripe and Christmas tree ribbon might have to come live at my house, it would look fantastic on kraft paper packages! They even have Disney and Simpsons Christmas wraps and stockings!


I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season:) I have been feeling off all week (I know I’m sick when the smell of coffee turns my stomach and my energy is zapped!) but it’s probably my body telling me to rest and enjoy the holiday break with the family. Stay safe and healthy and til next time happy crafting!



Santa’s Magic Key!

Hi Friends! I have been a bit wiped out the last 2 days but I think I feel my energy coming back! I wanted to get this post up early today in cast you don’t have a chimney and need a way for Santa to get in your home to deliver presents!


If your child is worried that there is no chimney to come down they can leave a magic key outside, only Santa has the magic to use it to open your door! The cute Santa stamp is from our sponsor ArtNeko. This video also contains a relaxing coloring tutorial, if you need a bit of relaxation today give it a look!

Remember to mention “the frugal crafter” anytime you order from ArtNeko to receive a 10% discount or free shipping over $50. I better get back to my holiday work, being sick yesterday put me behind! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Coloring Book Winners & A Quick Tip for Leftover Gift Wrap!

Hi Friends! It was a cold rainy day up here in Maine (no white Christmas for us, I guess mother nature though the 5 months of snow we had last year was enough LOL!) and I have been tired and achy all darn day. I am on the couch with a hot cup of tea and a heating pad blogging trying to stave off any potential illness. It’s gonna be an early night for me I think:) I wanted to make sure I announced the winners of the Color It coloring book giveaway. The randomly chosen winners are:

Ann Roberts

Nancy (from California)


In case there are more than 3 people with these names I have replied to the winners comments with my email addy, I like to email the winner directly but my email was not letting me, probably because I had the words “you won the giveaway” in the email and yahoo thought I was trying to send spam. Good grief.  Some days everything is a struggle and today was one of those LOL! Thanks to all who entered, there were almost 700 entries, I think it is so cute that more people signed up for a chance to win inexpensive coloring books then other expensive art materials in the past. Just goes to show you we are all young at heart!

Today’s tip is a quick and frugal one, how to make a pretty bow from leftover wrapping paper!

I have been putting these on gifts left and right, I think they are so pretty and it is better than throwing those scraps away! Well, I am going to go to bed early tonight so I can have a productive day tomorrow (I still have one more Christmas gift to finish!) so thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


Decopauge Ink Jet Prints! {& last minute DIY gifts!}

Hi friends! Christmas is this Friday so tonight I am sharing a few last minute gifts you still have a chance to make:


Wrapped candy bars are great gifts for kids to give their classmates, a lovely scented candle is a nice hostess gift and who can resist a keepsake ornament commemorating a special occasion like puppy’s first Christmas? But I think the most exciting thing is being able to decoupage ink jet prints like I did to make coasters but you can use this technique to decoupage ink jet printouts on whatever you like! Watch the video to see how:

The images I used on these projects are from our sponsor GraphicStock. They are giving all of my viewers $50 off a year subscription to their site (Regular $99)So if you need high quality royalty free artwork for your craft projects or your art business check them out!

Digital images from Graphic stock, a computer and ink jet printer
White paper and cardstock
Red and green cardstock
Mod-Podge and paintbrush
Old credit card
paper towels
Rubbing alcohol
Clear spray paint
Ceramic tiles (Home Depot)
Acrylic Dog Bone Shape (Punch Place Plus)
Metal number and letter stamps, anvil, hammer and soft metal stamping blank
Black sharpie
Craft knife and ruler and cutting mat
Candy bars
Jar candle

All of the instructions for making these quick gifts are in the video above! Enjoy these quick projects and til next time happy crafting!

Paint a Ballet Dancer with me LIVE! Free pattern download here!

Hi friends! Today at 2pm Eastern Time I will have another live painting tutorial. We will paint this ballet dancer with a $10 box of pastels. This is another Craft-mas Collaboration, I think by now time you could use a little relaxing painting time right? I have teamed up this week with Cinnamon Cooney-The Art Sherpa, she will be doing an acrylic painting or a ballet dress AFTER my live show on her channel! This painting reminds me of the Nutcracker ballet:


You can watch it live here (the replay will be available right after the broadcast so don’t worry if you can’t watch live) but if you want to join in the chat and ask me questions as we go be sure to watch on the YouTube watch page.


  • Chalk pastels (use what you have, my cost me $10 at Jerry’s)
  • Pastel pencils (if you have them, they make the details on the face easier)
  • Black Paper (I am using Canson MiTintes rough side but contraction paper is fine)
  • Other handy accessories: Sandpaper & knife for sharpening pastels, kneaded eraser or poster putty. Also have a trash bin handy to tap off excess dust from you paper.
  • Reference photo
  • Pattern (see below)


To transfer the pattern to back paper simply rub the back of the pattern with white chalk, then place the pattern on your black paper and trace. Your sketch will be white on the black paper. Works like a charm!


How About a Giveaway?

I will be giving this painting away after the live show, to enter all you need to do is leave a comment after the show! Also for more artsy-fartsy fun make sure to visit my friend The Art Sherpa, she is doing a ballet dress in acrylics live at 4pm ET (after my show) and I will be hanging out in the live chat during her broadcast and I’d love it if you joined me!

If you missed any of the past 12 Days of CRAFTmas videos you can see them all here! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Let’s Make a Paper Gift Bow! (& glitter tags!)

Hi friends! I have a quick and fun project for you tonight!


These paper bows are fun and a great way to use up strips of paper. The gift box, tag and glitter I am using are from our sponsor Papermart!

Watch the video to see how!

Tip, thick glossy paper is tougher to glue but a helpful viewer KINDERCRAFTS shared this tip: “The way I put my bows together is on each strip, once you overlap the ends, punch a small hole. Then I use a long gold or silver or colored brad, start with the smallest strips first, and layer the bow on the brad. The last row of (larger) strips are more tight and this brings the bow all together. Close the brad, and you can fix the bow if it needs it. Then you can use a strong double-sided tape to glue the rolled strip in the middle.” Honestly, my viewers are the smartest folks out there:D

Brown/Magenta box
Kraft Gift Tag
Fuchsia Glitter
Hot Glue & Double sided tape
Scissors and paper trimmer

Here are the sizes of paper strips you will need:
eight 1″x6″ strips
four 1″x5″ strips
one 1″x4″ strip

*Cut a 12″x12″ paper in 1″ strips and then cut the shorter pieces from that. Use extra strips for the “ribbon” on the box.

You can use wet glue in place of the Scor-Tape on the glitter tag, it will work just as well but will need time to dry. Now I realize that you might not have time to make paper bows for Christmas gifts but they are great anytime of year, I hope you try them! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Decorate with me! Christmas Fireplace Mantel 2015!

Hi friends! First I must apologize that there is no stamp school this week, but I did post a beginner watercolor pencil card the other day that you might like. Preparing for Christmas has put me a bit behind schedule, I’m sure many of you can relate:) I will have a Stamp School next week, I am just debating weather or not next week will be too late to post a final Christmas project, let me know in the comments below if you want another Christmas project or something else, I am open to suggestions!


Today I want to share my fireplace mantel. Honestly, we bought this house almost 17 years ago because of the fireplace (well, I did, hubby was more impressed with the practical housey stuff LOL!) and I still love it! We put a wood-burning fireplace insert in it a few years ago because it was drafty and even though we loved using the fireplace it did not provide much heat unless you were sitting on the hearth LOL! It was the best decision we ever made. Anyway, I love it and it is fun to decorate! I went to Michaels and got some new things to DIY for this years display. I also used Chalk Finish Mod-Podge for the first time, it was very interesting. Check out the tutorial for the DIY projects and other mantle decorating tips!


Hmmm,I did not realize until after I shot the video how much my monogram “W” looks like a Volkswagen hood ornament haha! I hope this inspired you to decorate your mantle, or, a shelf if you don’t have a fireplace. Remember there is no right or wrong way to do it and if you don’t like it you can move stuff around until you do! Thank you for spending some of your precious holiday time with me and til next time happy crafting!


The video was a paid collaboration with Plaid and Michaels Craft Stores.

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