The Easy Way to Build a Pinata!

Howdy friends! I love pinatas! As soon as my kids were old enough to wield a wiffle ball bat I made shaped pinatas for their parties. Their is nothing better than being blindfolded and whacking a moving object to make candy fly out in all directions! Pinatas are expensive to fill so why not save money […]

WOYWW: Pinata!

Howdy folks! I started training for a race today. My son runs cross country for his school and every year they have a “parent race” and I figure what’s good for the goose is good for the gander so I am going to run it. I have 2 goals: To finish the race and not […]

I Like to Make Pinatas!

It’s true, I do. There is something very satisfying with turning cardboard (destined for the recycle bin) and leftover party streamers into something beautiful:   Best of all you can make a pinata to go with any party theme and match any color scheme! Here’s how:   So, earlier in the week I promised to share […]