Let’s Fix Bad Paintings! And 40% off classes!

Hi friends! I am such a ding-dong! I did a live tutorial yesterday and completely forgot to mention that my Memorial Day sale is live in my Teachable school. Save 40% on any class using the coupon code 40OFFMEM23 now through Memorial Day! I don’t have sales often so I make them good! Don’t wait to grab that class or bundle you had your eye on! Click Add coupon at checkout and type in the code 40OFFMEM23 to get 40% off! Now, on to the live-stream replay!

I forgot to take before photos of my paintings so I took some screenshots. The flower pot painting was the last one we did and I really didn’t do too much to it. Here is the before:

And here is the after:

The birch tree wasn’t bad but I didn’t like the rushed, sloppy inking. Here is the before:

And here is the after. I scraped in some paint and added leaves. It was a pretty easy one to finish.

This was the landscape we spent the most time on in the video. I was very frustrated painting this and quit on location after about 15 minutes but just as I tell my students, often the reason you don’t like a painting is that it just isn’t done yet and I think that was the case here. This is the before…

…and here is the after. It needed more time. I am super happy with the result tho, it is much better and I really enjoyed finishing it up with you.

The moral of this video is two-fold. 1. Your sketchbook does not need to be perfect and every painting doesn’t need to be finished. It might just be a spark to start you on something else or even just practice or a way to work out an idea. Every page won’t be perfect. Learn and grow in your sketchbook free of judgment and pressure to perform. 2. You can always go back to old sketches and work on them, try new ideas and play. After all, it’s just a piece of paper and even if you “ruin” the painting you will have learned something! Don’t forget the 40% off sale is on through Memorial Day in my Teachable school. Save 40% with coupon code 40OFFMEM23 now through Memorial Day. Happy crafting!