Painting on Round Watercolor Paper (Petunia real-time painting tutorial with 4 colors)

Hi friends, we went to Belfast last weekend and I popped into my favorite little art shop there called Fiddleheads. I saw some beautiful handmade round watercolor paper packs there and decided to try them out!

Here is the reference photo I took. A few blooms fell off of the potted petunia I got for my mom for mothers day so I put them in a shot glass, Fancy!

The paper surface is hot-pressed and smoother than other handmade papers I have used. I really liked it! You can check it out and paint along in today’s tutorial

Supplies (Affiliate links used)

I think if I were to frame this I would mount it on a black matboard and then cut a square mat to go around the paper so you can see the pretty deckle edge and then frame it in a sure frame. They make 12″ square frames for record albums and scrapbook pages so they are pretty easy to find. Would you frame it? Happy crafting!


4 thoughts on “Painting on Round Watercolor Paper (Petunia real-time painting tutorial with 4 colors)

  1. Please don’t worry so much about how long your video takes. I think once people are painting, they are having a good time, and don’t even realize how long it’s taking. Besides, most following, are probably a little slower than you are anyway and need to catch up.

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