Replay of the Michaels Live OnLine class (Pattern Download Included)

Hi friends! Today I am sharing a replay of the Michaels class I taught live over ZOOM last Friday.

You can download a resizable JPG of the carnation pattern here or a PDF sized to fit a 5″x7″ greeting card here. Please note that zoom recordings can be a bit pixelated so if you need to see more detail in the linework refer to your printable pattern.


  • Waterproof pens such as the Derwent Linemakers
  • Color media such as Derwent Inktense pans, pencils or blocks
  • Watercolor greeting card or your preferred watercolor paper
  • graphite transfer paper
  • pencil

I hope you enjoyed this replay of the live Michaels class. Thanks for watching and til next time happy crafting!


7 thoughts on “Replay of the Michaels Live OnLine class (Pattern Download Included)

  1. Thank you Lindsay.I needed this today.Just broke my ankle. Was needing a fun summer. Now, that’s not happening.At least, I can sit and paint.Thank you. Gwen Gordon – email: – call:  530-432-9818 – text:  530-913-9161

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  2. Lindsay I had a starter set of Inktense pencils that I used for this project and loved working with them – and trying to figure out how to fix my mistakes). I know Inktense are a tricky medium to learn. Would you ever consider doing a for pay course on Inktense or maybe if that’s too much time for you, possibly a for pay workshop where you first teach drills that we could practice to help get the hang of this medium, and then we do a project? I know you’re super busy, but I’m thinking there might be a lot of interest in taking a deeper dive into this medium- especially since there were many of us who really enjoyed the Michaels class. Thanks for your thoughts!!

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    1. Thanks for the suggestion, I will think about it! I will try and do some more tutorials anyway!


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