Magnolias on Velour Paper with Pan Pastel!

Hi friends! Today we are going to experiment with Pan Pastels on Velour paper. the paper feels flocked and the fun thing about this paper is that it really grabs soft pastel so I never feel the need for fixative on it. I don’t care for using fixative so it’s good for me. I think I prefer stick pastels on this paper tho.

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I have a funny story about why I decided to use this paper today. The storage shelf I store my art books and 9″x12″ papers collapsed the other day (luckily none of my papers was damaged) and so I had to go through and pick up everything on that shelf and I had forgotten how much I loved that paper. It’s a good reminder to go through everything once in a while so you can find treasures you forgot about. For some reason I love to organize my art stuff, I wish I was that way about all of my belongings. Happy crafting!