My House Might be Haunted / Sat Chat 5/13/23

Hi friends! This week has been a full one! I’ll tell you all about it in today’s video but first I want to wish a happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there. I hope you have a fantastic day tomorrow.

Stuff I mentioned:

That all from me today! I spent the day in Belfast, Mr. Frugal and I had lunch and wandered around. I bought some handmade watercolor paper at Fiddleheads. It was a good day. I think I will do a bit of cleaning in my disaster of an office. I want to set it up for a successful workweek and I will be away visiting my mom and sister tomorrow. I am hoping for good weather so I can keep the top down on the convertible. I hope you have an amazing weekend! Happy crafting!


6 thoughts on “My House Might be Haunted / Sat Chat 5/13/23

  1. Oh spent a dy sketching as I walked around flowers at a museum and I loved. At first I was thinking should I make them realistic and then I don’t care and It was great.

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  2. If your house IS haunted it would only be by happy sunshine and rainbow spirits—😉. Just glad you didn’t get squished by the falling bookcase! Happy painting and crafting!!!!!!!

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