An Easy Watercolor Landscape Paint Along!

Hi friends! Before we get into today’s tutorial I want to remind you that I am teaching a free live class tomorrow at Michaels. It is at 2pm Eastern Time and we will be painting ink and wash carnations on a watercolor greeting card perfect for Mother’s Day or any occasion. Sign up here if you are interested, it is absolutely free and a replay will be available if you can’t make it:) When the weather gets warm all I wanna do is go outside to paint! My daughter Maizy and I jumped in the convertible with our watercolor gear and went to the stream to paint today! It was so fun and I posted photos on Instagram if you want to see. I love all stages of spring, my friend Micki Harper took a photo and shared it on Facebook and gave me permission to paint it. This is how it turned out.

Follow along in the video below!

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I hope you try this painting for yourself and I hope it inspires you to get outside and paint! I am off to teach the project I am teaching tomorrow for Michaels to people at my local library. Wish me luck! I hope to see you at the Michael’s class tomorrow if you are able to attend. Happy crafting!


3 thoughts on “An Easy Watercolor Landscape Paint Along!

  1. Hi Lindsay, I missed your class today. I got a notice at 11 am Paciific time saying its in one hour. So I was an hour late. I did realize about 10 min after the text that it was as 11 as I remember. So I was too late and couldn’t get into the class. I was about 30 minutes late as I had to turn on my modem and computer. I will catch the replay. Are there limitations on the replay I wonder? Have a great weekend and mother’s day!

    Patti Douglas

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    1. no limitations but I think the livestream is clearer to watch. The replay is on my blog now.


      1. Hi Lindsay! Thank you. Oh, I wanted to tell you somehow….here is a good place. Ohuhu’s website has single alcohol markers Honolulu for sale in singles, buy more of one and save too!

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