Let’s Paint Beautiful Daffodils!

Hi friends! Spring has finally sprung in Maine. We get a lot of false starts up here but when I see the daffodils in bloom I know good weather is on the way!

I hope you enjoy this real-time tutorial and you paint along with me! There are several points in the video where I think you could stop painting and have a lovely picture. As usual, I had to keep adding more and more but please don’t think that you have to. If you like it after one layer then you can stop.

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So, did you like the painting better earlier in the process before I added all of the other stuff to it? I like how it turned out but watching the video back there were parts when I wish I stopped. I like the early on loose and fresh look but it’s also fun to push it and see what you will get. By the way, I had a few people ask me about the colors in my large studio palette and I am planning a video on that later this week on Youtube. I have more videos on my YouTube channel than I have on my blog so have a look if you need some more DIY inspiration! Happy crafting!