Well, this is exciting!

Hi friends! I have some exciting news to share! Royal & Langnickle has finally released the Art Instructor kits that I filmed tutorials for a few years ago! I just got mine in the mail! check out the unboxing in this video!

I made a playlist that includes this unboxing and all of the tutorials from the Royal & Langnickel YouTube here if you want to see them. I am hoping these kits will soon be available in all major art and craft stores. The artwork was created with the supplies from the kits but I do want to let you know that these are student-grade, budget friends supplies. They are not professional art supplies. They are kits to get you started and they use the standard Royal & Langnickle products. Here are some photos of the kits.

That’s all for today. I just wanted to share my excitement! Happy crafting!