Pretty Pastel Peacock!

Hi friends! Got 30 minutes? Give the easy pastel painting a try!

pastel painting of a peacock

Follow along with the video, and feel free to use the pastels and paper you have!

Supplies (affiliate links used)

Happy crafting!


4 thoughts on “Pretty Pastel Peacock!

  1. Your peacock looks gorgeous! I watched your video on this. But I have a question: I am looking at some soft pastels on Amazon. Mungyo has a nice set of 48 for 28,89 at Jerry’s Artarama or I think it was 25.00 on Amazon. The reviews look good. I also saw Ohuhu has a set of 72 for 22 dollars on Amazon. Have you tried these yet? I do have pan pastels but haven’t used them yet and a set of pastel pencils. But since I haven’t used the pan pastels yet I thought a set of sticks would work nice together with the pencils and pan pastels. I have used stick pastels in the past (way past). and I liked them. Anyway for under 30 dollars I would like to get a set. I think Mungyo would be a better choice. What is your thought if you don’t mind either sharing your thoughts or a recommendation. Thanks Lindsay.

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    1. Mungyo is good and they make a lot of products for other companies so those pastels might be the same.


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