Sat Chat (a day late!) 3/4/23

Hi friends! I totally forgot to blog this yesterday, I blame my brain fog on the snow but today it is sunny and I feel nice and sharp! I am so glad it is March and even though we have a fresh 6″ of snow on everything from yesterday the bright blue skies have done my mood a world of good. I was actually so warm walking the dog this morning that I took off my gloves and it is supposed to hit 40 degrees today! Where did I put my Coppertone? Hopefully, this means I am turning a corner of the winter woes, I am off to meet some old college friends for lunch today and I am feeling super positive. Spring is right around the corner, right?

Stuff I mentioned:

After I filmed Sat Chat on Friday I did play with the Arrtx pastels and filmed a couple tutorials and the review for them so that will be up on my YouTube channel tomorrow. I have had some requests for watercolor tutorials so that is my next priority. It’s funny that my to-do list feels much more manageable when the sun is out. I wish I could bottle sunshine and crack it open on dreary days. Anyway, in case my chat seemed bleak please do not worry, I am fine, just a bit dramatic when winter gets me down. Happy crafting!