New Glasses, GALentines & Snow! Sat chat 1/21/23

Hi friends! I hope you are having a lovely Saturday. I just got back from walking the dog, the sun is out and the sky is the most brilliant blue against the fresh white snow! Penny met a couple new dogs and wanted to play with them until the owner let them loose and then she hid behind my legs until they left. Such a funny pup! I now have bread rising because Maizy called and asked if I would bake some bread for her and her friends. They are going to come over after hiking to hang out and have a snack. You are never too old to play in the snow or come home for some freshly baked bread apparently! Either that or college food is really bad. Either way, I’ll take it! Now for this week’s Sat Chat!

Stuff I mentioned:

Phew, that was quite a list of topics! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and til next time happy crafting!


13 thoughts on “New Glasses, GALentines & Snow! Sat chat 1/21/23

  1. I’m glad you did a crayon video. I have a bunch of different kinds and I was hoping for ideas. Also, I’m planning to buy the four year critique club videos on payday. Thanks for the discount.
    Margaret C.

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  2. Lindsay, just wanted to let you know that I love your long tutorials and watch all of them, especially like the pastels, mixed media, and watercolor ones, Thank you for making them!

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  3. Hi, Lindsay! I really like your new glasses; never mastered progressives myself. I followed the link and got the 2022 Teachables! Happy Birthday to me… Have a great week! Oh, yes on the Galentines!

    Joanne Grignol

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