They’re thick & I Like Them!

Hi friends! These markers are big and beautiful! I was sent the new release of Ohuhu Molokai markers the other day and I can’t stop drawing with them!

Sketchbook with marker illustration of a landscape surrounded by markers in their boxes

They come in 4 sets of 6 alcohol markers and they feature a 3/4″ nib on one end. You can pull the nib out (I tried it and show it at the end of the video) and refill with an alcohol ink of your choice (Ohuhu does not offer ink refills at this time but they plan to in the future for their most popular colors to start) making this an economical alternative to the empty wide marker Copic sells.

Marker sketch of Penny the dog with markers in the background.

You can see the markers on the Ohuhu website and on Amazon. See my full review in today’s video!

The Molokai wide markers use the same color names and numbers as the Honnalulu series (brush) markers. They would be a nice addition to that range.


  • Price
  • Good color selection of colors you would want in a large format (landscape, architecture, basics, greys)
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Nice amount of line width variation.
  • Fun to use
  • Color name and number are printed on the marker body
  • Comes with indexing stickers to color and put on the caps for accurate color identification
  • Nice reusable packaging with acts as a marker stand/storage and protects them.


  • Only available in 6 color sets, no open stock options
  • No refill ink or replacements nibs are available as of 1/17/23 (and it looks like the Copic wide nibs are not a match but you can use Copic or any other ink to refill them)
  • *This is a nitpick but I don’t link the one neutral grey in the grey set as the others are cool grey, I think they should have given us a darker cool grey instead of the random neutral grey.

Bottom line: I really enjoy using these! I hope they come out with a skintone or earth tone set because I would like to have these for large figure drawings. I think the sets are well thought out tho (except for the one neutral grey) and I plan to use them with my other markers. I am keeping them handy on my table so I do. I’d recommend starting with the Haycion oasis set if you want to try these out as there are some good landscape colors in there and that is where I think you would want to use wide-fill colors and see how you like them. I can’t wait to see what colors they have next, I hope they expand the line but they are off to a wonderful start! Or at least offer packs of empties or clears so we can make our own at a lower cost than Copic. I hope you found this review useful! Happy crafting!


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