I loved it, then hated it, then loved it again!

Hi friends! Do you ever go through a love/hate relationship with your art? I mean while you are painting? It’s going so well and then BAM! hot-mess time! I’m sorry to say that I think it is more of a regular occurrence than an exception to the rule. Especially when you are pushing yourself. That was the journey I went on with this painting.

I filmed this one for Critique Club. I knew I wanted to take my time on it and it was going to take a while so if you would like the in-depth 2-hour lesson for this chock-full of teachable moments you can find it up in Critique Club now in the January 2023 section. Critique Club is a monthly membership group where you can upload your art for feedback from me, enjoy monthly creative prompts, and paint along to over 90 real-time and in-depth tutorials like the one above (and 2 new ones are added every month!) all for $5 a month. It’s like Netflix for art LOL! Click here to learn more or sign up! Now, on to the timelapse of this painting and hopefully some inspirational words and gentle encouragement for anyone who also has a love/hate relationship with some paintings.

Supplies (Affiliate links used)

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24 paintings arranged in a grid

The yearly archives are best for students who would rather pay one price and get lifetime access to the tutorials. *The archives do not include the monthly creative prompts or the ability to upload original (non-tutorial) artwork for critique however you are more than welcome to upload the art you make following the included tutorials that you do for feedback.

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