Let’s Try Stained Glass!

Hi friends! For Christmas, my husband bought me a stained glass kit. I had mentioned I would like to try one of these MAKE Market pre-cut stained glass kits I saw at Michaels a few months ago and he picked one up for me. They normally sell for $30 but have gone on sale for 50% off so I was curious about the quality for that price. All I needed was a soldering iron and a few common items from around the house and I was off to the races! Watch the video to join me on this journey. BTW this is NOT a tutorial. Also if you are a nervous person my soldering setup might give you anxiety but I swear it is safer than it looks LOL!

I got some good tips from viewers over on YouTube. The general consensus was that I needed a hotter soldering iron, I didn’t need to leave gaps in the glass and the solder and flux that came in the kit were not the highest quality. Still, I made it through and it looks pretty good in the window from a distance:

What do you think? will you be picking up one of these kits to try? I honestly might grab a couple if I catch a sweet 50% off sale and use my own solder and flux. It would be worth it for the glass I think. It was something different and I like to try new things so I call it a win even though my technique left something to be desired. Learning is fun! Til next time happy crafting!


6 thoughts on “Let’s Try Stained Glass!

  1. I didn’t read the tips on the video so it you might have heard it already but keep the tip of soldering iron clean, heat can’t transfer through the soldering stuck to the tip.

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  2. Hi Lindsay, yes, I think they are so cool.I could not believe it when I saw these kits in Michaels. I got one for my hubby. He had done a stained glass course a few years back and enjoyed it. Never got back into it, so now, no excuse; he can do them in the garage when it is a little warmer. The kit is so complete..not bad for 30 .00 dollars.

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