Update on the Maries Masters Watercolor Review

Hi friends, I recently had a chance to try more colors from the Maris Master’s line of watercolors (Thanks Ophelia!) I purchased a triad of 3 colors a few months ago and was really impressed by them but I couldn’t speak to the rest of the line of paints, Well, now I can!

Full swatch of the Maries Masters watercolors I have.

I haven’t tried all of the colors. There are 55 in all including 4 metallic and 7 pearlescent colors. I have 37 of the standard colors you can see above. I feel this gives me a nice feel for the line. I drew hearts in the colors I liked best. There are some gems in there for sure. Watch the video to get the full rundown.

The Maries Masters watercolor can be found at Jerry’s Artarama, and on Amazon (affiliate link) but Jerry’s usually has the best deal because you can purchase just the tubes you want and that is how I recommend purchasing these paints to avoid duds.

Comparison swatch of Winsor & Newton professional watercolor next to the Maries Master watercolors.

These remind me a lot of Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor. In the image above you can see the swatch where I compared Winsor & Newton Professional watercolor to the Maries Masters watercolor of a similar hue. These are very close in look, feel, and tinting strength.W&N is on the left and Maries Masters are on the right. There are 2 MM red swatches to the right of the one W&N swatch because I was trying to find the closest color. They don’t have as many colors in the range nor do they have cadmium, cobalt, or other more pricey pigments but I still feel it is a fantastic value if you can get these for around $3 a tube. I bought my first 3 colors on sale for $2.50 a tube and my friend Ophelia sent me the other colors. Currently, Jerry’s has these on sale for $3.49 per tube but I have seen them as low as $2 a tube so keep an eye on the price.

Now, before you go I want to warn you that these are not the same as Maries Artist watercolors, those are chalky, dull, smell bad and shrink and fall out of the pans when dried down. I only recommend the Mares Master watercolors. The other Maries products I have tried over the last decade have been disappointing. I hope this review was helpful. Happy crafting!