Fix it with Mixed Media!

Hi friends! I hope you had a nice holiday weekend if you celebrate. We got to visit with both sides of the family and it was so nice. There were some wild wind and rain storms that took out power and internet for a couple of days but luckily we have a generator so we were able to keep my basement art studio from flooding too badly. It’s becoming a tradition to have a power outage on Christmas, I think it’s Mother Nature’s way of telling us to relax. Anyway, I was actually painting this when the lights went out:

Still-life painting of cherries in a teal ceramic bown and clear wine glass with a black background.

It can be a good thing to take a break in the middle of a painting because when you come back to it you will have a fresh perspective. If you would like to paint along with a real-time tutorial of this lesson you can find it now in Critique Club. For $5 a month you get access to all past Critique Club tutorials (there are 96!) as well as 2 new ones added every month along with a monthly creative prompt. You can even upload your art for feedback from me. All artists or any level are welcome to join, we’d love to have you part of the club!

Supplies (Affiliate links used)

Since we were painting glass today, and it is so much fun to paint AND I haven’t put this class on sale in forever I decided to offer you 40% off my Watercolor Glass Class! This class has lifetime access so you can buy it on sale and take it when you have the time! Click the discount link or use the coupon code GLASS40OFF if the discount doesn’t appear automatically. *Offer good for 40% off the one-time purchase of the class or the 1st payment on a payment plan.

watercolor painting of rainbow colored bottles

I hope you enjoyed today’s video and I hope I will see you in a class soon! Thank you for your support and til next time happy crafting!

Still life painting on a desk surrounded by watercolor paints, pencils and brushes.

2 thoughts on “Fix it with Mixed Media!

  1. I love that picture. The turquoise bowl caught my eye as it is very similar to my vintage Gladding McBean California pottery bowl. My bowl is large, 10+ inches. GMB pottery company was started in Lincoln, CA, in 1875. We have lots of clay in CA so it’s only natural that Bauer, Metlox, and GMB would found their companies here. When I was on Catalina Island last summer where Catalina pottery happened to be made, I saw some beautiful jewelry made from vintage CA pottery. Small pieces of the pottery were sanded smooth around the edges and made into bracelets, necklaces and rings. The bright glazes are so beautiful and all different colors combined together made beautiful pieces. Some of my favorite vintage pieces are candlestick holders, pitchers and vases. Keep making pottery, your pieces are so lovely.

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