Why do people keep asking me about motivation?

Hi friends! I hope you are having a lovely week and enjoying some time with your family. We celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday at my sister’s and tonight the kids, hubby, and I will decorate the tree while we watch Elf. It somehow became a tradition. I baked 2 more loaves of sourdough and some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies to snack on, I vacuumed and tidied and then dragged the Christmas decorations down from the attic. We are ready to roll when all the kids show up! You might be wondering why I am giving you a play-by-play of my chores. Well, it is because in addition to that I was certain that I would have time to film a Sat chat today as well and it didn’t happen. Therefore I am going to call this Sat Chat a day early because do you really need a 28-minute video of me talking to the camera 2 days in a row? probably not haha! The kids are home for a short break and I want to make it a bit magical, I didn’t even get grumpy while scrounging around the attic, I call it a win. Maybe it’s because I didn’t try and cram too much in a day as I have in the past. I say this because today we are going to talk about motivation, time management, and priorities, and also being realistic about what you can get done in a day. There is no perfect. We do our best. We need to be kind to ourselves when we can’t do it all or decide that other things, like time with family, take precedence over other tasks. Honestly, I do feel a bit sad that I didn’t have a chance to film a fresh new Sat Chat for you tomorrow but I also think it is a good example that nobody’s perfect and we should never let perfect be the enemy of the good (and it was a good day.)

I did post some Black Friday sales on YouTube this morning as well. There are only a few hours left but I thought I’d post them here too in case you were looking for art/craft supply gifts.

Please note that prices can change without notice. Affiliate links are used. Happy crafting!