Happy Thanksgiving & A Fun Painting Experiment

Hi, friends, and happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans! I hope you are having a wonderful day. We are about to head down to my sisters for dinner, minus one kiddo who has the crud which is a bummer but she doesn’t want to get anyone sick. I hope you can spend time or at least chat on the phone with your loved ones this holiday season. I wanted to update a sale I posted yesterday. My friend April who owns a little creative is having a 10% off sale in her shop. I asked if my viewers could also stack my 10% off coupon code and she said absolutely, however, ETSY, where she sells her paint, would not allow the coupon code plus a sale so she made me a special 20% off coupon code for my viewers so they could get the deal. Use coupon code FRUGAL20 for 20% off your Renesans Watercolors at ALittleCreative on ETSY. April and I both apologize for that error. Now on to the experiment!

I was curious how different watercolor ground and gesso would be on a project since the watercolor ground is an acrylic-based product so today I decided to put them to the test! See my results in today’s video!

If you like this project you will love Hand Painted Holiday and it is 40% off through 12/1/22! Every year I add fun new beginner-friendly projects you can paint in batches or with friends! and there are 22 in there now I think! Use coupon code 40OFFNOV22 if the discount doesn’t appear automatically. The regular price is $39, with a discount $23.40 Offer ends 12/1/22


The bottom line is the Liquitex clear gesso worked better than the transparent watercolor ground in my opinion plus is a wonderful surface prep for pastels and colored pencils making it a versatile art product. As for white, the Daniel Smith Titiniam white watercolor ground was better as a base for watercolor so I would recommend that if you want to do a lot of priming non-porous surfaces for watercolor or if you like the idea of a watercolor paper correction fluid. For occasional use gesso is fine just not as absorbent which is to be expected since it is not designed for use with watercolor. This is not an in-depth look at all gesso or grounds, if you have tried others please let me know your results in the comments! In conclusion, I recommend the Daniel Smith Titanium white watercolor ground AND the Liquitex clear gesso. Happy crafting!


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